Latino’s Future Uncertain

Whittier Daily News

The destiny of the country’s 40 million Latinos remains “highly uncertain,” complicated by language barriers and low participation in high-skilled jobs, education and health care coverage, according to a new study.

The future economic strength of a graying nation is intertwined with the well-being of a rapidly expanding, younger Latino population [illegal aliens] that will represent an ever larger share of the U.S. work force as baby boomers retire, the National Research Council said in a two-year study issued Wednesday.

The study’s researchers identified education as the biggest hurdle, noting that Latinos have higher school dropout rates, lower college enrollment and less job training than the overall population in an economy ever more reliant on higher-skilled jobs.

“What is certain is that the current educational profile of Hispanics will undermine their long-term economic, social and physical well-being and diminish their prospects for social integration and civic engagement,” the report concluded.

“Given the projected growth of the Hispanic population over the next quarter-century, compromising the future economic prospects of Hispanics by underinvesting in their education will likely compromise the nation’s future as well.”

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