SDMM Crash ACLU Immigration Forum

Jeff of the San Diego Minutmen sent this in -

One of our members got a tip from his friend that the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker human rights group, was having a forum at his church today, United Methodist Church in Encinitas. The forum was titled “Rights on the Line: Vigilantes on the Border”. Saul and I sat in the front of the conference room of about 25 people. The AFSC introduced and showed their new 23 minute film of the same title. The film was complete propaganda blaming tougher border enforcement and “racist Minutemen types” for the deaths of 3,000 migrant crossers out in the deserts over the past 10 years and a “militarization of the border”. The main commentator was Ray Ybarra of the ACLU in TX, and his following and filming of the Minuteman Project in April 2005 and the California watch in July and August. It also included clips of Enrique Morones on a bullhorn, sweating and looking like a crazed racist Mexican (imagine that) and Christian Ramirez explaining the dangers of American citizens at the border. The video ended by urging people to contact their elected leaders and demand that they take action to get the Minutemen off the border.

All complete hogwash, but it did show that every time we have a big event, at the border or at a rally, all that filming the ACLU types are doing does end up on a product IF they catch something unusual they want to twist around.

Saul videotaped the entire program and several of the questions and answers afterward before one very sour open borders lady asked him to turn it off. After the film had played we could tell many in the audience were swayed by the lies they had just been told. After some Q&A, our friend in the back of the audience spoke up and said he supported the Minutemen and said that Saul and I were SDMM. Everyone seemed to be in shock, but soon they wanted our take on what had been presented. Saul told his story of being a Lithuanian immigrant that had to wait 10 years to come here the right way and how 10,000 people per day just walk across our borders thinking they have the right to be here. I told the audience that the film was total nonsense and that the organizers and producers were well aware that there have been zero cases of abuse against migrants in 12 months of border watching. The AFSC lady interjected that that was because the legal observers had been there to prevent abuse against migrants. I laughed at her and said she was wrong and that she knew it. For the next 20 minutes of Q&A she didn’t say much more, but the audience began to see that the illegal immigration crisis is out of control and people can get involved and do something in their spare time, either at the border or in their cities.

In summary, we pulled an ambush on the AFSC forum and I think it was a complete failure on their part to brainwash good Christians into hating the “vigilantes”. They left with their tails between their legs.

So keep an eye on your churches and other community centers. I suspect AFSC is giving these “forums” once a week or more in San Diego. These people must be stopped from spreading their lies and hate. Check out the backers of this film:

Other contributors to the film project were the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Latin American Watch Committee. Our enemies are running scared and getting desperate to sway public opinion. We must be doing something right if they made a whole film about us shutting down the border.

Keep charging forward; these idiots are spouting hollow lies, as they always do!


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  1. David Says:

    I am not surprised the ACLU is getting that low. They are nothing more than a communist organization. They need to be shut down and sent to whatever commie country they choose.

    I salute the MM who took a stand at the meeting. True patriots!

  2. Contessa Says:

    Viva the Minutemen!

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