9/11 Families Accept Challenge From “The Traitor” John McCain

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This is from Peter Gadiel of 9/11 Families for a Secure America.

At the end of a week of lobbying, we accidentally met Sen. John McCain just outside the Russell Senate Office Building. Joan, Bruce and I approached him identified ourselves as 9/11 family members. We told him we opposed his amnesty bill and of our promise to hold accountable members of Congress who vote for it for the acts of violence that result. The following conversation resulted.

McCain looked at Joan and said: ?You?re kidding, aren?t you??

Joan Molinaro: ?No, we?re not kidding.?

At this, McCain started screaming and pointed his finger in our faces: ?After all I?ve done for you people! I welcome you to come to my state. I?ll debate the issue with you. The people of Arizona trust me?I got 77% of the vote last year. Who do you think they?ll believe??

Peter Gadiel: ?Yeah sure. You won that race by getting 85% of your money from out of state.?

McCain: ?It?s people like you who make my job so hard. I got 77% of the vote…

Gadiel: Oh sure, but you needed 85% of your money from outside the state. What kind of confidence is that?

By this time, Joan and Peter were turning their backs to McCain, and he started to come after them. But Bruce saw a guard from the Russell Building came out, take McCain by the arm and pull him inside the building.

9/11 FSA accepts Senator McCain?s challenge to debate him on the issue of illegal immigration.

3 Responses to “9/11 Families Accept Challenge From “The Traitor” John McCain”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    A new word needs to be invented for our language. It is a phenomenon that occurs in the mind frequently when reading stories like this. Ones mind goes UNBELIEVABLE!!!BELIEVABLE!!! at the same time. The above is a classic example. John ” ftw” McCain is really a 6-year-old trapped in a 60 year olds body. But not just any 6 year old, mind you, a spoiled rotten and tyrannical scion of a Ba…rd father who suffers delusions of grandeur. He needs to be stopped. I would bet that there is a cloud that floats front and center in his mind with 77% written on it. That, he believes, is his mandate from God to do what ever he wants. If he ever does step up to the plate and debate, I am sure this 77 number will come up within the first 10 minutes and will be heard thru-out. If that happens, he should be reminded that that 77% is composed of mostly illegitimate votes from motor-voter mexicans and jerry-mandered traitor votes. Hes easy to set off and in debate is actually a liability to the Rape/Publican party as he can easily be led to saying unsvory things which will damage his credibility. CRASH AND BURN JOHNNY!!!ILL BE WATCHING AND LAUGHING!!!!!

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    …Was McCains brother named Able? just asking!

  3. Contessa Says:

    Apparently he suffers from Post-traumatic stress disorder from his time as a POW because he is completely insane. He is so willing to ruin our country and pander to the Mexican government. He won’t stand up to Vicente Fox and tell him to just “shut up” and mind his own business. Instead, he so callously mistreats people like Peter Gadiel and Joan Molinaro. Haven’t they suffered enough? He should be ashamed of himself. We must keep the Senators phones and faxes ringing and let them know they cannot sell out America to pander to the interests of the profiteers of illegal immigration, especially the Mexican Government!

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