Illegal Alien Labor Camp Busted


Federal agents and prosecutors have charged 4 members of a family in Weld County with transporting illegal immigrants and housing them in a labor camp near Hudson. Investigators said the raid on the Weld County home is part of an increased crack down on organized human smuggling rings.

Members of the Rodriguez family said they were trying to help people and did nothing illegal. If convicted, the family members could face up to 40 years in prison. Their trial is scheduled for next month.

‘Sometimes, we give them a ride from Phoenix over here, but we never smuggled them,’ Javier Rodriguez, one of the family members indicted after the raid, told CBS4.

His parents, Moses and Maria Rodriquez remained behind bars after the raid and arrests. One of their granddaughters said the family was just helping those in need.

‘We would just help them out,’ Kristy Rodriguez said. ‘You know my grandma and grandpa are in jail for what, for just helping people out. That isn’t fair. That isn’t nice.’

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents said they raided the Rodriguez’s alleged labor camp last year and sent illegal immigrants living there back to Mexico. They claimed in a court affidavit that workers at the camp spent 12 hours a day in the fields 7 days a week for low pay. The affidavit said smuggling fees and rent for housing were deducted from the low wages.

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