Poll: Californians’ Views On Illegal Immigration Softening

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Californians’ views on illegal immigration have softened over the last two decades, with an increasing number seeing it as beneficial to the state’s economy, according to a new statewide poll released Thursday.

The Field Poll showed that 47 percent of Californians see illegal immigration as having a favorable impact on the state while 45 percent see it as having an unfavorable impact. That split narrowed considerably from 1982, when just 19 percent saw it as favorable while 75 percent saw it as unfavorable.

The poll noted that registered voters (26 percent) and non-Hispanics (33 percent) were less likely to view illegal immigration as favorable, compared to nonvoters (64 percent) and Hispanics (75 percent). Among registered voters, only about a quarter of Republicans saw it as positive while Democrats were more divided.

With the state’s unemployment rate at less than 5 percent, seven in 10 Californians believe illegal immigrants are mainly doing jobs other residents don’t want. That’s nearly twice the percentage (38 percent) that agreed in 1982, in the midst of a prolonged recession, according to the poll.

Opposition for giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants seems to be eroding, with 52 percent opposing the idea and 44 percent in favor of it, the poll showed. A year ago, Californians opposed the idea, 62 percent to 35 percent.

Survey respondents also generally favored a proposal to reform immigration laws to legalize temporary workers, 65 percent to 27 percent.

Researchers interviewed 500 adults - 337 registered voters and 163 nonvoters - by telephone from Feb. 12-26. The poll has a sampling error rate of 4.5 percentage points.

3 Responses to “Poll: Californians’ Views On Illegal Immigration Softening”

  1. Brad Says:

    I would suspect that the reason for some change in numbers is the mass immigration of native Californians to other states. They have been leaving in droves. Many see no solution to the problems illegals have caused and relocation as their only option.

    Those numbers can not be accurate. Even the most liberal and pro immigration people know that the argument of: “illegals do jobs Americans won’t is not true.” One only has to watch the program Dirty Jobs to understand how false that argument is. I question the poll itself. 500 adults questioned, is not a very large sampling in a state the size of Ca. What were the areas in which the poll questions were asked? Baldwin Park? Also how many of the 163 non voters were legal? I would also like to see how the questions were phrased.

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    …and besides, even if it were true that [holy]” immigrants do work…do”, that observation could only be a partial truth of this particular moment before us. These invaders arrive pre-loaded with a grudge against us and a sense of entitlement which defies all discription. When this particular moment before us is past, their belief that they “built this country” is further reinforced, therefore they will throw alleigence behind whatever force exists which will expand their power. The future is the unexamined part of this catastrophe. All of their anchor babies will be baptized with the same obscene sense of victim validated sanctimony which YOU WILL FUND.

  3. Suzan . Says:

    I was born here in california, 39 years ago, and believe me, it was NOT like it is now. It is not “good”. They say that illegals, do jobs, that americans won,t do, but that,s a bunch of baloney. That,s the only thing, they can think to say, to justify their existence here, in the united states. It,s funny, because when I was a kid, I use to see alot of americans, working, at Fast food, places. Like Mcdonald,s and Burger king, and I,m sure those places where not lacking for employment, and we americans, were doing them. Now they are full of illegals. I can,t believe it, and do you really think, if a white person, wanted to get that job, teenager, or other american adult, they wouldn,t be pushed aside, for a mexican. They would, believe you me, because the americans, are the outsiders, now. It,s such a disgrace. Their overpopulation here has added to the skyrocketing rental prices, on apartments, too. There are apartment complexes, I would have liked to have lived in, but they are bursting at the seams, with illegals, and I don,t really, think, living in these places, that are affordable, would have been in my best interest. Therefore, being born in this country, I have to pay more, to live somewhere, else. It,s disgusting, and not fair. Big, deal if people protest about, legalizing americans, they protest about the war, and it,s still going on. Let them have their moment, but “WE” as americans, should have our moment too. They really, don,t give a hoot, about us, so the only thing that,s stopping us, is feeling guilty, about their situations. Oh! Well, that,s not our problems, it,is their government,s fault, not ours. Don,t feel guilt, it,s unfounded!!!!!!

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