Massachusetts Bill To Halt Banking With Matriculas


Boston — Emboldened by the defeat of a bill to grant illegal immigrants’ kids tuition breaks, some activists and lawmakers are trying to stop [illegal] immigrants from using foreign ID cards to do banking in state.

Robert Casimiro, executive director of the Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform, said a bill lawmakers will weigh next month is intended to ban illegal immigrants from Mexico from opening bank accounts with a ‘matricula consular,’ a card Mexican consulates issue to Mexican nationals living here.

‘It’s just trying to prohibit anything that gives illegal aliens entryway into our processes and procedures,’ Casimiro said about the bill filed at his request by state Sen. Robert Hedlund, R-Weymouth. ‘I take exception to a foreign country…signing up illegal immigrants for any documents.’

Hedlund’s bill would ban state-chartered banks from doing business with immigrants whose only forms of identification are foreign-government issued documents like the matriculas. The bill still would allow banks to accept passports and Canadian drivers’ licenses. The joint Financial Services Committee will consider the legislation during a March 7 hearing.

State Rep. Marie Parente, D-Milford, supports the bill.

‘I don’t think any foreign country has the right to give any kind of documents that appear to make (illegal immigrants) legal,’ Parente said. ‘Anyone who has gone through the tremendous effort of supplying documentation should not have to stand by and see people who have no standing in this country get what is a permit from their foreign country.’

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  1. Contessa Says:

    It’s about time that this instrument of fraud used by millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico provided by the Mexican Government is banned by our banking instititutions. A federal law banning it should be in place as well. U.S. citizens have to show more proof of identity and residency to obtain a public library card or get a Blockbuster card then illegals using the Matricula do to obtain driver’s licenses, and even mortgages. Enough already. At least in Massachusetts, illegal aliens now can’t enjoy in-state tuition beneits nor use the Matricula Consular. If MA starts cracking down on the illegals then perhaps that might be a good place to move to. States that don’t start cracking down in their own way are the ones who will continue to see their communities slide down the road to third world status.

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