Mexico Forces Shutdown Of US Hotel, Demands Payoff

El Universal

City officials moved Tuesday to shut down a major, U.S.-owned hotel that angered many Mexicans when it kicked out a Cuban delegation under pressure from Washington.

Virginia Jaramillo Flores, head of the city borough where the upscale Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel is located, said authorities notified the hotel staff that it would be closed because it is in violation of building codes.

Jaramillo said the hotel could reopen when it had corrected the violations and paid a fine of more than 155,000 pesos (US$15,000).

The expulsion of 16 Cuban oil industry officials on Feb. 2 prompted local officials to launch an intensive investigation of the hotel, located alongside the U.S. Embassy, seeking violations of local ordinances.

They accused it of several minor violations and of having built part of the structure without a building license.

Federal officials, meanwhile, filed a complaint seeking to fine the hotel for allegedly violating Mexican investment and trade laws that are aimed at blocking application of U.S. laws inside Mexico.

The hotel’s expulsion of the Cubans, who were attending a meeting with American energy executives to discuss possible investment opportunities in Cuba’s oil industry, caused a national uproar in Mexico, which is heading into a presidential election campaign.

Politicians competed to denounce the expulsion as a violation of Mexican sovereignty. Mexico City is governed by the left-leaning Democratic Revolution Party, which alleges that the conservative government of President Vicente Fox has been too compliant with U.S. policy.

2 Responses to “Mexico Forces Shutdown Of US Hotel, Demands Payoff”

  1. Naui Huitzilopochtli Says:

    Like it or not there is more people of Anahuac (mexico and central America) heading up north . Your busineses and goverment need us for the labor . This artifical border will have it’s fall . Nothing last forever .

    By the way we do not like Fox :he is a racist criollo . He does not have our blood .

  2. Contessa Says:

    So Mexico is concerned about their sovereignty but has no problem disrespecting ours. The tide is turning and all the illegals and profiteers of illegal immigration are running scared and desperate. Fox and his band of consulates and his tribes of Indians that he’s sent here need to 1) shut up, 2) be thankful for everything that they have received free of charge from this country, 3) go home and build a life back in Mexico (hey, it’s cheaper to live there and costs less to go to school).

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