Ariz. Voters Would Decide English Issue

AZ Central

Arizonans likely will have a chance with the November ballot to make English the state’s official language.


In 1988, the state was among the first to declare English the state language. But the Arizona Supreme Court later declared that measure unconstitutional because of First Amendment concerns.

Advocates now are back for another try, pitching another version. House Concurrent Resolution 2036, they say, is a kinder, gentler way to encourage ‘civic virtues’ - namely, the use of English. The House approved the measure Thursday and supporters expect the Senate to do likewise, sending it to the ballot.

‘We have 329 languages spoken in the United States. We think that’s good,’ said Tim Schultz, director of government relations for U.S. English, a Washington, D.C.-based advocacy group. ‘We also think if you don’t have a language in common, that’s bad.’

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  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    It is worth pondering the ferocity with which the bi-lingual advocates attack their kampfe. The ‘pueblo’ for which they advocate are upwards of 60% illiterate IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE, so bi-lingual anything is a joke from the get-go. Truth being told, they are actually advocates of a tower of Babel.

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