Immigrant Minutewoman Fights For Her Country, America

They’re called the Minutemen but nearly half are women. These women are some of the strongest most courageous people I have ever known. The following, is a speach from the Save Our Nation rally that was held in Temecula, CA this weekend.

Introduction by Arne:

Our next speaker is Claudia Spencer, who is with the San Diego Minutemen about 30 miles south down in Vista. Claudia grew up in the city of Morelia in central Mexico and came to the U.S. in 1998 after getting married to her American husband. By the way, even after marrying an American in Mexico, it took 8 months before Claudia was granted permission to legally emigrate to the U.S. to be with her husband, but she played by the rules. She has since taught herself English, become a U.S. citizen, and developed a strong sense of patriotism and loyalty to the United States. As her beautiful city of Vista deteriorates under the influence of illegal immigration, Claudia is using her unique status as a native-born Mexican to help the Minutemen preserve her newly adopted country. I think you’ll find her behind-the-lines perspective both eye opening and inspiring.

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My name is Claudia Spencer. I am here today specifically because I was born and raised in Mexico, and I now find myself, as a U.S. citizen, involved in a battle for the soul of a country I never expected to hold so dear?.against an enemy I thought that I had left behind forever when I left Mexico. My message today is not the one I had intended to present when I was originally asked to speak before this group. Nor are these the same words I would have spoken prior to witnessing the shameless demonstrations by thousands of Mexican illegals across the country this weekend.

First, let me point out that I have spent most of my life in Mexico, and have 30 years of firsthand experiences with the country and the people. An un-sugarcoated account of these experiences can many times come across as politically incorrect, even under the best of circumstances. And today as I witness thousands of my former Mexican countrymen illegally in the streets of the United States, a country that is not their own, shamefully demanding rights and privileges to which they are under no stretch of the imagination entitled, it is far from the best of circumstances. So please forgive me if I allow the painfully obvious truth to trump political correctness.

I grew up in poverty, along with 2 brothers and a sister, in Mexico?And by poverty I mean in a house partially constructed of cardboard. Yet my father saw the value of education, and somehow, through an enormous amount of hard work and sacrifice, managed to put all of his children through college. I am an architect, as is my brother. My sister and other brother are civil engineers. Of the tens of thousands of Mexicans marching, complaining and demanding in the streets of cities across the United States this weekend, I would bet my life that not a single one measures up to my father in terms of character and basic value as a human being.

Before legally entering the United States in 1998 to be with my husband, I had little actual knowledge of the United States. I knew only, according to returning Mexicans who had been here, mostly illegally, that gringos were stupid, gullible, manipulative and unjust??the same accusations being launched at American citizens by thousands of Mexicans illegally in this country who are demonstrating in the streets this weekend. However, upon my arrival here in the United States, I was immediately struck with the kind and generous nature of the people of the United States, in sharp contrast to my lifelong experience with my countrymen in Mexico; and not at all consistent with the horrific tales told by returning travelers. Never once in the years that I?ve been here have I experienced the slightest hint of discrimination, disrespect, or racism based upon my Mexican heritage. Never, ever! Despite the cries of racism even now being chanted in the streets, I can assure you from my own experience that Americans are not a racist people. In fact, the true racists are carrying Mexican flags down the streets of our country even as we speak, making very real threats to overwhelm and “re-conquer” us by sheer numbers, and return this country to La Raza, the Mexican race.

Do you want to hear about my sole encounter with racism? It occurred last week while I was participating with the San Diego Minutemen in a peaceful rally in front of our Congressman?s office to protest the addition of any amnesty clause to HR4437. Our resident pro-illegal alien Latina activist was also there making her views known to the media, and after she had finished I attempted to engage her in a calm and rational discussion of the issue. She quickly became enraged, and you guessed it, accused me, a member of the same brown skinned race as her, of racism.

With the majority of at least 12 million illegal aliens operating under the same brand of logic, as evidenced by all manner of activities this weekend, it is clear that we?ve got trouble and need to invoke some serious measures to deal with it. HR4437, without a hint or possibility of amnesty, would be a good start.

Please listen closely to this. A reporter with one of the Spanish language TV channels covering the massive street protests of HR4437 occurring right now, summed up the grievances of the Mexican crowd?And listen to this? “The adoption of this law affects the future of thousands of immigrants who are planning to come to this country.” Preposterous. I hope President Bush is listening.

I am speaking here today because of concern for my country, my city, myself and my family. I am watching as everything around me becomes more and more like what I left in Mexico. More crime, more violence, more trash; and more contempt for the English language and the US Constitution?.and less overall respect for your fellow human being. Because I am Mexican by birth, it is clear to me that a great deal of this deterioration is due to the actions of those who are here illegally. As an example, let me point out that a member of my own family was murdered in Mexico, and the criminals escaped to the United States to avoid capture by the police. I can only assume that they continued to commit criminal acts while in this country, as do millions of other illegal aliens.

I don?t really understand why a country as powerful as the United States allows this to happen and destroy what the many good people have built here over the past 200 years. But I do know that we must do what we can. I feel anger for those who are damaging the country that has welcomed me with kindness and respect, and as a new citizen of the United States, I ask you to recognize the wonderful country you have here, and to do everything in your power to preserve it for all of us and our children.

A very important figure in Mexican history made an important quotation, stating: “Among individuals as among nations, the respect for the rights of others is peace”. For this reason, Vicente Fox should be ashamed of representing Mexico, as should Mexican illegals, since they don?t have any respect for our laws neither rights in this country. The rights of Mexican illegal aliens begin where the rights of Americans end, just south of our southern border.

It is absolutely unacceptable that President Bush is holding hands with Vicente Fox, while his country is paying for the consequences of Mexican degradation.

Let?s start fighting for our rights and God bless America.

Thank you all very much.

26 Responses to “Immigrant Minutewoman Fights For Her Country, America”

  1. David Says:

    Whoa, that was pretty eye opening stuff. Why can’t somone like her be in the White House?!

  2. contessa Says:

    She sounds like me. Although my family immigrated here from Ecuador LEGALLY and under differing circumstances, I too am appalled and ashamed at the utter, complete contempt for our nation’s laws, rules and customs exhibited by tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from my parents native homeland. They have invaded Queens,NY, New Jersey, Danbury, Connecticut and other areas as well. It is despicable.

    If illegal immigrants “just want the American Dream” as they pan to the media, let them prove it. That is, go home immediately. Stand in line to apply for a visa, go to the very back of the line, behind the millions of law-abiding who are willing to comply with the law to gain the privilege of entering this country.
    While they wait for their application to be processed, go to school, learn a skilled trade and learn English. You’ll need English for the citizenship test eventually and to work and study in the U.S. If you are unhappy with this situation, drape yourselves in your flag and go protest to your own government. If you obtain your visa, you are more than welcome. Bienvenidos!

  3. Gregorio Cortez Says:

    I’ll be happy to debate Claudia;

    It is plain to see that Claudia is ignorant to the history behind what made this country “great”, glossing over the sweat, blood and tears of all the First Nations people, African slaves, and forced cheap ‘Mexican’ and Chinese labor. She claims to never, ever have experienced overt racism, and I have no way of verifying that, but I’m willing to bet she has experienced covert racism and didn’t know it. It is because of brave Chicano civil rights activists and late 19th century freedom fighters (known to euro-america as ‘bandidos’) that she has that luxury, one shared by most recent immigrants. Maybe she’s unaware of the several wars of aggression that the U.S. backed and initiated in their land hungry expansionist activities. History shows that Europeans came to the shores of this once pristine continent and illegally settled on sovereign first nations land. Slowly their lust for land, gold, and power gave rise to the genocidal notions of colonies, plantations, encomiendas, and Manifest Destiny.

    It is also a historical fact that the first ‘Texicans’ conspired against their Mexican hosts when the Mexican government outlawed slavery, the main reason for the Texas revolts and uprisings masked under the veil of “tax injustice”. It is also a fact that Euro-Americans were illegaly settling in Texas country while the Mexican government stood idly by. We must also consider the fact that Mexico had just recently fought a war of independence from Spain, a war that left Mexico weak, bankrupt, and vulnerable to the Manifest Destiny conspirators in Washington. It has also been documented that a huge majority of elected officials from Washington and industrial imperialists covertly supported the ‘Texicans’, encouraged independence, and funded their cause.

    After the taking of Texas, the U.S. imperialists set their eyes on acquiring the rest of the Mexican Northwest (Southwest U.S.), and instigated a war of aggression to appease its white supremist agenda of control over the land that “Indians and Mexicans (at that time we we’re still considered Indians, as oppossed to the euro-centric labels of Hispanic/Latino)” possessed. Contrary to what your limited knowledge of history allows you to beleive, our people have always been here.

    We, the so called hispanics/latinos of this continent, are predominantly indigenous in blood and culture, it’s a shame that you have so conveniently forgotten your roots and the rape, murder, theft, and genocide at the hands of the real illegals still controlling our lands, both here and in Mexico and throughout this vast ‘American’ continent. Before the illegally imposed borders on our lands by the ‘might makes right’ Europeans and their descendants, our people used to migrate back and forth -North and South, East and West- without much interference, hatred and violence.

    You pride yourself with having acheived higher education and having strong familial convictions, but your gross generalization of all the marchers, ‘illegals’, and suporters is outright ignorant and stereotypical. Furthermore, your negative attitude towards your own people only helps perpetuate the lies of the alarmist and bigoted conservative right wing and the media/Hollywood. They are as absurd as my saying that all U.S. citizens are fascist warmongers.

    Before you are quick to jump and judge, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’d be content with others judging you based on your skin color, ethnicity, or national origin, because that’s precisely what will happen once these laws are enacted. Authorities will have probable cause to pull you, your brothers, and any individual over under the pretext of suspicion. “Can I see your papers, Ma’am?” Long live democracy, long live American style justice.

  4. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Good one Gregorio. You seem to have digested your Rousseau and Hegel very well. However tempting it is to respond to your post, it gets wearisome refuting the same self refuting ‘arguements’ . As a kindness to you, I would like to offer you some profitable advice; Slogans are not thoughts, and hollow apophthegmae are no substitute for YOUR OWN thoughts, which Im sure you have in your head, if you would do a little sweeping and tidying. You’ll find them, dont worry. Its pathetic, really, but every drive-by troll that comes to this post leaves the same pile of little black pill thoughts, and then scurries away, ‘into the shadows’ we might even say. All of these thoughts have been programmed into your head and Im sorry to say, but talking to you is as satisfying as speaking into an echo chamber. I wouldnt mind speaking to such as yourself so much if I might be able to speak to a live brain, speaking authentic thoughts. All the same, if you come around again, please dont pick fights with women. In America, men dont do that. That was a noticable charactaristic from a former poster who-alas!-doesnt visit us anymore. oh well, have to run! its been nice talking to you. When you stop basking in the warm glow of your own congenital magnificence, you may find a moment or two to sweep out that old head of [yours]! All the best to ye!

  5. David Says:

    Hey Cortez, everything you said happened in the past, get over it! That is what gets me about most people in the world today. They always have to dwell on the past. The world would be a better place if they focused on the here and now.

    Are all the protesteors illegal aliens, no, but they support illegal aliens so they are just as guilty as the illegals themselves. Where I come from, you are guilty by association.

    The thing you mentioned about being “indigenous in blood and culture” makes me want to laugh. Most Hispanic/Latinos are Catholics, a religion that is lead by a WHITE MAN living in a EUROPEAN COUNTRY! You have to explain this to me because I don’t get it.

    By the way, I am Lumbee Indian and Scotts-Irish and damn proud of my roots. I know what happened to my ancestors on BOTH sides of the world, but know that the only to move forward is not to look back.

  6. Brad Says:

    It’s interesting that the pro illegal crowd always make the case that this country was built on the backs of immigrant labor. It’s as if the native born just sat on their asses and did nothing. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation Americans didn’t contribute at all. What a crock.

  7. Gregorio Cortez Says:

    Trivial as it may seem to you, Vincent, these are my own thoughts, unproggrammed by no one but myself, with out the help of Rousseau or Hagel, and in my country, Texas, we respond to anyone brave enough to voice such strong opinions as those expressed by Claudia. The reason why you can’t refute the echoes of the past is because they are facts, and not slogans as you suggest.

    Top you, David, I’m a direct descendant of the Coahuiltec people who once inhabited what is now San Antonio, TX and beyond the border. My lineage has been here since before the arrival of the Spanish. You are right about the religious Christian/Catholic fervor that permeates indigenous communites; a sad result of colonization and oppression. I, myself, am a member of the Native American Church (not that I need to justify myself), which originally comes from the Huichol nation in Mexico, but I bet you already knew that.

    I find it interesting that most people who usually try to discredit those who reference the past are the ones whom have benefitted in some way or another from those past injustices. This is going to sound cliche, but history does repeat itself, as we are now witnessing the return of the Gestapo like culture of fear. It is through the lessons of the past that we as a people should learn to move forward towards a more egalitarian society; otherwise, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of our forefathers.

  8. Tony Herrera Says:

    How interesting that you folks have siezed upon Claudia Spencer as your poster child. It is clearly evident that this woman not only did not write that speech, but now I’m beginning to wonder whether she mysteriously has suffered a sort of brainwashing.

    Nevertheless, I doubt that this comment will actually make it onto your website since you have conveniently moderate comments and have in fact censored previous comments I have posted. I’m sure TheWatchdog can track my comment directed to Vincent and share it with him. I’m still waiting for his insight on realistic and workable solutions to the issues of illegal immigration.

    The fact that you censor posted comments demonstrates that this website is run by individuals who choose to employ a revolving door policy when it comes to what individuals it allows to comment, especially when such indviduals do not share your points of view.

    Proof is demonstrated in comments such as this one from Vincent:

    “I wouldnt mind speaking to such as yourself so much if I might be able to speak to a live brain, speaking authentic thoughts. All the same, if you come around again, please dont pick fights with women. In America, men dont do that.”

    That comment clearly demonstrate an attempt to discredit Gregorio Cortez rather than responding to the specific points addressed in his (Gregorio’s) post.

    Vincent intersently notes:

    “That was a noticable charactaristic from a former poster who-alas!-doesnt visit us anymore.”

    It’s irresponsible in the Blogosphere and wrong on so many levels to include that type of comment without Vincent actually identifying who he referss as the previous poster. I’m sure you will disagree. No?

    Perhaps, Vincent and TheWatchdog fear that people could actually follow the thread of comments and realize that the comments and ideas espoused by those “previous posters” actually make sense and have merit. No, It’s much easier to simply censor a posted comment and create an atmosphere that allows your voice and ideas to be heard, but drowns out the voice of those you deem as not being worthy of being part of your community.

    -Tony Herrera

  9. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    HI GREG!!! …er, youre right. It was not [neccesarily] Hegel, but those who caught his ball and ran with it [Marx, Dewey, Zinn,et al] that speak through you. “as a people should learn to move forward towards a more egalitarian society” are you asserting that ‘egalitarianism’ is forordained in History, or…? well, how does a progressive like yourself claim to know that ‘egalitarianism’ is ‘in the future’-and/or that it is of itself a desireable thing? There isnt in evidence in any of your writing a true love of equality, as you show quite an inordinate love of your autochthonian forebears, to the point of privileging them above all others. As for the basis in your mind for your unwarranted and misbegotten love of equality, I would guess it stems from the same mercenary perversion of it as has always been teased out by [European] Progreesives in a snatch phrase from Jefferson. Jefferson of course was echoing Jean Jacques Burlemacqui and Montesque in his riff on standard issue natural law. The right quote of course is that all men are ‘created equally FREE’ it was due to his ‘particular felicity of expression’ [Adams] that he economized in the phraseology and left the door open for cruel manipulators to make poor people like you think that there was a blank check written somewhere waiting to be written on it with the word ‘equality’ written on it to be cashiered at will by minorities against Europeans. You dont want ‘equality’ anymore than anyone else. Only in that you are equal. We, of course, believe you to be superior because of your untainted genes . No. Our founding fathers had in mind only that we should be equal before God, and therefore equal before the law. Since nothing can be done about the first, we have only to deal with the second. Equality before the law means murder is the same for vassal, bondman or meinheeren. Treason is to be treated the same for a dowager as with a president [hanging is the constitutional prescription] Trespass is trespass whether fool, wiseman or mexican. Invasion is invasion, well ,you get the point. You cant and shouldnt think you can nullify law simply because you have worked up some fanciful notions about your ‘exotic’ origins. I hope the best for you in a return to sanity and commonality. Good luck friend.

  10. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Hi Tony! Funny, I was just thinking about you today. The poster refered to was a creature named Naui tlalqapacqui or some such thing. He seemed to be determined to chase Contessa around like a Fury. I do not deny that the thoughts maligned by myself do not have merit. I do assert that they have substance that needs to be refuted. That is the purpose of dialogue of course. As for putting in the time and effort into a building and maintaining a website that becomes a transmission belt of for the ideology of ones nemesis, Please. Representative postings are sufficient. I note the same ‘exclusion’ in many sites I post on. some friend, some foe. I just lack the sense of entitlement that would cause me to strike up issue with it, thats all. As for a realistic and workable solution to the illegal alien occupation of the United States, I propose what Pope Julian II prescribed for the French who were at that time occupying Italy. Workable then, workable now. Sanctified all the same, what? As for ‘insight’, that isnt anything I traffic in. I prefer to be thought provoking. anyway, Its beddybye time for me. Work tomorrow for me:( Good luck to you in the future!

  11. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Oh, and anotther thing Mr. Herrera…? I myself have been censored on this site as well as many others and in retrospect, I am glad that I was. It is fully within the purview of a WM to toss out undesireables and when I am behaving in an onerous fashion, I entirely respect the site owners right to keep his neighborhood in any manner he chooses. …thats that sense of entitlement thing again. Good night!

  12. The Watchdog Says:

    Tony, when you play the race card, there is a chance that your comments will be censored or deleted.

    How can you say that Claudia didn’t write her speech???

    As far as workable immigration enforcement, here it is.

    Military on our borders
    Workplace enforcement - fines and jail time for employers
    Deportation of aliens whenever they commit a crime, and self deportation of the rest.
    No amnesty ever
    A legal immigration cap of 100,000 per year.

  13. Tony Herrera Says:


    You fail to provide proof that any of my previous comments censored or deleted ever actually played the race card. It is very convenient that you would imply that I played the race card.

    >How can you say Claudia didn’t write her speech???

    I just don’t believe Claudia Spencer actually wrote that speech. Forgive me for being a skeptic but, it would be great if you could offer audio or video footage so that we can at least hear her provide such a patriotic and impassioned speech. Nevertheless, I doubt any audio or video footage will be made available, just like I doubt that she actually prepared the speech on her own.

    As for your workable immigration enforcement.

    Disagree on the militarization of the border.
    Agree on workplace enforcement.
    Agree on deportations for those who commit crimes.
    *not sure what you mean by self deportation of the rest*
    Disagree on Amnesty.
    Disagree on a legal immigration cap of 100,000.

    Your call for no Amnesty is unrealistic. We are faced with 10-12 million illegals immigrants, some who have lived here for decades and have U.S. born children. It is un-democratic and immoral to breakup these families. A legal immigration cap of 100,000 is simply unrealitic and fails to address the labor needs of our industries and declining birthrate.

    -Tony Herrera

  14. The Watchdog Says:

    Tony, you have your own website. I don’t know why you’re picking fights with people over here. I’ve never posted anything on your site and I never will. Your thoughts on immigration don’t matter to me. I didn’t create this website to debate you. I have more important things going on.

    If you point your racist finger and start in with the name calling, the words will be censored. The proof vanishes into cyberspace just like a few words did in your previous post earlier today. Did you notice that?

    Poof! They’re gone.

    I do remember you wrote a long angry post directed at Vincent. It started out with some racist name calling and I didn’t bother to read the rest of it. I just deleted the whole damn thing.


    As for why you don’t think Claudia is speaking for herself, I can only figure that it’s hard for you to believe that race isn’t as important to her as it is to you. She views herself as an American, not a Mexican. She speaks for American’s regardless of their ethnicity.

    An ex girlfriend of mine was from Guatemala. She came to the US when she was 15. She hated Guatemala and she didn’t run around waving the flag of Guatemala. She was a legal US citizen and an American. She completely agreed with my views on illegal immigration and wanted to help me with my documentary. I have interviewed many Latino’s for this project and people like you will be shocked to find out that there are many Hispanic AMERICAN’S like Claudia out there. I didn’t videotape the speech she gave in Temecula because I was videotaping the Gran Marcha. I’ll be interviewing Claudia pretty soon though, so maybe I’ll put up a few clips for you.

    Before I became involved in all this immigration stuff I never felt any racial tension between myself and any Hispanics either. Never! So I believe Claudia when she says she never did. But I have learned that there are many Mexican’s who feel that they must stick with their raza above all else.

    You seem to be one of them.

    By “self deportation” I mean that people will move back to their home country when they are unable to find work here. The majority of these people have no loyalty to America. They do not seek to become American’s. They simply want to make more money here than they can back home. If we take away their job opportunities they will leave on their own.

  15. makwilli Says:

    Does her collar match her leash? She should be ashamed of herself, along with anyone like her. She may choose to ignore history or the present, which are both controlled and told by you invaders. “The Watchdog”: You did’nt feel any racial tension between you and any “hispanics” because your racism is a part of your being. As far as us sticking with our “Raza above all else”, of course we are, they are our people, and your people have shown us for over five hundred years that you don’t want us around. Unless, that is, if we kiss your ass or mow your lawn or watch your kids. There should be no such thing as “america”. All of you (Anglos and your little vedido friends) are here illegally. I don’t remember once hearing you people asking the Cherokee, Apache, Lakota, Ute, Hopi, or any one of the other thousand Idigenous nations you destroyed if it was alright if you moved onto their land. You’re supossedly worried that your friends will miss out on jobs if Mexican people aren’t driven off the land that you think is yours? I wonder what was going through the heads of all those Idigenous people when they were being slaughtered by a bunch of cavemen? We didn’t only loose what could be compared to a job to us then, we were forced to give EVERYTHING up. You say “that was in the past”, but only an idiot or a criminal hiding something would try to erase the connection between their history and their present. You and your people, who ever they may be, are desperate to keep a hold of something that was never yours and never will be, so we should all recognize your “cause” for what it is: just another attempt horde the loot you’ve stolen.

  16. Tony Herrera Says:

    “Your thoughts on immigration don?t matter to me. I didn?t create this website to debate you. I have more important things going on.” - TheWatchdog

    LOL. Okay they why respond?

    “But I have learned that there are many Mexican?s who feel that they must stick with their raza above all else.” - TheWatchdog

    I’ve never used the term “raza”, but somehow that seems to be a favorite term you and Vincent conveniently use in an effort to label and discredit any posters who disagrees with you. But, Hey! Knock yourself out and stoop that low, I just refuse to be baited and discuss this issue with you simply on the basis of race.

    “They do not seek to become American?s. They simply want to make more money here than they can back home.” - TheWatchdog

    I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but sometime soon millions of these immigrants will call the U.S. their permanent home.

    -Tony Herrera

  17. Ron Says:

    Americans- There is no reason to talk rationally to the irrational. The reconquistas care only about the color of your skin and their glorious “La Raza”. I could care less what the recon’s believe, and what they think they deserve.
    La Raza and Aztlan is a sad joke played on the nieve, uneducated and easy controlled. Go back to your third world cesspool and demand your rights there, in your country. And to Tony Herrera and Makwilli just remember not all Americans are spineless traitors like the senators who through you and the rest of the illegals a bone yesterday. Illegal today and will be illegal ten years from now.

  18. Eric Says:

    I find it funny how everyone wants to come here, don’t you???? My do so many of ESPECIALLY Mexican and some other countries spanning inbetween and down/through South America think that we OWE them something??? I’m in college, from a lower middle class family and work with alot of what I suspect are illegals as my job til I’m done with school, and, I PAY TAXES. My point, I DO A JOB THAT MOST AMERICANS DON’T WANNA DO, AND I DO IT BETTER THAN THEM, BUT THEY QUIT AND COME BACK UNDER BAD CIRCUMSTANCES SOMETIMES AND GET BETTER TREATMENT (AS IN LAX RULE ENFORCEMENT, SPEAKING SPANISH OUTRIGHT, AND EVEN IN HOURS SCHEDULED). The point that the illegals do jobs that Americans won’t do, I’M THE ONE WHO PROVES THAT FALSE!!!
    My great-grandparents came here with nothing and died with a little more, AND PAID TAXES ON ALL OF IT. THEY WANTED TO BOTH LEARN ENGLISH AND ASSIMILATE. What’s happening?? They can march a couple hundred thousand deep and say that they’re going to breed Americans out when referring the majority??? That’s called blatant TERRORISM!

  19. Brad Says:

    Makwilli, is that another made up Indian name? You know truthfully it was a real tradgedy what happened to the American Indians. The ones you mentioned and many thousands of others. It was also a tragedy what happened to the indigenousness tribes of Mexico. If you truely examine history, you will find that every race, nation, and civilization has been conquered and mistreated at one time or another. Europeans, Persians, Asians, Indians, Africans, Jews and Mexicans. Get over it.

    The people of Mexico didn’t have the will or leadership to fight for the Southwest area’s of N. America during the US-Mexican war, so they lost it. Today they don’t have the will or leadership to reform their own country. Mexico has enough resources and wealth that with proper leadership could be an economic powerhouse. Every citizen of Mexico could live as well or better than Americans. The only reason so many want to come here is because it is easier.

    I find it interesting that the advocates for amnesty, open borders, and increased immigration levels almost always talk of illegal immigrants wanting to become Americans. A funny thought about a group of people we watched this past weekend march through the streets yelling Viva Mexico and waving Mexican flags.

  20. Ron Says:

    If where talking history let’s get the facts straight. In 1848 a defeated Mexico signed the Treaty of Hildago/Guatelupe with the United States of America, which sold the territories of Texas, California, and other parts of the southwest to the United States for $15 million dollars. Just like the Louisana purchase between France and the United States.

    This is not debateable, it is fact. Sorry, Reconquistas no refunds. So, take your sob stories about conquered people (which you are not part of and were’nt around to experience) and smoke’em in your pipe.

  21. Carlos Rodriguez Says:

    I love mrs. Spencer’s story sounds like a
    fairy tale, but these people sneaking across
    the border are not only poor I’m sure they
    don’t have the looks and charisma of mrs.
    Spencer to snag themselves an american
    citizen to marry and be happy ever after.
    I was waiting patiently in line for my
    turn as my older sister who also married
    an american citizen was trying to get me
    some kind of visa, but that never happened
    and then one of my european friends visiting
    Mexico told me how they get in and she was
    right I did everything as she told me; I applied
    for a tourist visa, got it with no problems of any
    kind then bought my plane ticket and arrived in
    Chicago in 1978, when I was 21 years old, I loved
    it here from the very first day I arrived so I turned
    myself in to the INS and told them I would like to
    apply for a permanent visa, and they actually
    gave me the choice to return to Mexico and wait
    for them to set up an interview date or stay and
    await my date here at my sister’s house, of course
    I chose the latter!, I didn’t have it bad in Mexico
    thank God!, but I was always attracted and mesme-
    rized by the american culture, and sense of fairness
    and equality as opposed to the intolerance and
    classism in Mexico, ( I refer to intolerance because
    we are born again christians, my whole family, and
    as a child I was always the odd ball ).
    Anyway to make long story short, I ended up
    in the futures industry, I’ve been with the same
    company for the last 23 years, and I have loved
    every minute of it!, many people burn out after
    a couple of years because of the pressure we
    are under every day, ( there’s a lot of money at
    stake in every trade ), but I’m still relatively ok
    mainly because I remember my years with also
    an american company in Mexico, Corning Glass
    Works, ( Productos Corning de Mexico or PROCORMEX
    for short ), and even though I was in the lab dept.
    I don’t miss any of it, I miss some of the people,
    but when I went back to Mexico to visit my family,
    and for them to meet my beautiful american wife,
    I also went to try to visit my friends at my old job
    and in typical mexican (read authoritative/power
    trip ) fashion the security guard who knew me well
    told me he didn’t think it was a good idea and since
    he had all the power in his little post at the gate I
    should go! but he had a jealous look in his face he
    seemed to try to hide with his arrogance.
    Well I’ve been married 19 years now in 2006
    and we have a beautiful 16 year old daughter who
    has been to Mexico only once in 1999 and even
    though she doesn’t speak spanish because we use
    english only in our home, she still had a great time
    there, but of course I warned them not to drink the
    water because even I would get sick from it after
    being outside Mexico for so long, but if I went back
    to stay I would mix it gradually to get my body
    “vaccinated” and immune once again, but I have
    no desire to go back, I love this country and “most”
    of it’s culture, now that I have been able to sample
    all of it there’s a whole lot of it I have no use for
    for example anything “hip hop”, but I know if I was
    still in Mexico I’m sure I would see it completely
    different just for being part of the american mix
    just as I got into the “disco thing” and now I can’t
    believe I did but that was over 20 years ago, I was
    young and impressionable!
    Anyway this will probably end up in a cyber
    trash can, but if not I just wanted to say that we
    may all have different reasons to be attracted to
    this wonderful country but I hope the government
    actually finds a way to “seal” the border somehow
    because this problem is getting out of hand, worse
    every day!, I don’t have anything against honest
    law abiding people, but the way things are anybody
    can just “walk in” and that’s not safe; If I could put
    in my two cents in the matter, I would say put
    computer chips in all the criminals they deport so
    they don’t comeback ever!


    Carlos Rodriguez

  22. Clem Says:

    That’s what I like about some people. If they don’t like the truth, or what is posted. Then the other person must be a liar and or a racist!

    You people forget one thing. Illegals = criminals! They have broken the law, do you get it?



  23. Addy Says:

    Thank you, Clem, for stating what everyone seems to be forgetting.



    Don’t believe me? Title V in Texas, allows illegals to get free labor and delivery and then signs them up for all of the government benefits. Who pays for this?? Us!!! Legal American citizens.

    You know what? I don’t get free health care! Do any other citizens you know get it?

    What kind of lesson does this teach? Break the law, get rewarded? I get punished when I break the law!!!

    Everyone in favor of illegal immigration doesn’t seem to address the fact of why only certain people should be above the law.

    Jobs Americans won’t do? Asinine! My mother worked as a roofer, a waitress, and now cleans homes, and she’s white! Imagine that!

    Things are hard in Mexico? Wow, go to Haiti, or any other country that is constantly in civil war. Just because America has their stuff together doesn’t mean it’s our responsibility to make up for Mexico’s shortcomings.

    Immigrants founded this country? Yes, they did, and they did it honorably, not by sneaking over a fence. And they ASSIMILATED and BECAME Americans. My ancestors are from Denmark and learned ENGLISH and were PROUD to be in America.

    Mexicans shouldn’t have to go through the trouble of becoming legal? Excuse me, but everyone else does. I’ve worked with immigrants from countries like Nigeria, Bolivia, and Yugoslavia and they had to go through the whole process and abide by the laws of the country because they knew they had a better life here and were proud to be here.

    The fact is, nobody should be above the law. America is getting stepped on and Bush is trying to give our country away.

    Why don’t Mexican citizens try to make a change in their own country instead of trying to bring their problems here. It wouldn’t even be so bad if they WANTED to become Americans. How can a country be so great to you and yet you still wave the Mexican flag and chant loyalty to your home country? Then GO HOME. If you don’t want to be here, then we don’t want you here! Why bring all of the hate and discontent to our country? What did we ever do to you besides open up our country and benefits to you?

    Good for the Minutewoman!! An immigrant proud to be in America!

  24. luz Says:

    Let me start off by saying I am hispanic.

    In my experience the worst racists I have encounter have been other Hispanics. I have heard them use racist slurs against blacks mainly, but also whites and even a few against other kinds of Hispanics. I have never encountered racism from a white person either, I have never had “racial tension” from a white person. It might be because I was never raised to hate the white man, I was raised by “hippy” parents, and in fact was never raised to be a racist to anyone, but from what I have seen, if your poor the easiest way out is to blame someone else for your plight because god forbid its your own fault.

  25. Carlos Rodriguez Says:

    I really like this site, I’m glad I bumped into it!,
    because most people get to express what they
    really think, and I get to gauge the true (ugly or
    otherwise as it may be), whatever private and
    collective sentiment is that is going on towards us,
    immigants in general; I sometimes try to engage people
    I meet in my everyday life, but they seem reluctant to
    tell me what they think, ( I’m 6′ tall and have
    a rather unfriendly air ), but I just want to know
    what they think, I wouldn’t attack somebody
    just because they tell me what they think or
    Thanks for providing the forum “Watchdog”.

    Carlos Rodriguez.

  26. Jill Devareaux Says:

    These are my thoughts, if Mexico cannot run what is left of Mexico after the war of 1845. Then why do its people want the United States? I think we would have done Mexico a favor if we had taken the whole country, then we would not have this problem, and Mexico would be prosperous. We made it to Mexico City, we could have. Besides I read that even Mexican officials felt California would be better if it were ruled by the U>S> or Britain. At the time Britain was a threat to the U.S. and they new that it was a possibility for the British to fight for it.
    Here is abetter idea , Mexico should look ahead to its future and become the 51st state. Settled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Look at what Illegal Immigrants have done to California. I heard that 95% of the murder warrants outstanding are Illegal aliens, it adds up to 1200 murders. Is this what we want for the entire country? NO THANK YOU

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