Deputy David March Killer Captured In Mexico

I really don’t know what this means. From what I understand Garcia wasn’t in hiding and Mexican authorities knew where he was all along. Mexico doesn’t extradite murderers to face the death penalty in the US. Did someone strike a deal? I hope not. This guy deserves a quick painful death.


A man wanted in the 2002 killing of a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy has been captured by Mexican police.

The US embassy in Mexico City says Agents of the Mexican Federal Investigation Agency arrested Jorge Arroyo Garcia, a Mexican national, in the city of Tonala in western Jalisco state Thursday.

Garcia Arroyo, who also went by the first name Armando, is the lead suspect in the shooting death of LA County sheriff’s Deputy David March during a traffic stop in Irwindale in April 2002.

A spokeswoman with the Mexico Attorney General’s Office confirmed the arrest.

In 2003, then-California Governor Davis posted a $100,000 reward for Garcia’s arrest.

US Ambassador Tony Garza says the United States has 60 days to file a request for Garcia’s extradition.

2 Responses to “Deputy David March Killer Captured In Mexico”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Knowing well the way these people play, the ‘capture’ was stage managed and he is being thrown up to us as a bone, as if to say’ HEER GREENGO…NOW DROP DE IDEA OF BORDER FENCE’ Im not buying it.

  2. Ron Says:

    Vincent - I could not agree with you more about your assertion that they are just throwing Americans a bone with this one. If any intelligent educated American read this they will surely concur with are belief. One illegal alien murderer captured = 20 million illegal aliens rewarded with amnesty. Bush, Arlen Specter, McCain and the other illegal alien traitors are fooling less and less Americans daily.

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