Protector Of Pedophiles Denounces Immigration Laws

LA Times

As spiritual leader of the 5 million-member archdiocese, Cardinal Mahony adds a powerful voice to what has become an acrimonious debate over illegal immigration, coming as the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee takes up a series of proposed immigration controls this week.

In his most forceful comments to date, Mahony said he would instruct his priests to defy legislation — if approved by Congress — that would require churches and other social organizations to ask immigrants for legal documentation before providing assistance and penalize them if they refuse to do so. That provision was included in the immigration bill recently passed by the House of Representatives; a similar proposal is in the version that the Senate Judiciary Committee plans to begin debating this week.

Mahony also criticized efforts by the Minuteman Project and other immigration control groups to police the border, saying that such efforts were a misguided reaction to national security concerns.

“The war on terror isn’t going to be won through immigration restrictions,” he said, adding that Al Qaeda operatives would not trek through miles of deadly desert to infiltrate the nation.

3 Responses to “Protector Of Pedophiles Denounces Immigration Laws”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Protector of pedophiles…..well, doesnt it seem right then that he should at least make some superficial attempts to protect the cash cow he has orchestrated the goreing, bloodletting and dismemberment of? When we have been dessicated of any juice that his swarm can feed off of, who will he extort to pay for them then? I went to mass yesterday and went straight to the confessional. We have a fairly new priest who I thought I could count on as a friend. Well, when I gave him just a short thumbnail sketch of my anger at mahoney and the obscenity he is perpetrating-boy, did I see a change in him. That man was PISSED. He was in no way prepared to respond to any of the short and earnest questions posed. He left the confessional red faced with what I percieved to be RAGE. [how DARE I?] The coloration of his face remained so for at least half the Mass. I may report more on this later where/when it becomes relevent. I urge all, not just Catholics, but ALL, to avail yourself of a priest and have a talking to him. LA diocese has a website you can contact mahoney at also.and/or call. thats all I have to report for now. Call the Senate today 1 888 355 3588 toll free today is d-day

  2. Ron Says:

    Vincent that is the way to handle it. I have talked, written , and confronted my former spiritual leaders at the catholic church and I also recieved only disbain in response. That by know means I will stop, this is outrageous and we can only speculate at the motives, which I’ve shared also with el padre. Go get ‘em Americans.

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Howdy Ron. Yeah, I was thinking also, the clergy will always use this word, the ‘’Other'’. …as in “we have to make a place in our hearts for the Other” …this will be spoken in a breathy and perfumed sort of way. Well what occured to me is that in fact I am THE OTHER YOU ARE THE OTHER, anyone who stands on the other side of the barbed wire fence of their craven ideology is ‘’the Other'’If they would be consistent an application of the principles they promulgate, WE, being the ENEMY deserve their first attentions, their complete devotion in prayer and their ‘’support'’ even their'’celebration'’ Do unto others, Monsignor? If judged by your actions, your real motto is SCREW UNTO OTHERS. [US ‘’Others'’] The Other is the one you are supposed to grab your ankles for, to cut through the bs.

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