I Am Outraged - I Despair For America


by Frosty Woolridge

“I am outraged!” a reader responded concerning the killings of Americans by illegal aliens; by our schools being overwhelmed; by our language being displaced inside our own country and our laws being ignored by aliens and elected officials all the way to the president. “The question is how long before it reaches a boiling point, and when it does: 1) Will Americans place the blame where it properly belongs and deal effectively with the roving band of robbers in Washington that allowed it to reach this point? 2) Will Americans have the fortitude to see it through and take back their country from the usurpers? At this point, I have my doubts.”

I’ve got my doubts, too! Last week, 100,000 illegal aliens and their advocates marched on Chicago—demanding services and respect. That’s after they broke our Federal laws by entering our country illegally! Of all the gall! A week before that, I attended immigration meetings in Denver, Colorado. As I walked past 200 illegal aliens and their advocates demonstrating for lawlessness, only 15 Americans protested in favor of enforcing America’s immigration laws. The pro-American demonstrators were so pathetic–the media ignored them and covered all the pro-illegal alien supporters. This action illustrates why Americans are losing their country. They may be enraged, but they don’t take action. Thus, their country is being pulled out from beneath them by the endless wave of illegal immigration. And, fellow citizens, there is no end of the line–because the desperately poor of Mexico and other Third World countries grows by 85 million annually.

6 Responses to “I Am Outraged - I Despair For America”

  1. David Says:

    You know, if the illegals can hold a march in Chicago, why can’t we get one together to march on Washington? I am game if anyone else is.

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Me too! I’ll be there. You know the problem is two main things. 1] We Americans WORK . We work so that those stow-aways can live. The reason they can mobilize such numbers is because, well, most of those people are on the dole. And we are paying for that, too. 2] America began with the Declaration of Independence. These people are there demonstrating their belief in Unilateral Complete Dependence. -and in the name of EQUALITY!!!!-
    If indeed you are ontologically American, this sort of cluster’humping’ is utterly foreign to you. We realize that savages know no better, but, well, thats why they are savages. And oil and water dont mix. When will we learn to accept that simple fact?

  3. The Watchdog Says:

    Yeah, the Minutemen had a rally in Washington last month and about 100 people showed up.

    I know so many American’s who are fed up with illegal immigration but they are not willing to do anything about it. Nothing at all.

  4. Ricky Says:

    You know, I read your comments and it makes me sad that you people are talking about how “savage” Illegal immigrants are, well I think the “person” who wrote this is just as ignorant as he thinks they are. First of all, you do not give us money to live, we earn it. Secondly, the only true owners/citizens of this country are the native americans, in case you never learned your own history. Finally, who is going to do the hard work that none of you “Americans” want to do? I don’t think you want to volunteer right? I thought so.

  5. The Watchdog Says:

    Ricky, Vincent’s comments about illegal aliens being savages is really harsh and uncalled for but your comments are such a cliche, I have to laugh.

  6. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    To Watchdog and Ricky; I agree. I do believe that the word ’savage’ is extreme, and probably also immoderate. All the same, I am left with a cunnundrum; Civilized men respect Law. Therefore, Those whose existence here is from the get-go a middle finger to all of our law. So, I really wish I could come up with a more socially acceptable term to describe the horror that I am watching- without doing a disservice to the truth. I would like you to concider also Ricky, that the same sentiment is echoed throughout the world-even in Mexico. I do not begrudge any Mexican for saying [for example] ‘…so close to God, so close to America’ or any of the other very virulent epithets thrown at me and us. That, my friend, is REAL human nature. We are not the angels that we believe ourselves to be. The better part of life comes frome reconciling ones self to the ugly mirror we peer into-and knowing where to look for help+. I do do not believe that under the same conditionsreversed, Mexico would treat us any better.

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