“The real battle today is between Americans and globalists. Between those who believe in constitutional government, national sovereignty and independence, secure borders, and putting America first, and those who want to merge the United States into some kind of global New World Order.”


By Chuck Baldwin

Both Republican Party Presidential candidate John McCain and Democrat Party Presidential candidate Barack Obama recently spoke at the annual convention of the National Council of La Raza. I’m sure most readers understand that “La Raza” is Spanish for “The Race.”

That McCain and Obama would pander before an organization such as La Raza indicates just how deeply both the Republican and Democrat parties are committed to appeasing the pro-illegal immigration forces. And mark it down: there is not a more pro-illegal alien organization in existence than La Raza.

As a comparison: can one imagine the maelstrom that would be created within the mainstream media if both major-party Presidential candidates appeared before a gathering of an all-white organization called “The Race”?

As if having the two major-party Presidential candidates appear before La Raza isn’t enough, the current occupant of the White House, President George W. Bush, is also on record as supporting the goals of La Raza. Remember, it was George W. Bush, along with Senators John McCain, Ted Kennedy, and Lindsey Graham, who did everything within their power to coerce both houses of Congress into passing a sweeping amnesty bill for illegal aliens. Only a unified and thunderous protest from millions of average Americans defeated their efforts.

President Bush’s support for La Raza is also demonstrated by the fact that the Bush administration (with the aid and assistance of Congress) has given millions of taxpayer dollars to the pro-illegal alien group.

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  1. BEADALONG says:

    I’ve been telling people about how they’re going to La Raza meetings and want illegal aliens to have a “path to citizenship.”

    I also remind them that a lot of promises were made with the 1986 Shamnesty bill and now, look where we’re at.

    And the reason anything is “broken,” is because these morons 100% refuse to secure our borders and our border guards are left to fend for themselves with Paintball guns and the drug runners have real weapons.

    And I feel that Ramos/Campean are intentially left to rot in jail to demoralize fellow Border Guards.

  2. Johnny says:


    you hit the nail right on the head! I often wonder the same thing about why our government does nothing to halt the jail sentences of Ramos and Campean.

    You know Bush could put an end to this madness right now if he really wanted to but, who knows he might parden Ramos and Campean when he finishes his term as dictator and chief. I guess we will have to wait and see.

  3. tahoejer says:

    Has Mexico taken control of the American government ?? It looks fishy to me, the American government does more for Mexico and the illegals that brake in, than it does for its own citizens and vets. This is very clear if you have been paying attention to what has been going on for the last 10 yrs or so. 46,000 Americans have died at the hands of an illegal alien insurgent since 9/11 HERE in our own country. Only 4,140 americans have died at the hands of insurgents in Iraq. Why are Mcbush and Nobama campaining for the illegal vote ??????

  4. BEADALONG says:

    Yup Johnny, this could be easily put to a stop, but they refuse to. And what’s the sense of having our border guards suppled with “Paintball guns” while the drug runners, etc are armed with real weapons?

    You could be right tahoejer. I myself was just beginning to notice we had a lot of illegal aliens here and was complaining, but didn’t realize how bad the situation was untill after 9/11 and the absolute refusal to address this problem and secure our borders.

  5. Johnny says:


    the mexican government pretty much runs the State of California, or at least Los Angels.

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