How To Kill America

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Seventy-three year old William Tibbe wrote: “You have it pretty well figured out. To further understand in explicit detail I am recommending Paul Streitz’ book, “Recommending America’s Prosperity,” just off the press a week or two ago. It is spellbinding. There are actually three facets to George Bush’s agenda.

1. As you surmised he is beholden to his power base that keeps his coffers full: mega-multinational corporations. A handful of the elite will get richer and the rest of America will get poorer.

2. Free trade. He is equally sold on that idea. It is dismantling the American middle class and giving their jobs to foreign countries. The concept of free trade is moving manufacturing overseas that export back to America. The Americans are no longer manufacturers/factory workers but are now consumers who do not have jobs.

3. Globalization. The Council on Foreign Relations espouses open borders and a melding together of Canada, USA and Mexico as one mega North America along with multiculturalism. I have monitored Bush’s speeches to Mexicans for several years and he is telling them that there will be open borders and free trade unimpeded.

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