King Defends Bill As ‘God’s work’


Peter King, the recreational boxer with a combative record during nearly 14 years in the House, is now taking on the Roman Catholic Church.

King is co-sponsor of a bill that would strengthen the nation’s borders and make it a felony to knowingly aid illegal immigrants, a measure that has outraged Catholic activists who work with them.

King (R-Seaford) has no patience for the mounting criticism of him and his bill, even from his own church’s leaders.

‘Stopping alien smuggling gangs is doing God’s work,’ King said in an interview yesterday. ‘These people who are supposed to be speaking for God, saying this [the bill] is a sin, and they should go to confession,’ he added.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) added to the religious nature of the debate Wednesday at a news conference when she claimed that a Republican-supported immigration proposal would judge ‘Jesus himself’ as a criminal.

King was as outspokenly critical of Catholic leaders Wednesday as he was yesterday.

He said Catholic leaders opposed to the bill are politically correct liberals who ’should spend more time protecting little boys from pedophile priests.’

2 Responses to “King Defends Bill As ‘God’s work’”

  1. David Says:

    At least someone in the government is fighting for us.

  2. Kenneth Davis Says:

    If Rep. King is really concerned about protecting children from pedophiles, he should consider the consequences of his bill. When local police become agens of the deportation, children who are undocumented or children whose parents are undocumented will be LESS LIKELY to be protected as that community will have an incentive NOT TO REPORT crime. For this reason, virtually all local police departments condemn the bill. Police want local people to cooperate with them, not to fear them.

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