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58 Responses to “The Dog House - August”
  1. Wildcat76 says:


    “Emergency: Menendez Visa Giveaway Still a Threat as Senate Winds Down Business
    Updated Friday, August 1, 2008, 1:00 PM”

  2. Sandman says:

    Read this article… The real koolaid drinkers believe that the USG would never do evil to the American people!

  3. Eddie B. says:

    Sandman -

    Get the new book out by that great Texas author Jim Marrs:

    “The Rise of the Fourth Reich”

    You can’t put it down and I think Marrs is one of the best authorities on the Nazia I have come across.

    You will be amazed at the depth of “blue blood Americans” tied into funding the Nazis. We all know about Prescott Bush but the list is much deeper.

    We are in deep, deep doo doo.

  4. Angel says:

    Thanks, Eddie for the info on the book. You’re right…..we are in deep doo doo. The conspiracy goes all the way down to even local politicians. Bush was in GA the other day trying to get some local guy in a position.


    Do you all know about Codex? You need to spread this to vitamin and mineral shops so they can get the work out.


    Well, I just spent about 2 hours at Walmart on a Friday and it was insane there due to tax free school stuff. About half in there were Latinos. They were here a decade ago, so I know a good many at the least are illegals. They were cocky as ever acting like they own the place. Kids running wild.


    PLEASE everybody start making orgonite. Click on my name in blue and go to the videos I have on orgonite.


    PS According to many lightworkers, 8/8/08 is a sacred time since there will be a vibrational up tick here on Earth. In other words, the workers of the “dark” ( you know who many of them are) will try to do something to counteract the increase in vibration since it destroys them. There best way of last has been through fear. Be on the lookout for anything on that day that could cause fear . The Olympics just happens to begin on that day.

    Peace and light everyone.


  5. Angel says:

    Wow! I made a bunch of typos in the comment I posted above. Sorry.

    Check this out. I found this to be the most intriguing video I’ve watched this week.

    Question: Would you call 911 or a family member first if you’re in a hostage takeover? Me? 911 Question: Did cell phones work on a plane back in 2001?

  6. melody says:


    I think about the codex all the time. I bought a can Jack mackerels the other day and they tasted weird. Not rotten, just bitter or something, I don’t know how to explain it. I looked on the can and they were caught wild in China. It was the Clasico brand, I guess that is not exactly a name brand. Our food is becoming or is it already garbage?

    All our food seems to be from China and Latin America so I don’t know how to avoid their food.

  7. BEADALONG says:

    Hello everybody. Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. There’s a lot to catch up on and it seems there’s so much going on at the same time.

  8. BEADALONG says:

    Hi, No You Can’t….Sorry, I haven’t been on in a while (it wasn’t intentional). Anyway in response to the date of July 26th…

    Wow, that’s pretty amazing that your dog recognized that something was going on with the skies, huh? I think your dog’s pretty smart to recognize that. That’s great. I wish I could say the same about my 2 cats, but oh well, but that’s great about your dog. It’s smarter than some people I know when I try to tell them about chemtrails.

    And hmm, regarding Obama, if that’s true about free beer and a concert, then that would explain why so many German people were there.

    Before hearing about that, I was pretty amazed by how many Germans turned out to hear him talk. It made me wonder, “Is Germany voting for our next prez?”

  9. Sandman says:

    Eddie, I ordered 2 of the new Jim Marrs books the other day. One is for me and the other is for a book reading BushBot who is married to my sister. This poor guy is a product of FOX news, Rush and Boortz propaganda. The Midwest is FULL of highly propagandized people, who seem to mean well but are as thick headed as they come. The trick is to get them to actually read books like that. Last year I send him Jerome Corsi’s “Late Great USA”… Of course he thinks that the NAU and TTC is a “conspiracy theory” because Rush sez so.
    Jim Marrs has been all over the radio lately, I understand that George Noory will interview him next week (15-20 million listeners) He is one of the best!

  10. Sandman says:

    Yea Beadalong, I thought that that was very strange how Obama went to Germany and all the media hype that surrounded it. The whole thing seemed so contrived and staged. I wonder why he picked Germany of all places?

  11. jo says:

    Beadalong & Sandman
    # 8 &10,

    because that was where the “project” was so successful before, and the german people are so willing to deny the horror that was. what greater place for public relations for the rise of the forth reich, and they will unconciously be very receptive to the message, and will believe that they will come out on top this time. if the plan for the secession of the south was the goal, where would a “candidate” draw the biggest crowds. subliminal manipulation is what is at work.
    we can blame it on the free beer and concert if we chose, but the truth is that a stronger incentive is at work. you don’t have to use “the words” to “get the reaction” if the foundation of belief is intact and in the right place. this is the real work of the “think tanks”.

    i have been aware for a very long time as to where we were heading because knowledge of what went on before, is a predictor of what will come.
    for years now in germany , the “nazi party” ( fronted by low life punks punks, backed from behind by the elite) has been rearing it’s ugly head in germany and acts and attitudes have been growing. you do not hear about these things from the MSM, but that doesn’t mean these things are not happening. just like here, MSM does not highlight the growing “white power groups”, again fronted by low life punks. now before someone wants to accuse me of “playing the race card” bs, just understand that this is the type of thugs that will be employed for certain steps along the way. i am not saying that “white people” in general will condone this behavior, but what i am gonna say that there will not be great indignation, because people will be so uninformed as to the underpinnings that they will believe that they will be spared and will feel that it doesn’t involve them and theirs and that they are safe. they will turn a blind eye, like what happened before . they will still hold tightly to “we are good people” status and will “be shocked” when the tables are turned on them because they thought they knew the game, but really didn’t have a clue that the picture was so much bigger then what they thought.

    you guys, felt something was wrong with what happened. the how and the why ALL those people came out for obama. that was your good instinct at work. it wasn’t right, but why? you only saw the obvious, but allowed your “training” to accept something that should have been an unacceptable answer.

  12. Sandman says:

    Jo, does this look familiar?

  13. Eddie B. says:

    Good video Sandman. Looks like we are fully baked….

  14. jo says:


    nice piece. the only thing, when they run the names of the “fascist” leaders of various countries i believe they are missing the point. i hesitate and feel uncomfortable using labels, this is waaaay beyond that . the people mentioned were dictators of countries, but the disease has progressed beyond that program. the evil ones have learned from the past mistakes and realized that individual dictatorships are shaky at best., even though world dominance may have been on their individual menus. what they learned from history is to start out with world dominance agenda, and that is what we are now experiencing today. simutaneous collective paralysis globally, allowing no movement or space to enter or leave the circle of containment. no where to run, no where to hide, no group to attempt rescue because they will be engaged in their own survival.

    the world has been redivided into sectors, 2-4, and everything and everyone within a sector is either a dispensible product or service, whose value will be set by the prevailing needs at a particular point and time.

    if we analize the MO , the selection of a micro group within the macro group to totally scapegoat, the complicity of the macro group serves as a cover for the real agenda. so how is that working? the invaders have been brought in to agitate and cover the real thief of resources by the elite. they are diversions and objects upon which the macro group can vent their frustrations, they are the transference change agents. the terror aspect is a cover for the thief of human rights and the total devaluation of human dignity, condoned by the macro group, because their vanity makes them believe that they are more human then the “terrorist” and what is being done is being done for their benefit.

    this is the blueprint, drawn long ago, rapidly coming to fruitation, while it’s very out in the open presence offers more cover then if it were hidden from sight.
    people fear looking at horror, except in the movies, where after a short while they can leave. this horror can not be simply walked away from, it demands action . a turned head or a brave move forward.

  15. Eddie B. says:

    Jo -

    The interesting analysis that I heard on this was by Dr. Michael Coffman. The world was to be divided up into ten regions. This is happening now: 1) European Union; 2) Africa Union: 3) North American Union 4) South American Union; 5) Middle East League: 6): the Pacific Rim Nations; Southeast Asia/China (world’s biggest): 7) Russia; 8. Australia; 9) India (possible merger with Dubia); 10) East Asia Nations (Japan).

    10 regions…. the ten horns of the beast. Now all we need is a charismatic, elequent speaker to rise up and hypnotize and lead the world masses with false messages of peace.

    It is a very interesting presentation that Dr. Coffman (he is featured in Alex Jones’ End Game video) lays out.

    You are absolutely right. This was laid out long ago.

    Watch out now, take care
    Beware of greedy leaders
    They take you where you should not go
    While weeping Atlas Cedars
    They just want to grow, grow and grow
    Beware of darkness

    – George Harrison

  16. Angel says:

    Need more proof that your TV news is not telling you everything that is going on?

  17. litew8 says:

    K2, seems M. Moore actually created a 1/2 way decent movie. Saw it last night - “The Big One”. I didn’t think he went far enough, but it at least exposed the communistic nature of big corporation owners and their greed. Human Resource personnel now a days seem to have been indoctrinated in college to think that their satanic dispositions towards U.S. citizens are acceptable and normal. I cringe whenever I see or hear a human resource person speaking. The evil is masked, but I see it bleed through. They truly are some of the most sinister people in corporations today.

  18. jo says:

    Eddie B.

    they will further break down in the future and form divisions. i should have said divisions in my earlier post. at the moment 10 sectors, but long term they will join together in divisions.

    eur union,nau,sau

    southeast asia, china, japan

    india, middle east


    russia and austrailia are wild cards and can show up anywhere.

    perhaps there will be endless wars over these two.

    while i am not big on the bible, it does speak of the 4 horsemen and it looks like that is right. i believe that one is female. could that be bilary? hum…..

  19. Sandman says:

    More newz on the “Climate Cops”…Bucket?

  20. jo says:

    Eddie B.

    thinking about your post, got me to thinking about some other things . we all come across things from time to time that just sorta hang around in our heads waiting for more information, oftentimes without us even being aware of it. they pop-up when some other thing comes along and things start fallen into place.

    so here goes. i have read things about the SAU having some negative feelings about mexico and mexico’s position with NAU and the belief that mexico is playing everyone. mexico is saying one thing to us and another to them. the usa is kissing mexico’s ass because they believe they need mexico in the NAU and if mexico’s people are here , mexico will stay with the NAU , in addition to lowering the standard of living here.. mexico is indeed playing us, which is obvious to a blind man. the usa believes this also ,which is why on the master plan there in colorado ,canada is totally in , but mexico is not. the SAU is not interested in having anything to do with the usa and refuses to be puppets for the usa, and mexico is probably going to join the SAU after they get from us all they can. that leaves us with just canada in the northern hemisphere in the global divide proceeding the biggest power grab the world has ever seen.
    it is a possibility that russia will enter though our back door, by way of alaska which is probably some of the twisted thinking, along with the corruption that makes our power brokers play this game with mexico that is destroying us. russia’s place and role has really not been defined in this new order yet. it is very complex, however what is constant, is the total disregard of us, “we the people”. care to kick this around? i believe we need to broaden our thinking because what is happening behind the scenes is huge. while we can’t, as individuals, do anything about it, we can try to understand it. no thought is too out there, as this crap is way out there.

  21. melody says:


    Leave anything that might set a metal detector off at home. Take only what you need to get your errands done.

    I was talking to a lady at the bus stop and she said they now have metal detectors at the food stamp office. She said that a lady in front of her had something confiscated from her. It was mace. The guard said it was now property of the county.

    A man in front of her had to take his belt off. He had to walk back through the detector holding his pants. The detector was still going off, so they went over him with a hand held detector. This was at the food stamp office.

    I’m glad the lady told me this because my mace has expired and I was comparing prices to buy a new one. I was hoping they would go on sale. Well, why bother if it is considered a weapon that can be confiscated from you when you least expect it.

    Do they have metal detectors at the driver’s licence bureau now? I’m not taking any chances. I guess that is also a govenment building.

    Who knows what will be next? Metal detectors at grocery stores? banks? buses? churches? Anywhere people meet?

    Why not put the mace in a basket behind the counter and let the person have their mace back when they leave? Why confiscate it? Great, you are “safe” in the government building, but left defenseless as you walk there.

    I understand the need to confiscate things at jails and justice centers, but all the government buildings?

  22. jo says:


    where have you been girl, this has been going on for many years in major cities.
    some places you didn’t mention are certain hospitals, social security offices. the list is long and growing. cigaret lighters on airplanes, nail files, even tiny,tiny nail sissors. knittin needles, etc.

    we are really being put in a position, that if something happens we have nothing we can use to help ourselves. and the real pisser is , if you step back over the line for any reason, you gonna go though the whole thing again. i have been body searched on more than one occasion at the airports and hospitals.

    oh yeah, if you wear a wire underbra, you might have to be wanded up close and personal. WARNING, keep a close eye on your personals at all times, cuz sometime they work a scam on you when they work in teams. one will distract you, while the other one rips you off or they allow their cuff to come over their hand while they are going thru your pocketbook. do not be afraid to speak up , let them know that you want to watch everything that they are doing and don’t let them put you on the defensive, like you are insulting them. tell them up front, i don’t know you and yes ,i don’t know that you are honest, so i am going to watch my stuff .
    f88k them. most of them are low lifes anyway.

  23. seven_staarten says:

    another bush administration gift that will keep on giving:

    Mexican trucks’ U.S. access to be extended 2 years
    Mexican trucks’ access to U.S. roads under a pilot program will be extended for two years, U.S. regulators said today, less than a week after a House committee voted to halt the test.

    Letting the program run until 2010 will allow more time to evaluate cross-border trucking, John Hill, chief of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, said in a statement. Extending the test, which began in September 2007 and was set to end next month, was part of the law passed by Congress creating the experiment, Hill said.

    The announcement sets up a possible confrontation between President Bush’s Transportation Department and congressional opponents of the program. On July 31, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee voted unanimously to end the test as scheduled next month.

    “The secretary of transportation continues to flout the will of Congress,” Rep. James Oberstar, the Minnesota Democrat who is chairman of the House committee, said in an e-mailed statement. The trucking agency, part of the department, announced the extension on the first day of a congressional recess, he said.

    “That is certainly no coincidence,” Oberstar said. “When Congress reconvenes in September, I intend to move our bill as quickly as possible and make certain the voice of Congress is heard loud and clear at the Department of Transportation, and that this program is finally shut down.”

    Labor unions, highway safety groups and some independent truckers have opposed the experiment because of concerns that it may hamper profits, increase accidents and add to security problems at the border with Mexico.

    “You’re talking about a flood of Mexican carriers coming in who just don’t operate under the same regulatory rules we do,” said Rod Nofziger, a lobbyist for the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, a Grain Valley, Mo.-based trade group for small truckers. “There’s a real concern about this hurting profits for independent drivers.”

    Kristin Schrader, a spokeswoman for the federal trucking agency, declined to immediately comment beyond its statement.

    U.S. trucks also are allowed access to Mexican roads under the pilot program, and participation is capped at 100 companies from each country.

    “Participation has been limited by the uncertainty of the project’s longevity,” Hill said in the statement. “The extension will ensure that the demonstration project can be reviewed and evaluated on the basis of a more comprehensive body of data.”

    Truck trade entering the U.S. from Mexico rose less than 1 percent from April to $12.03 billion in May, the latest month for which data are available, according to the Transportation Department’s statistics bureau.

  24. Sandman says:

    I saw the story tonight on Lou Dobbs, Seven_. Bush sure is a rotten, shifty bastard, isn’t he? There is a small bit of hope in this story but once again, it will be an uphill battle. Once again, Duncan Hunter is the most outspoken on this issue. The newspaper headline should read: “Bush Fu@ks Truckers Again”

  25. jo says:


    bush and company = total contempt for citizens. spawn of satan!

  26. seven_staarten says:

    wonder if bush will pardon the “mexican citizen” at zero-hour …

    iMexican citizen is moved closer to death chamber despite objections
    Prison officials moved Jose Ernesto Medellin from his death row cell to another just steps from Texas’ death chamber Monday.

    The 33-year-old is set to die by lethal injection this evening, barring a reprieve, for the 1993 gang rape and murder of Houston teenagers Elizabeth Peña and Jennifer Ertman.

    On Monday, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles denied Medellin’s request for a 240-day reprieve and a request to commute his sentence to life in prison.

    Donald Francis Donovan, one of Medellin’s attorneys, said in a prepared statement he was disappointed with the board’s action, saying it went against “the interests of the nation and risks the safety of thousands of Americans traveling and living abroad.”

    If the sentence is carried out, Medellin would be the first of 51 Mexican nationals on American death rows whose cases were at the center of a 2004 U.N. International Court of Justice order. The U.N. court ordered a review of the cases because the men had not been allowed to speak with their nation’s consular officials following their arrests, in violation of international treaty.

    President Bush directed state courts to abide by the court’s decision, but the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year ruled the president had overstepped his authority.

    The U.N. court last month called for a stay in the cases of Medellin and four other Mexican nationals at the behest of the Mexican government.

    Gov. Rick Perry, Texas courts and the Attorney General’s office agree the execution should be carried out.

    Medellin will be the second person involved in the Ertman-Peña murders to be put to death. Derrick O’Brien was executed two years ago. Gang leader Peter Cantu awaits an execution date.

    The two teenage girls were attacked and strangled after stumbling into the scene of a gang initiation as they took a short cut through T.C. Jester Park on their way to Peña’s home.

    Death row inmates typically are moved the day of the scheduled execution, Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokeswoman Michelle Lyons said. Medellin was moved to the Walls Unit in Huntsville, the site of Texas’ death chamber, a day early as a security precaution because of the high-profile nature of his case and pending execution.

  27. Sandman says:

    Seven, if Bush DID pardon the illegal before Ramos & Campean that would be so out ragous that even Bush worshipers would protest…NOT! The sheep will not even notice and MSM will remain silent. I have considered that scenerio you mentioned to be a possibility, nothing Bush does would shock me.

  28. jo says:

    well, a 240 day reprieve would put him really in the running to have his sentence commuted to life in prison, either thru a out going presidental “pardon” or as the “new traitors take office”, and make it part of “the change” along with “immigration reform”.

    has anybody noticed the look on obama face when he says, “yes,there will be changes”. it is almost like he is tickled at the duality of what he means and what the dumbass people believe he means.. i don’t watch him or mccanine often ,because the sight of them bullshitting annoys me so, but if you check out obama when he is talking “change” you’ll see what i mean.

  29. jo says:

    just half paying attention to tv on channel 18, about the “poor illegal youths” who can’t get free higher education etc. blah,blah,blah. and it came up on the tv about getting marry for citizenship as one way they could go. out front. this was philipinos.

    but what caught my attention was the commerical. lawyer urging people to come in and get their immigration papers for canada. no hassle, act now.

  30. jo says:

    maybe this is what is behind the fake self deport thing. maybe it is really a export thing. the push to have the illegals to further migrate to canada to totally wreck that economy as well. so that we will all be finally on the same level. no need to get happy,because there are still plenty of folk from around the world still coming here, but most people willl believe that they are going home and the gov’t can pretend that it’s programs are working.

  31. Sandman says:

    Interesting “Buried story” from 50 years ago.

  32. Sandman says:

    A humorous slant on “Cholitas”

  33. seven_staarten says:

    WWWWD (what would william wallace do):

    Muslims outraged at police advert featuring cute puppy sitting in policeman’s hat
    A postcard featuring a cute puppy sitting in a policeman’s hat advertising a Scottish police force’s new telephone number has sparked outrage from Muslims.

    Tayside Police’s new non-emergency phone number has prompted complaints from members of the Islamic community.

    The choice of image on the Tayside Police cards - a black dog sitting in a police officer’s hat - has now been raised with Chief Constable John Vine.

    The advert has upset Muslims because dogs are considered ritually unclean and has sparked such anger that some shopkeepers in Dundee have refused to display the advert.

    Dundee councillor Mohammed Asif said: ‘My concern was that it’s not welcomed by all communities, with the dog on the cards.

    ‘It was probably a waste of resources going to these communities.

    ‘They (the police) should have understood. Since then, the police have explained that it was an oversight on their part, and that if they’d seen it was going to cause upset they wouldn’t have done it.’

    Councillor Asif, who is a member of the Tayside Joint Police Board, said that the force had a diversity adviser and was generally very aware of such issues.

    He raised the matter with Mr Vine at a meeting of the board.

    The chief constable said he was unaware of the concerns and that the force had not sought to cause any upset but added he would look into the matter.

    Councillor Asif said: ‘People who have shops just won’t put up the postcard. But the police have said to me that it was simply an oversight and they did not seek to offend or upset.’

    Cards featuring police dog-in-training Rebel have been distributed to communities throughout the area to advertise the single number point of contact for non-emergency calls to the police.

    Rebel has proved a popular recruit for Tayside Police after coming through the very first Lothian and Borders Police dog-breeding programme in February.

    One of seven German Shepherd pups born in early December, he has now completed his course of inoculations, and is free to venture out onto the streets of Tayside.

    A spokesman for Tayside Police said: ‘Trainee police dog Rebel has proved extremely popular with children and adults since being introduced to the public, aged six weeks old, as Tayside Police’s newest canine recruit.

    ‘His incredible world-wide popularity - he has attracted record visitor numbers to our website - led us to believe Rebel could play a starring role in the promotion of our non-emergency number.

    ‘We did not seek advice from the force’s diversity adviser prior to publishing and distributing the postcards. That was an oversight and we apologise for any offence caused.’

  34. BEADALONG says:

    Hi all, just checking in again. Wow, there’s a lot going on.

    Yes, I thought Germany was very odd indeed but looking at the location which (I think Hitler used) and the mention of the “World Stage’ and then reading about some symbology from the (Matthew Delooze) website, it looks like the media had already declared Obama as ruler.

    And oh yes, I like Texe Marr’s work a lot and I still want to get his book as well.

  35. BEADALONG says:

    Hmph, Moslems are outraged at everything.

  36. BEADALONG says:

    Hmm, the “climate crime brigade of kids.”..After seeing how dirty the air was in Beijing China tonight on the news, let’s send those brats over there….There’s a lot of work for them to do.

    Funny, how come these a$$sholes couldn’t care less about the Carbon Footprint or the pollution of the Chinese.

    Then again, they don’t give a damn about chem trailing, depleted uranium, fluoridated water and those ill with GWS, AO, MCS and the 9/11 people who fell ill.

  37. BEADALONG says:

    To change the subject, I am just outraged about the ongoing saga of the CA budget and how they refuse to do the right thing. I tried writing John Chiang this time….He seems to be the only one with a backbone (for now anyway). He challenged lowering the state workers to a minimum wage of $6.50.

    *****MY LETTER*****

    Dear Mr. Chiang:


    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see something is drastically wrong and this government is corrupt.

    1. NO “Camidas Gratis.”
    2. No illegal aliens in our schools
    3. Bill the nation of origin for services rendered to illegal aliens.
    4. Stop Teaching to Spanish-only kids in Spanish. They were supposed to have known English upon entry to this nation (as their choice of residence).
    5. BILL EVERY parent of EVERY student who does not speak English.—-make the parents foot the bill instead of the taxpayer constantly picking up the tab or having yet another measure to raise property taxes.

    Comment: Schools can’t possibly be hurting that bad when they are blatantly offering these services to people who don’t belong here in the first place or are giving away free food and ESPECIALLY their refusal to bill the nation of origin for services rendered.

    1. End ALL tax breaks to any corporations who offshore, outsource and use all manner of visa holders and illegal aliens.
    2. Force the oil companies in CA to pay (extraction fees).

    3. TAX ALL [Remittence Money} leaving this nation to include-All participating banks, businesses and wiring services.


    End ALL tax breaks to ALL chuches, foundations, think tanks and other organizations who PROMOTE the ILLEGAL ALIEN Agenda.—–I’ve had it with these groups.

    We could start with: LA RAZA, La Familia La RAZA, MEChA, MALDEF, LULAC, etc. Then go after the Catholic/Protestent churches in particular.

    1. No FREE BIRTHS, HOSPITALIZATIONS, no FREE School, no FREE breakfasts/lunches, no DREAM ACT, no SUBSIDIZING their housing, no FREE anything to ILLEGAL ALIENS!

    COMMENT: How much do these people cost us in 1 city or county alone like LA or Orange County or Santa Clara Valley.

    How many illegal aliens work under the table and pay NO taxes? I would think that our government would be very interested in this revenue, but very “mysteriously, they are not.” Hmmm.

    These people DO NOT belong here and what part of illegal does our government, corporate world, lawyers, churches/nonprofits, and education not comprehend? These people are costing us billions and yet, there’s absolute refusal to address this! And the scope of this corruption is absolutely mindboggling to me!


    Please do the right thing

  38. BEADALONG says:

    I also wrote a letter to the Teachers’s or Educator’s Coalition today (I forgot the exact name), but they’re always advertising for more money on KGO.

    In my letter, I told them I thought there was a conflict of interest seeing how they’re always complaining they’re short of money but:
    1. They advertise with signs in English and Spanish for (Free Lunches/Comidas Gratis).
    2. They teach illegal aliens.
    3. They don’t bill the nation of origin for the cost of illegal aliens.
    4. They also don’t go after the parents of Every non-English-speaking child and make the parents pick up the tab for teaching the kids English.

    So, anyway, I told them there was a conflict of interest and in fact, they must be doing pretty well financially if they can furnish all these things, so they should stop badgering the public for more money.

  39. BEADALONG says:

    Okay, maybe all this letter writing isn’t going to accomplish anything, but at least I’m trying.

    I’m also still trying to tell other people about this and as recently as this last Monday, August 4th, I was at Hometown Buffet (my father likes to go there) and one of our topics happened to be the CA budget.

    I told them my suggestions and told them that I’m constantly writing to polticians.

    (their response), “And it’s going to snow pretty soon, right?” and “I’m just wasting my time, why would they listen to you?”

    I told them that if everybody did this, maybe we would have a chance to shake them up, but they refuse to do it and tell me I’m wasting my time.

    I tell them, ‘yea, by myself, they’re right and I will probably accomplish zippo, but if everyone joined in, maybe we might have a chance.” But, they refuse to do anything.

  40. BEADALONG says:

    Oh, back to the Climate brats, I would say to my kids (if they were still around and pulled that on me), I would tell them NO: Allowance, no movies, no priveleges, no nothing….of course, they could always scream “abuse,” but if they would pull that on me, this is what I would do.

  41. jo says:

    on the “news” tonight. some idiot (refused to be identified ,hum), invented a bracelet for people to wear when they board a plane, a replacement for a boarding pass. this bracelet could be ACTIVATED by the flight crew. if passenger was acting out (in their opinion) they could press a button on the computer and taser the person putting them out for a few minutes. DHS thought it was a good idea, but they got flak, so they are saying maybe only for transporting convicts. yeah, right.

    the funkiest part is that they asked some “we the people” who said they thought it was a good idea. DUMBASSES.

    i think we will be seeing this in the near future along with our national ID.

  42. BEADALONG says:

    Hmm, let me get this straight, So the inventor of this bracelet refused to be ID’d. Wow, where does the hutzpah ever end? He’s got some nerve, eh?

    And some people actually thought this bracelet was a good idea? No wonder our government thinks the American public are such sheep. Baa, baa. Worthless, brainless dummies.

  43. melody says:

    I wonder who the inventor of the bracelet is? Maybe David Rockefeller? Wow, I was looking up how to spell his name and realized he is 93 years old and worth 2.7 billion dollars. How much money does one CFR member need? I knew he was rich, but didn’t realize he was that rich. I wonder if he is alert and in good enough health to continue his work tirelessly participating in the destruction of the U.S.?

  44. jo says:

    david rockerfeller is an institution. the sorry ole bastard probably has alzimer’s at this point and time, but that will not stop his agenda. then again, maybe he is in good condition due to organ transplantation. either way, at this point, there are so many spawns of satan roaming and controlling this universe of the walking dead that we will indeed probably experience the big bang #? in our own lifetime.
    kinda believe they probably already have some sort of setup on another planet…hum

  45. Sandman says:

    2.7 billion seems low. I think Oprah is worth more. These elite fu*kers have wealth that is far beyond dollar figures. He likely has most of his real cash reserves in foreign banks, off the record of course. 2.7 Billion is a few weeks in Iraq. 2.7 billion won’t cover the medical costs of the Alien Invasion for 1 month. I would give the guy 5 more years tops. I hope his successor is not as evil.

  46. 1Madmomma says:

    BEADALONG; I have heard you speak of your health problems so when I heard about NORD (National Org. for Rare Dieases I thought about you. Don’t know if you know anything about them, but from what I understand they’ve helped alot of people with rare health problems, including with meds. Maybe they can help you. Good Luck!

  47. Mayday says:

    Anybody in the mood for some troll fighting? The mexicamovement tan klan is attacking this CulteristJohn video:

    If you haven’t seen this video it’s a must see!

  48. seven_staarten says:


    Medellin’s death gets little notice in crime-weary Mexico
    Some are even calling for the death penalty, saying capital punishment could stop the violence and bloodshed plaguing the nation
    By MARK STEVENSON Associated Press
    MEXICO CITY ? Mexicans struggling with increasingly gruesome crimes at home devoted the least attention in recent memory to the execution of one of their citizens in Texas.

    With Mexico riveted on its own kidnap and killing of a 14-year-old boy, the normally anti-death penalty country expressed far less outrage at the Tuesday execution of Jose Medellin, a Mexican national convicted in the 1993 rape and murder of two Houston girls.

    Some Mexicans on Wednesday even called for the death penalty at home.

    “There is no reason for outrage. The man was a rapist,” said lawyer Gustavo Sanchez, 40, as he got his shoes shined on a Mexico City street.

    “If we had the death penalty here, there wouldn’t be so many crimes.”

    His sentiments echoed Emilio Gamboa, the congressional leader of Mexico’s former ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, who called for capital punishment earlier this week.

    In contrast, the 1997 execution of Mexican Irineo Tristan Montoya for robbery and murder sparked angry demonstrations in Mexico. His body was given a hero’s welcome.

    But the domestic kidnapping case dominated almost all of the daily front pages Wednesday, while Medellin’s execution merited small mentions lower down, if at all.

    Fernando Marti, the son of a prominent businessman, was snatched on a Mexico City street in June and found dead last week, even though his family paid the ransom his captors demanded.

    Several policemen have been detained for questioning in the death. Prosecutors believe they may have supplied kidnappers with information about the victim.

    Last week, thieves robbing a bus on a highway north of Mexico City got mad when passengers didn’t hand over possessions quickly and shot and killed a 5-year-old boy.

    Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department issued its usual note of protest to the U.S. State Department about the decision to execute Medellin. The World Court ordered U.S. authorities to review the case, which drew international attention because of allegations that Medellin wasn’t allowed to consult the Mexican Consulate for legal help after his arrest.

    In Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, where Medellin was born, a small group of relatives condemned his execution.

    “This is another murder because no one has the right to take someone else’s life, only God,” cousin Reyna Armendariz said.

    A large black bow and a banner that read “No to the death penalty … may God forgive you” hung from an iron fence in the front of a house where Medellin lived before moving to the United States at the age of 3.

  49. seven_staarten says:

    immigrant on immigrant crime, on an HORRIFIC scale.

    ‘Grossly deficient’ upkeep was a factor in fatal North Texas bus crash

    12:00 AM CDT on Monday, August 11, 2008
    An unlicensed bus company’s “grossly deficient vehicle maintenance” contributed to Friday’s crash in Sherman that killed 17 people, federal authorities said Sunday.

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also took the rare step of declaring the Houston company an “imminent hazard” to public safety and ordered its owner to cease all commercial operations immediately.

    A shutdown order that preceded the crash applied only to interstate operations and only to another of owner Angel De La Torre’s bus companies.

    The authorities said his companies, Angel Tours and Iguala Busmex, violated rules in several ways, including by using retreaded front tires and not regularly inspecting vehicles.

    Tire blowout

    Sherman Police Department investigators have said that a contributing factor in Friday’s crash was a blowout in a recapped front tire. The bus careened off U.S. Highway 75 and overturned, immediately killing 12 people from Houston who were traveling to a Catholic festival in Missouri. Five more passengers died later at hospitals; dozens were injured.

    A second bus chartered from Mr. De La Torre made it safely to Missouri, where federal officials ordered it out of service.

    The authorities said Mr. De La Torre faces fines of up to $16,000 per day and a one-year prison sentence if he is caught continuing to operate.

    The National Transportation Safety Board “is looking at all drivers and companies associated with Angel Tours,” spokeswoman Debbie Hersman said. “We are still trying to make all those connections.”

    She said Mr. De La Torre initially attracted regulators’ attention because of a high rate of roadside inspection failures ? 19 percent, more than three times the national average.

    Driver cited in past

    Ms. Hersman declined to name the driver in Friday’s crash; published reports have identified him as Barrett Wayne Broussard, 52.

    But she said the driver had failed roadside inspections in May 2007 for not having a current medical certificate and in August 2007 for an “hours of service” violation, meaning that his logbook did not show how long he had been driving since his last break.

    He also was convicted of driving while intoxicated July 2001 and had his driver’s license suspended temporarily as a result.

    He was cited for speeding twice, in May 2004 and in March 2007. On one of those occasions, he was driving a bus, according to Sherman police spokesman Lt. Bob Fair. The records of the other ticket don’t indicate the type of vehicle involved.

    The driver remains in critical condition. A blood sample was taken and has been submitted for toxicology tests, Ms. Hersman said.

    Authorities began interviewing survivors Sunday to help determine the events before the crash.

    Federal focus

    Federal officials have been focusing on Mr. De La Torre for months. On June 12, they issued an “out-of-service” order, effective June 23, to Angel Tours. The order named Mr. De La Torre as the person “substantially in control” of both entities, which share a Houston address.

    That order followed an unsatisfactory inspection in May, which found Angel Tours “has a grossly ineffective or nonexistent inspection, repair and maintenance program.”

    After officials denied a subsequent request for an upgrade of its safety rating, Mr. De La Torre began operating the Iguala Busmex company. The latest order calls Iguala Busmex “a mere continuity of Angel Tours’ operations.”

    Visiting the scene

    The scene of the accident has become a shrine of sorts. On Sunday, those returning to Houston from the Marian Days festival stopped by the site, bringing flowers, rosary beads and prayer books.

    The festival, held every year since 1977 on a church campus in Carthage, Mo., is named after the Virgin Mary and functions both as a religious celebration and a giant reunion, attracting an estimated 50,000 people at times.

    “We feel a loss ? so sorry for all the people,” said Harrison Ngo, 36, a Dallas engineer, propping up a large wreath.

    Some visitors followed the marks on the highway from where the bus skidded to where it overturned; others recited prayers aloud in Vietnamese.

    Prayers were also offered in Carthage, where the festival’s final service, an outdoor Mass, was dedicated to the victims.

    In the Dallas area, parishioners remembered the victims during morning Mass.

    “They prayed for the victims that have passed away and for those that are still suffering and their families,” said Father Joseph Le, who attended St. Joseph Vietnamese Catholic Church in Grand Prairie.

    In Houston, a late-morning Mass at Our Lady of Lavang Church was crowded and solemn. As the Rev. Dominic Huy The Trinh urged prayers for the victims, some churchgoers wiped away tears.

    Meanwhile, the bus company’s East End office remained quiet, its gate chained shut. A sign taped to a wall read “cerrado,” Spanish for “closed.” The company’s voicemail system was full Sunday and not accepting new messages.

  50. jo says:

    again, people die because of a pandemic of gross negligence by the government , without consequence. we can point to the individuals till the cows come home, forever and ever, but if we do not get our government on track this will continue to happen. the federal, state and local governments are just as guilty ,if not more so then de la torres, because they are suppose to stop the de la torreses . “we the people” share the blame because we allow this to continue. sad,sad,sad!

  51. Sandman says:

    Uh, oh…Isn’t Georgia one of the “Coalition of the Willing”. forces in Iraq? And does this mean that by default, we have to engage militarily with Russia on the side of Georgia? NeoCons are beating the War Drum now. This could get interesting.

  52. 1Madmomma says:

    ” A shutdown order that preceded the crash applied only to interstate operations, and only to another of Angel De La Torre’s bus companies”. That makes not a lick of sense. You can drive on recapped tires here, but not there. This guy needs to be charged, ( actually both these guys ) owner and driver, for vehicular homicide. This is outrageous. I can see it already. There is going to be a lot of little Vietnamese people getting rich by suing the DOT for this. It is the governments responsibility to see to it that vehicles that are not road worthy be taken off the road. This driver had no business keeping his license with all his infractions. “Unlicensed Bus Company”! That pretty much says it all! He will do this kind of thing all over again. Another name, same bus co. owner. Is he in jail right now? If not, he, or they ought to be. Any PROFESSIONAL driver knows it is illegal to drive with recaps on your steer tires. SICKENING!

  53. Sandman says:

    One of the best at fighting the invasion will get a HUGE audience tonight on Coast to coast radio tonight. The show starts at 10:00 on the West Coast, Midnight Central. This show reaches millions of people around the world, so Frosty is on the stage tonight. Give it a listen!

  54. 1Madmomma says:

    Wait a minute here. On second thought, It says interstate operations. Intrastate means within state lines, Interstate means crossing state lines. I remembered that from schooling I had. So if that was written correctly, or should I say as it was really written by the FMCSA, then that was messed up even worse by them. Is any Government agency on their toes anymore? I’m beginning to think they all get their jobs through friends, and don’t need to know sh*t about the agency they are working for.

  55. seven_staarten says:

    Ron Paul’s wife in serious condition at hospital
    HOUSTON (AP) ? The wife of Republican Rep. Ron Paul was in serious but stable condition Monday at a Houston hospital, a spokesman for the congressman said.

    Carol Paul was in the critical care unit at an unidentified hospital, spokesman Jesse Benton said in a statement.

    Benton would not disclose why Carol Paul was admitted to the hospital Monday, only saying “she has had several abdominal surgeries.”

    Paul “appreciates the outpouring of concern and good wishes during this difficult time,” Benton said.

    A Texas congressman from Lake Jackson, Ron Paul was the Libertarian Party nominee for president in 1988 and ran unsuccessfully for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination. His campaign, which was a sensation on the Internet, drew support from Republicans, independents and Democrats.

  56. Sandman says:

    Brook, I sent you an e-mail through your contact link, I am not sure if you have recieved it yet. I never know if you recieve what I send. Let me know.

  57. Eddie B. says:

    You all have to watch this one.

    Georgia President Saakashvili Calls for New World Order

    The US backed President of Georgia, Saakashvili, call for a New Order. He justifies his genocide of his own countrymen by saying it is a ?New Order?. His attack upon Russia is supported by Israel with over 1,000 Mossad and supported by the US with mercenary and special forces. Saakashvili was educated at Columbia Law School, and is currently pleading to the U.N. for support.

  58. Sandman says:

    Eddie, I guess that we couldn’t expect a hand-picked President to do anything BUT embrace the NWO. MSM is already crafting a way to shape public opinion to advance the cause of a Russian confrontation with our Military. McCain is sounding tough like he wants WW3. If Israel jumps in, all bets are off!

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