My Visit To The Mexican Consulate

As you’ll see in the video. Nobody fries fish in a shopping cart better than our good neighbors to the South. Get it while its hot!

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I had the day off so I went down to the Mexican Consulate. There were two things I went there for. First, I had to look into buying some phony documents. We’re planning a little undercover operation so I needed to do some recon. This turned out to be really easy. About a block down from the consulate, on Alvarado street, I was flagged down by an illegal alien. He said he could get me a California drivers license, a social security card, a birth certificate, and a Matricula consular card, and that it would cost $100 for each item. I told him I’d be back with some money. He practically dragged me out of the car, he wanted me to buy it all right then and there.

I think I’m going to put Arlen Specter’s name with my picture on my Matricula. What do you think? Ha!

Then I shot a little video over at the consulate where it was Health Net day. I was late for the press conference and they wouldn’t let me inside. I don’t know much about this Health Net Mexi-Plan but here is a little blurb.

Health Net of California and the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles will introduce two innovative products developed as part of Health Net’s Salud con Health Net Initiative, which was designed specifically to help address the Latino health care gap in California. The Mexi-Plan Program and the Health Net Cross-Border Individual FamilyPlan (IFP) are the first cross border health care plans available to individual subscribers. The Mexi-Plan Program was developed through a unique collaboration with the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles to fit the needs of Mexican immigrants. Both plans will provide quality, affordable health care for Latino families in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties, as well as in Mexican cities that share the border with California.

Although Latinos are the fastest growing middle-income group in the United States, they are 2.5 times more likely to be uninsured than whites, with a total of 66% of the population uninsured. Health Net’s Salud con Health Net Initiative signifies a major private sector solution to address high rates of the uninsured or underinsured in the Latino community.

8 Responses to “My Visit To The Mexican Consulate”

  1. No Bull Says:

    What can I say? I have seen alot but the fish frier is unreal.

  2. Contessa Says:

    This video looks like it’s shot in seedy, disgusting Tijuana. This is America? This is a Mexican Consular office? Do those people have permits to sell food in the streets like that? Did you report them? Gross!

  3. The Watchdog Says:

    Only American citizens need permits to sell food on the street. Illegal aliens can do anything they want.

    I’ve never seen people selling fried fish in a shopping cart before though. Usually, it’s snow cones, oranges, peanuts, roses and stuff like that. I’ve seen guys walking around with buckets of warm water and cooked corn too. They’ll rub it on some butter if you like.

    Soon they’ll be walking down the street with herds of goats, selling milk to the children.

  4. Contessa Says:

    Illegals always do what they want. Send the photos and the video to City Council and ask them if you can get a permit to sell fried fish out of a grocery cart. I can’t imagine where they got the fish either. This is absolutely disgusting. Call the Health Department or send them photos. It’s a side of the invasion I have not seen. A lot of people (especially in the Midwest, and Northeast) don’t realize this and need to see what’s happening in CA. I sound alarmed, because I truly am, I never though I’d see scenes so common in the worst parts of Mexico, Central America and South America occurring in the U.S. in front of a Consular Office in a large, modern metropolitan city in the U.S.

  5. Lardoggie MMP Says:

    I can’t believe it. The only thing missing was the donkey painted with stripes to look like a zebra for photos like in Tijuana. L.A. is starting to look like a third world country. I would like to have health insurance at their cost.

  6. Barbara Says:

    Yeah well all I got to say is that you “REDNECKS” need to get a life and stop complaining so much…You complain that the illegal people come and “TAKE” your jobs when the fact is that they do jobs that the Lazy Americans in this country refuse to do and for alot cheaper than you and I would.. If there wasnt someone is the country to do this stuff then you would complain too so what is good enough for us self-served people..We are becoming the laziest and most opionated society in the world just mind you rown bussiness what doesnt hery you dont concern you..And yes I am american and to tell you the truth I am american and I would rather be one of those fish frying mexicans than a rude opionated american who thinks they OWN the country…we are suppose to be a diverse nation not a country full of complainers…sorry if you get mad but that how I feel…thank you bye bye

  7. RC Says:

    I am an American and I DO own this country. I work my ass off and pay taxes to run this country. Illegals DO concern me. They don’t pay takes, yet utilize public services. California is bankrupt due to this. Arizona isn’t too far behind. Don’t offer an opinion without facts BARBARA.

    I am all for cultural diversity. I grew up in Barrio Libre in Tucson, Arizona. I consider the Mexican culture as my own.

    However, breaking the law is a crime. Illegal aliens are criminals. There are legal means to enter this country, and once you enter this country legally you NEED to follow our laws. That fish story is insane.

    I don’t blame Mexicans for wanting to come to the greatest country in the world. In fact I think we should do everything we can to help these people. My suggestion: arm these people with weapons and send them back to Mexico. Let them fight and die to take back their country the way MY forefathers had to obtain liberty and financial independence from the British.

    I am so sick of bleeding heart liberals and their policies that breed dependency instead of promoting self worth.

  8. JW Says:

    Right on RC and Watchdog. You guys are an inspiration. You have lit the fire under my butt to take action. Keep it up! Barbara, I am a white millionaire with my own business and I work average 80-90 hrs a week. Real lazy, huh? 2 College degrees and I share there opinion completely, so no “redneck here”

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