Jose Luis Munoz , an Anaheim gang member raised by a single mother, received $2.5 million from a lawsuit against the city and police. He is back in prison for violating parole by associating with other gang members.

$2.5 million couldn’t keep Anaheim gang member from his old friends
LA Times
June 17, 2008

Nobody wanted Jose Luis Muñoz to fail.

The Anaheim gang member raised by a single mother had received a second chance — or maybe it was his first — to turn his life around when he settled a lawsuit against the city and police for $2.5 million.

In December, he was waiting for the check and paving his future with good intentions. But four months later he was back in prison for violating parole; he had been caught associating with other gang members.

When he was released from prison, Muñoz, 23, said he was eager “to do the right thing.” He said he was going to move out of his gang-infested neighborhood and buy a house for his mother, who had worked two jobs while raising him.

Muñoz’s mother declined to comment last week when contacted at her Anaheim home where Muñoz grew up. She and just about everyone else, including the police, hoped that a financial cushion would steer Muñoz away from a lifestyle that had already cost him four years in prison and Juvenile Hall. His current prison sentence is 16 months.

“We were all pulling for him. All he had to do was stay away from friends who could only get him in trouble,” said Anaheim gang Sgt. Dennis Briggs, whose unit is well acquainted with Muñoz, whose moniker is Dopey.

In 2005, Muñoz, on foot, was struck from behind by a police cruiser as he surrendered after a brief chase.

He was wedged in the vehicle’s undercarriage and severely injured. Muñoz said he bolted from police because he was afraid they were going to send him back to prison.

Muñoz sued the city of Anaheim and the Police Department over his injuries and was awarded $2.5 million……

6 Responses to “$2.5 Million Couldn’t Keep Anaheim Gang Member From His Old Friends”
  1. George says:

    Tthat is Bullshit,and so is this one from lou Dabbs report last nightGao gets investigators throuh the border 90 % of the time.

  2. jo says:

    i don’t know if he is illegal or even a anchor baby, so…….., but he sure is a dumbass son of a bitch!

  3. Matthew says:

    No amount of money would make them become responsible. It’s just not in the culture.

  4. daniel says:

    this is my first post. maybe the state of california should charge this a-hole rent. hell, he’s got 2.5 mil.

  5. Eddie B. says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.


  6. ChinaWall says:

    He was awarded the suit to intimidate law enforcement.

    Like the two Border Patrolmen that shot a drug smuggler and my Texas US Attorney Johnny Sutton appointed by Bush that withheld evidence and persecuted them with unlawful prosecution for doing their job.

    The illegal alien was given immunity and free to travel back and forth. But wait the illegal drug rat got caught again. I don?t know if the Free Alien Immigration Underground will free him. (Bush Republicans and the Pelosi Democrats)

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