Bill Would Make English State’s Official Language

The WBAL Channel

Annapolis, MD — Immigrants from all over the region converged on Annapolis Thursday in an effort to defeat several proposed bills.

WBAL-TV 11 News reporter David Collins reported that one of the bills declares English as the state’s official language and another targets day-labor centers.

Collins said legal aliens and naturalized citizens gathered in opposition to as many as five bills they consider anti-immigration.

‘Just look at us and tell me if we look like criminals. Tell me if we look like terrorists, if the children that we have are to be feared. We are seeing an attack on foreign born in the United States that is unprecedented,’ said Montgomery County Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez, D-District 18.

Delegate Pat McDonough, R-District 7, whose district encompasses portions of Baltimore and Harford counties, has sponsored legislation to establish English as the official language.

‘Nothing can be written in other languages without also being written in English. It doesn’t affect the private sector, it’s a modest proposal. This is a bill and a law that has been passed in 33 other states,’ he said.

The bill mandates that all road signs, state and local government documents — including wills, drivers license applications and legal notices — be printed in English.

‘I’m one of the immigrants in the House,’ said Baltimore County Delegate Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, D-District 10. ‘We will work to make sure that this does not become law.’

Three other bills target day-labor centers.

‘The point is now that they are totally unregulated. This (bill) would require a license like any other business license,’ McDonough said. ‘It would have to be done every year and they would have to record the people that they service, whether they are legal or not. Illegal (aliens) would not be permitted to use the services.’

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  1. Contessa Says:

    Ms. Guitterez, the 19 middle-eastern hijackers who murdered 3000 on 9/11 didn’t look like terrorists. They were well-educated (something your community is not), fairly affluent, spoke English (something your community obviously cares not to learn). Illegal immigrants from South of the border are increasingly violent criminals before they come here. Haven’t you heard of MS-13, most of its members are in your area. Get a grip, Ms. Guitterez. Tell your people to learn English or they’ll be less accepted. We’ve had enough.

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    What is always unbelievable in something like this is that it seems as strange as legally affirming thermodynamics or something. -As though in reality, those laws could be voided by? what? social/political pressure? I will make a little Wittgenstieinian proof of this. Japan is a nation. Japan is a nation where the Japanese live. Japan is possesed of a Japanese culture. Japan and Japanese culture are sewn together by Japanese language. …etc…this could be extended infinately. Phase II in this sort of analysis deals with questions that devolve from above points. [such as can Japan remain Japan if Japan speaks Urdu?] Phase III is where it gets good. Phase III is involved with taking these impersonal statements of truth[PhI] purifying/reifying them[PhII] and infusing them with your own personal understandings of things-especially right and wrong. Example;DO I THINK JAPAN SHOULD SPEAK URDU? under what circumstances? How can the Japanese be made to speak Urdu without violating a more important principle (free will)? I have to ask-when any of the PhI questions were being asked; did you squirm in your seat and wrathfully wish ill upon the Japanese because of those realities? Did you feel a compelling sting of injustice thinking that for example-’There is a Japanes power structure in Japan’ means that Japanese Ways dominate and pervade All in Japan? No you did not if your mind is calibrated rightly. To argue contrary to these positions is as insane as the human mind can get. It is no different than taking offence against the laws of gravity, for example-or thermodynamics.[to return to our main point] To have neccesity to buttress such invincible reality by law is a very sobering prognosis upon us. A further question, if I may…? If tomorrow-Mexico announced that they were going to make a law formalizing the data of reality, saying” HENCEFORTH-THE MEXICAN NATION WILL SPEAK SPANISH IN ALL OF IT OFFICIAL BUSINESS..” etc, again, would you squirm in your seat and become filled with rage at the arrogance of those Mexicans for trying to uphold and defend their nation and way of being? Again-the answer can only be no. Therefore do not be cowed, shamed or falsely guilted by ANYONE who tries to cause you to think contrary to the very plain and apparent understanding of simple truth. In this above matter as in all else.

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