Illegal Alien Stalker Arrested

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An illegal immigrant — deported from the United States once before for being an “aggravated felon” — was arrested earlier this month on charges that he stalked, harassed and threatened a woman, police revealed yesterday.

The investigation began Feb. 27 when the victim, whose name was withheld, called police to report more than 150 harassing telephone calls from a man she believed was the maintenance man at the Heritage Apartments on Sylvia Street, police said.

She told police the man, known to her only as “Hector,” called her while she was at work and told her he was calling from inside her apartment.

“During these phone calls he described the inside of her apartment and told her what she had on the counter for dinner that night. He also made numerous sexual comments to the victim and threatened her that the Latin Kings (street gang) would get her if she called the police,” police said in a news release.

Police learned from the apartment owner that the suspect was Hector Martinez of the 200 block of Furman Street. A check of cell phone records for both the suspect and victim allegedly confirmed the victim’s account, police said.

An arrest warrant was issued and Martinez was arrested March 3, police said.

A fingerprint check revealed Martinez is actually Jose Lopez, who was deported about four years ago following convictions on various criminal charges, police said.

Lopez was charged by Ewing police with stalking, harassment, terroristic threats, hindering apprehension and failure to register as a sex offender.

He was then turned over to the FBI and Customs Enforcement to face immigration charges.

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  1. Jim Says:

    This story is among of many hundreds that telling how porous the US mexico border is. To these repeated offenders, border crossings are nothing more than a trip across town.

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