Pro-Illegal Group Plans To Picket Minuteman Children

Schreiman, a Gaithersburg resident, said the Minutemen’s Maryland chapter formed about six weeks ago and has about 100 members who already were involved with the group’s Scottsdale, Ariz.,-based headquarters. He said surveillance of the Wheaton day laborer center, which is funded in part by Montgomery County, started last week when Minutemen photographed contractors who drove into the center’s parking lot on University Boulevard West to pick up day workers, men who are primarily Latino.

��From a national standpoint, we want to close the border down and stop the flow of illegals,” Schreiman said. ��We want to do the same thing here, but our approach will be a little different. What we want to do is to basically discourage contractors and businesses from hiring illegals. It’s against federal law.

��We’re going to go after these [contractors] at the state and local level because these people aren’t paying taxes,” including payroll taxes and worker’s compensation, because the day laborers are presumed to be in the United States illegally, Schreiman said. ��We’re going to take these people and through a vetting process determine which ones are not paying their taxes and doing business in an inappropriate manner and then turn them over to the appropriate authorities for prosecution. That should put a damper on the hiring of illegals.”

Although another Minutemen chapter in Herndon, Va., publicly targeted a city-funded day laborer center there in December, Schreiman said his chapter would take a more low-key approach, discreetly photographing contractors and their vehicles at the workers’ centers. In the future, he said the group would be more visible, inviting journalists to accompany the Maryland Minutemen as they work in Montgomery County.

And, he said, efforts to document contractors who hire day laborers will expand to other places where the men congregate, including parking lots at convenience stores and gas stations.

��We’re going to target those, too,” he said. ��When we go down to target Casa in Silver Spring, we will also be filming the Exxon and the 7-Eleven there [at University Boulevard East and Piney Branch Road]. And eventually we will end up going down to the [Takoma⁄Langley] Crossroads, which is even a richer target.”

So far, no one has complained about the Minutemen in Wheaton, said Natalie Cantor, director of the Mid-County Regional Services Center. Staff members from the center have seen the Minutemen working from across Veirs Mill Road.

��They don’t come on the property or come close to the workers’ center, so I have heard no complaints. Things have been quiet.”

While the Minutemen are taking a stealthy approach, Casa’s response will be quite the opposite.

��We are going to target them in a specific way,” said Executive Director Gustavo Torres. Casa representatives will go out with cameras and video cameras to record the Minutemen, but that will only be the first step, he said.

��Then we are going to picket their houses, and the schools of their kids, and go to their work,” Torres said. ��If they are going to do this to us, we are going to respond in the same way, to let people know their neighbors are extremists, that they are anti-immigrant. They are going to hear from us.”

Please take the time to phone or e-mail Gustavo Torres, the Director of Casa of Maryland and voice your opposition.

Gustavo Torres (301) 270-0419

3 Responses to “Pro-Illegal Group Plans To Picket Minuteman Children”

  1. David McGirt, Jr. Says:

    If Gustavo Torres has a problem with the Maryland Minutemen, he needs to talk to them directly, not harass them at home, at work and not their children. This is just more proof of how illegal aliens are determined to spit in the face of everything this country stands for.

    Gustavo Torres also needs to understand messing with someone’s child is the most unsafe thing a person could do. Then again, I guess that kind of thing is allowed in his home country.

  2. Contessa Says:

    More than 50% of CASA’s 2 million dollar funding comes from public taxpayer funds from Montgomery County, Maryland. I didn’t realize the good people of MD were so generous with their money as to fund groups that hire/harbor/aid/assist illegal immigrants and run an illegal immigrant day labor center. Perhaps Montgomery County Council officials need to know that a recipient of a large sum of taxpayer money not only hires/harbors/aid/assists illegal immigrants but also threatens to stalk the homes, workplaces and children of American taxpayers who are lawfully monitoring the CASA-run illegal immigrant day labor center.

    Call Montgomery County Council at 240-777-7900
    Fax: 301-240-7989
    Address: 100 Maryland Avenue, 6th Floor
    Rockville, MD 20850

  3. Jim Says:

    Torres is a low life coward to target children. Perhaps he is abusing to his own children at home, or had been abused himself as a kid. He will respond to the Minutemen all right, the kind of responses that will land them in bus load for deportations.

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