Howard Kaloogian for Congress

Upon the resignation of former Congressman Duke Cunningham, the Honorable Howard Kaloogian, who served as State Assemblyman for northern San Diego County from 1994-2000, has officially announced his candidacy for the 50th Congressional district.

Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Claudia Garcia de Spencer. As some of you might guess from my accent, I grew up in Mexico, but I am now a proud citizen of the United States, living here in San Diego County. I am also proud to be a member of the San Diego Minutemen.

Today the San Diego Minutemen stand with a new sense of optimism behind Howard Kaloogian, and applaud his ambitious efforts to secure America and end the invasion of San Diego’s borders by criminals, narcotics traffickers, gang members, terrorists, and all those acting with complete disregard and contempt for our laws and our Constitution. 4 ½ years after 9/11, our Federal and State officials still refuse to confront these threats, allowing our borders to be breached thousands of times each day by foreign invaders. As a new citizen who followed the procedures and obeyed the rules, this is a shocking affront to me, and is a slap in the face of all loyal Americans. This chaotic situation desperately cries out for leaders who will aggressively defend the citizens and the sovereignty of the United States. Leaders like Howard Kaloogian, who has consistently demonstrated his forceful opposition to the current anarchy on our borders and the ever increasing flow of illegal aliens and their enormously negative economic and cultural impact on our society.

The San Diego Minutemen proudly and enthusiastically endorse Howard Kaloogian for Congress in the 50th District special election.

7 Responses to “Howard Kaloogian for Congress”

  1. Contessa Says:

    OMG, she sounds just like me!

  2. David Says:

    I agree with EVERYTHING she said!

  3. The Watchdog Says:

    I don’t know much about Howard Kaloogian but I noticed on his website he’s got a big picture of himself and George W. Bush. Bush’s approval ratings are so low, if I was a Republican running for office I would distance myself from him as much as possible.

    I get sick to my stomach everytime I see Bush’s face.

  4. Brad Says:

    Bush is lower than Nixon during Watergate.

  5. The Watchdog Says:

    Wow, lower than Nixon during Watergate! I didn’t know it was that bad.

    Ultimately, I believe his legacy will be another terrorist attack worse than 9/11.

    It will be painfully obvious to everyone that Bush did NOTHING to protect us, and his actions in Iraq created more terrorists than there were to begin with.

    Everything he does is DESTROYING this country.

  6. Contessa Says:

    Sadly, I voted for Bush. On 9/11 I was calm in my faith in our President. I remember that I was glad that GORE wasn’t in charge during that terrible awful time. My family was personally touched by those horrible events and we are reminded of that everyday. However, now I’m feeling very betrayed by our President and no longer have the feeling that our country is secure - with rampant, unchecked illegal immigration, ports being handled by foreign corporations and an usecured border- I”m wondering if Bush is not completely insane. However, I do hope Guiliani runs for President and I still lament that Bernard Kerik declined BUSH’s appointment to be our Director Of Homeland Security - I’m sure he would’ve been very tough with ICE enforcement. Tom Ridge, our first Director of Homeland Security now sits on the board of HOME DEPOT!

  7. Brad Says:

    We better be careful about what we say about the presnit. The NSA isn’t just watching for terrorists without a warrant, they are most likely keeping an eye on this administration’s critics and opponents. And by being against the presnits amnesty plan, we all know which catagory we fit into.

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