Russell Pearce - American Hero

Russell Pearce, represents Arizona’s 18th district. This is from his most recent newsletter.

Protesters - (Mostly illegal aliens) Half a million protesters in Los Angeles, 20,000 in Phoenix, more in Denver and all over the country. Gee……. anybody think there is an illegal immigration problem in this country? The vast majority of the protesters are illegal aliens, led by radical illegal immigration activists. Here in Phoenix Elias Bermudez is the leader and Ex-Con who has served Prison time.

The illegal aliens are not afraid of arrest (because of illegal Sanctuary Cities), they are not afraid to be on television, they are not afraid to physically assault counter-protesters, they have demanded an “apology” from the Mayor of Phoenix for rightfully demanding that the protesters work with the City to plan instead of shutting down businesses and homes by parking everywhere they shouldn’t be (come on Mayor, that’s just another silly government law or regulation to be ignored, just like our immigration laws). Maybe this will wake some people up. We doubt it. We can already see our spineless senators and congressmen hiding under their desks instead of taking a stand against this rampant lawlessness. Shame on them for letting things get this bad. Thousands more arriving daily and our President still trumpeting amnesty to encourage them to keep coming, so don’t expect improvement anytime soon. As usual, anyone who opposes these people’s ideology is automatically, and most often without any justification whatsoever, labeled a “racist”. It’s usually the people screaming “racists” that are the real racists. Pretty sad state of affairs.

WE are a Nation of Laws and The Rule of Law must be upheld. The very survival of this Great Nation Depends on it. Enough is Enough!!!! Enforce the Law, Secure the Border, Sanction law breaking employers, stop insane policies that reward or encourage illegal immigration:



“We were overrun with aliens. A lot more got away than were caught.” - This is a quote sent to us from a veteran agent who returned from a long camp detail in Tucson Sector last week. The country continues to be overrun with illegal aliens. We aren’t coming close to stopping them, and most of the time we don’t even slow them down too much. Don’t believe anyone who even hints that our borders resemble anything that is “under control” (especially top-level DHS/CBP managers). The old mantra of “as we gain operational control of (such-and-such) part of the border” is something designed to mislead the public into thinking we’re making some sort of progress. There is no overall progress. Things are completely out of control at the border. 03-17-06

I suspect you know that illegals are probably responsible for more deaths in the U.S. each year than we lost at Pearl Harbor, or in the Iraq war or in the 9-11 attack on the U.S. and yet where is the outrage of our government? Where are they on this “War on the Border?”

We have a massive failure of government, like Hurricane Katrina, the failure is at all levels, federal, state and local.

We are a Nation of Laws. We “Our” elected officials, and our appointed officials, must have the courage ? the fortitude ? to enforce, with compassion but without apology, those laws that protect the integrity of our borders and the rights of our lawful citizens.

The Polls Zogby, Roper, Pew, and A recent CNN poll showed 87 percent of Americans want illegal immigration stopped. It is critical to distinguish the reform that the public seeks from the deceptive package of measures that the immigration lobby is peddling.

5,000 to 10,000 “illegal aliens” enter the U.S. successfully every night, 3 to 4 million cross “illegally” into the United States every year.

23 million “illegal aliens” currently in the U.S.

Today, conditions are probably as bad or worse than they ever have been on the border. What we find is a mass invasion of historic proportions: individuals running through backyards, breaking down fences, slaughtering cattle, cutting their dogs’ throats if they bark, and terrifying people. Men and women who live on the border walk around armed. Women accompany their children to the bus stop with a gun in their purse in the heaviest cross-corridors.

We find that people are afraid to go out at night. Husbands and wives can’t go out together unless somebody is home because someone may break-in and tear the place up. Water tanks are emptied. Stock gets killed. Fences are destroyed. It’s a very, very bad and our politicians continue to pander.

We must secure our borders and enforce our laws now! Our citizens deserve it, our Constitution demands it, and our Oath of Office requires us. We have the ability, the technology, the resources we just need honest and dedicated servants to honor the will of this great nation.

Violent gang activity is on the rise. The largest and most violent gangs in America are made up of illegal aliens (MS-13 ?50,000? strong, one of the most violent every known) For example, several Virginia suburbs have seen an increase in machete crimes, as foreign gangs seem to use this weapon to cut off fingers of rivals.

Most people now understand that illegal immigration affects the entire nation. Illegal immigrants are showing up all over the country.

Local governments are being forced to deal with huge impacts of illegal aliens.

Who suffers? The answer is you and I. We are forced to bear the burden of rising taxes to pay for free services for illegal immigrants!

My intent is not to be harsh, but honest and give you a dose of reality. Many of these people simply want to better their lives. And, yes, I understand that our country is made up of immigrants and their descendents. But so is every nation. WE must distinguish between legal and illegal. People who have enough respect for this great country to abide by its laws and follow the established procedure for so doing are welcome. It is the scofflaws who ignore our laws and essentially break into the country who are the problem.

Every single American, in every corner of the country, is at risk from our unsecured borders!

What part of illegal do they not understand? What part of the law are they having trouble understanding? How much crime are they willing to tolerate before they get serious? How many more billions in services can we afford?

So who?s Job is it?

Article IV Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution states that, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.” If three to four million “illegal” aliens coming across the border annually is not an invasion, I don’t know what is!


The cost is in BILLIONS of dollars (nationally):

· $70 billion in federal public benefits.

· $200 billion annually I lost American wages.

· 1/3 of our federal prisoners are illegals (cost $1.6 billion).

· $1.6 billion in displaced American workers.

· $80 billion in the war on drugs.

· $8500 per student plus 1200 additional for English Learners in K-12 (times 1.5 million), most illegal or children of illegal aliens.

· $27 billion to provide forms, ballots, interpreters and brochures for languages other than English.

· $350 billion in unpaid taxes due to the underground workforce.

· $2 TO 3 billion in “Earned Income Tax Credits”

· $40.2 billion in business deductions for wage and benefits for illegals

· We as Americans pay billions annually for educating the children of illegal aliens ($7 to $12 billion in California alone). (PEW)

· The Center for Immigration Studies in Washington has estimated that illegal aliens have cost U.S. workers $133 billion in job loses. (PEW)

· Food stamps and medical benefits for undocumented immigrants cost Americans some $65 billion annually. (PEW)

· Illegals have been running up a tab of $2.5 billion annually for Medicaid alone. (PEW)

· The American Hospital Association has said the cost of uncompensated care for patients, many of them illegal aliens, amounted to more than $21 billion in a year.

· More than 80 percent of the illegal drugs in the U.S. come across our porous borders, according to experts. (as high as 90% of Meth comes across the border)

This is the bottom line and there is no way any politician or activist can defend or excuse the cost to this country daily:

For too long the United States Government and the Government of Mexico have turned a blind eye and now we are faced with a crisis that may be beyond fixing.

5 Myths of illegal immigration:

Myth #1: Illegal aliens take jobs Americans won?t do.
· This probably never was true, but this cliché has now become a job-destroying and wage-lowering philosophy where employers use both unskilled and (increasingly) skilled immigrants to hold down wages and obtain cheap labor at the expense of American workers. In addition employers who use “illegal” labor compete illegally and unfairly against the honest/law abiding employer.
· You pay an American a decent wage and they will do the job.
· 18 million Americans in unemployment lines,
· Over 60% of adult black males are out of work (between ages of 18 & 24),
· A bloated welfare system.

Myth #2: Illegal aliens contribute more to the economy and tax base than they take.
· Barrons report $311-350 in unpaid taxes due to the underground workforce.
· A great majority of illegals make $6 to $8 per hour, and qualify for the “earned income tax credit (welfare)”.
· Public education cost from $8,000 to $10,000 per child, multiply that times 2 to 4 children.
· Add free and reduced breakfast and lunch, free medical, food stamps, housing subsidies.
· Harvard Univ. put the cost of public benefits at over $70 billion annually.

Myth #3: Without illegal alien farm labor, a head of lettuce would cost you $3.
· It already cost you over $3.00. You make a down payment at the grocery store. Government finances the other $2. Healthcare, education, food stamps, subsidized housing, criminal justice cost, etc. Farmers and Corporate America get cheap labor while the American taxpayer (you and I) pay billions in social and economic cost.
- Also a recent study stated that the cost of agriculture products would increase a household cost by $10 per month if we stopped using immigrant labor. (Our health insurance and education cost would go down by hundreds of million of dollars.)

Myth #4:Most illegal aliens come here only to seek work and are law-abiding people.
Los Angeles, as of Jan. 2004:

- 1/3 of all federal prisoners are “illegal” aliens according to CNN.
- 95% of all outstanding warrants for homicide target illegal aliens.
- 66% of all fugitive felony warrants are for illegal aliens.
- The largest and most violent gangs are made up of illegal aliens, the MS-13 gang (30,000 strong, in over 33 major cities) most violent and ruthless gang ever known.
- The 18th street gang in L.A. is 20,000 strong made up of illegal aliens.
- Some estimates are as high as 80% of violent crime involving illegal aliens.
- 4000 homicide warrants issued to those that have fled south across the border.
- Top officials at the Department of Homeland Security recently revealed that arrests for child sex crimes during the first two years of Operation Predator have exceeded 6,000 and 85 percent of them are criminal immigrants.

Myth #5: It’s the Fed?s responsibility to enforce all immigration laws.

(Article VI of the U.S. Constitution “The Supremacy Clause” gives the states “INHERENT” authority to enforce immigration law:
And once they cross the border:

· It is our taxpayers who pay the price
· It is our healthcare system
· It is our education system
· It is our criminal justice system
· It is our neighborhoods
· It is our taxpayers and our citizens

1996 Immigration Control Act made it clear local law enforcement could enforce immigration law.

2006 Supreme Court Decison: Muehler v Mena: A 9-0 (April 1st). The Court held that asking questions about immigration status was OK and YES you could actually arrest “illegal” aliens.

Any decision by law enforcement not to enforce immigration laws is a political decision by politicians and local police chiefs, not a lack of authority.

A recent Memo by the U.S. Justice Dept. makes it clear local law enforcement can enforce immigration laws wthout prior permission.

I am running several bills to enforce our laws.

HB 2582 (CLEAR ACT AND ENFORCEMENT) Border security; council; appropriation $50 million (also contains the Clear Act that the governor vetoed because of not funding so she said)

Includes the Clear Act (make it clear local law enforcement knows they inherent authority to enforce immigration law) Authorizes peace officers to investigate, apprehend, detain or remove aliens in the United States in the enforcement of immigration laws. Adds 100 DPS officers to the Gang and Immigration Enforcement Division this bill creates (in addition to what we have already authorized for Gang squad). The bill establishes the Border Security Council to provide grants to political subdivisions for costs associated with immigration enforcement and creates the Border Security Fund. Sets up a Council of two Sheriffs, two County Attorneys (including Any Thomas), two Police Chiefs, DPS Director, AG and two legislators (as advisors), etc. to review grant applications and make sure any money given out is to agencies enforcing the law.

Appropriates the following sums from the general fund in fiscal year 2006-2007:

$15,000,000 to the Fund for grants to counties for incarceration cost of illegal aliens if they have no sanctuary policy.

$15,000,000 to the Fund for grants to city, town and county law enforcement agencies for immigration enforcement purposes (if they have an aggressive policy about arresting illegal aliens).

$10,000,000 to DPS (100 additional Officers) for the expansion of the Gang Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GITEM) into a Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement mission (GITEM). The expanded GAITER would include new functions relating to immigration enforcement, such as border security, personnel, incarceration infrastructure and physical barriers. The Director of DPS is required to keep GAITER fully staffed and must also coordinate with local law enforcement officials.

$10,000,000 to DPS (another 100 officers) for additional patrol officers for border security in southern Arizona.

HB 2579 National Guard on the Border: Appropriations

We will pay to put them on the border now. This is in response to the Governors However, a review of statements she and her folks have made throughout her term show Napolitano has a bigger eye toward reelection than securing the border. It is hard to know what to believe from this governor because she is constantly changing directions,, Arizona has the resources to pay for this important function today and we are willing to do it now. Waiting for the federal government to pay is a way to avoid putting the Guard on the border. She declared an Emergency a short time ago and did not call out the National Guard (if she believed it was a true emergency the first thing one usually does is call out the National Guard). The federal government should pay, but we can lose sight of the fact that every day we delay hurts the citizens of this state and cost money.

HB 2578 border radar; lease; appropriation

Using a proven specially designed ground surveillance system that tracks movement and pinpoints locations: It has been hugely successful at the Barry Goldwater Range near Yuma. Appropriates $50,000,000 from the General Fund to the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) to lease or purchase a ground-based radar system integrated with cameras for the purpose or protection of Arizona?s southern border and stipulates that DEMA determine the location and implementation of the radar system with the cooperation and consultation of: the Department of Public Safety, the United States Border Patrol, military facilities on the border, nearby Indian Reservations, Bureau of Land Management, local sheriffs and chiefs of police near the border, and private property owners on the border. (Congressman Renzi has also put into the Homeland Security Bill in Congress 50 milllon on my request for border technology for Arizona Border -let’s hope it makes it through the process).

HB 2589 Illegally entering Arizona; trespass

Makes it a Class 1 Misdemeanor for a foreign citizen to enter the state, provided that person is in the United States illegally. Second/subsequent violations are Class 4 felonies.

Requires that the arresting authority secure fingerprints and a sufficient sample of bodily substances for the purposes of DNA testing for transmission to the Department of Public Safety

Allows the arresting authority to deport the offender to that person?s country of origin, transfer the offender to the proper federal agency or refer the offender for prosecution

HCR 2037: emergency management; border wall; appropriation

Requires the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) to enter into contracts to build a wall along Arizona?s southern border to control illegal immigration and establishes the border wall security fund under the administration of DEMA, which will consist of legislative appropriations, monies collected by the Department of Revenue from an 8% tax on all electronic transfers of money into Arizona from any foreign country, and gifts and grants.

Allows DEMA to accept donations of services, labor or equipment for the building and maintenance of the wall, and the State Treasurer to invest and divest monies in the fund, with all monies earned from invested to be credited back to the fund.

HB 2580 Illegal aliens; serious felonies; bail - HELD WITH NO BOND (the companion bill to the HCR passed last year to be on the ballot in ‘06 to be voted on)

Requires that after a person is brought to a law enforcement agency for incarceration, the agency shall determine that person?s country of origin and that if the person is not a United States citizen, the agency shall notify the person?s country of origin unless the person waives the notification and is allowed to do so. Any failure or inability of an agency to provide this notice does not:

Affect the admissibility of any statements.

Affect the voluntariness of a guilty plea.

Affect the validity of a conviction.

Afford a defendant any rights in any proceeding related to deportation, exclusion or denial of naturalization.

Prohibits a person in custody from being eligible for bail if the person has been charged with a Class 1-4 felony or aggravated DUI and has entered or remained in the United States illegally.

Requires that for the purposes of determining the method of release or the amount of bail, the judicial officer take into account whether the accused has entered or remained in the United States illegally in addition to whether the accused?s residence is in Arizona, another state, or outside of the United States

Contains a conditional enactment requiring voter approval (tied to HCR 2028 from last year).


· Creates a new article of law relating to the employment of illegal aliens.

1) Charges the Attorney General with the enforcement of the article.

2) Requires an employer to discharge an employee if it is discovered that an invalid social security number has been provided, unless an error occurred when the number was processed by the employer.

3) Requires that employers discharge any illegal aliens before discharging an employee who is lawfully present in the state.

4) States that the court may award a prevailing employee appropriate relief, including;

· Specifies that employers utilizing the Basic Pilot Program (Free service) to verify immigration status of employees are not subject to civil or criminal penalties.

1) Requires the revocation of an employer?s license, certification, permit or charter if they have been sanctioned by a federal agency for knowingly hiring or employing an illegal alien.

2) Requires the Director of the Department of Administration to use the Basic Pilot Program to verify the immigration status of all state employees.

3) Prohibits a procurement officer from a awarding a contract to a contractor or subcontractor that employs an illegal alien.

4) Requires that before a contract is awarded, contractors and subcontractors must utilize the SAVE program to verify the immigration status of their employees and to provide a signed affirmation to the procurement officer, indicating that the verification has been completed.

5) Adds the amount of salary or other compensation paid to an illegal alien to the Arizona adjusted gross income.

HCR:2044 EMPLOYER SANCTIONS ? (INCASE GOVERNOR DOES NOT SIGN HB 2577 IT WILL GO TO THE VOTERS: Illegal aliens; verification; employment

HCR2036 OFFICIAL ENGLISH: President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “We have one language here, and that is the English language, and we intend to see that the [assimilation] crucible turns our people out as Americans.”

In his brilliant piece in the Rocky Mountain News, former Colorado Governor Lamm said, “A nation is much more?It is a state of mind, a shared vision, a recognition that we are all in this together. A nation needs a common language as it needs a common currency.”

With competing languages, no nation on earth enjoys peace within itself. The scholar Seymour Lipset said, “The histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate re: histories of turmoil, tension and tragedy. Canada, Belgium Malaysia, Lebanon?all face crises of national existence which minorities press for autonomy, if not independence. France faces severe difficulties with hits Islamic immigrants now numbering five million who are not assimilating. Some say Switzerland is an example of a peaceful nation with three languages, but a closer examination shows a divided geography of French, German an Italian.

In America?s California and Arizona, you already have seen the cracks breaking apart a once solid educational system in that state.

Official English is not “English only.” There are 26 states that have Official English laws and not of them prohibit state agencies from communicating in another language when there is a clear reason for doing so in the public?s interest, including: protecting health and safety, assuring equality before the law, promoting tourism, teaching foreign languages, and other legitimate needs. Over 180 countries have official languages, (including Mexico).

Designating and official language simply means government must do business in that language for official purposes.

No One has an inherent right to government services in another language. United States of America is an English-speaking nation. However, the Constitution alone cannot guarantee we will remain free. We must have common bonds and share a loyalty to the principles of the Constitution.

Official English promotes unity.

This long tradition of assimilation has always included the adoption of English as the common means of communication. Unfortunately, the proliferation of multilingual government sends the opposite message to non-English speakers: it is not necessary to learn English because the government will accommodate them in their native languages.

Instead of the mixed message government sends by making it possible to file tax returns, vote, become U.S. citizens and receive a host of other services in a variety of languages, immigrants will understand that they must know English to fully participate in the process of government. Providing multilingual services creates dependence on “linguistic welfare.” Knowledge of English leads to the realization of the American dream, increased economic opportunity and the ability to become a more productive member of society.

Official English is common sense government.

The designation of Official English will eliminate the needless duplication of government services in multiple languages. It is not the responsibility of the government to provide services in the 329 different languages spoken in the United States. It is the responsibility of each individual to either learn English or to find a friend or family member to translate. Because Official English is only a limitation on government, it does not affect the languages spoken in private businesses, religious serviced or private conversations.

Today America’s linguistic unity, which enabled the melting-pot crucible to forge one nation out of millions of immigrants from all over the world, is under attack as never before. Record numbers of non-English speaking immigrants threaten to overwhelm the assimilative process. And instead of encouraging new immigrants to acquire the English fluency needed to succeed in our society, the policy of our government is to promote “diversity” by operating in ever growing numbers of foreign languages

The result is a growing underclass, which is segregated and walled off into linguistic ghettos. A century ago such immigrant ghettos were marked by extreme poverty, 80-hour workweeks and child labor. As the industrial revolution matured, immigrants discovered that language skills were the key to entering the emerging “middle class.” This, coupled with mandatory public education and reduced immigration, resulted in the successful assimilation of ethnic communities into American society.

But today, bilingual education forces many immigrant children into classrooms where they are taught almost entirely in their native language

And millions of people cannot find good-paying jobs, because they lack the ability to speak English with customers, co-workers or employers

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  1. Contessa Says:

    This is the only politician who really gets “it” about illegal immigration and obviously cares enough about this country, his constituents, our nation to do the research and come to an intelligent solution. He’s the only one besides Tom Tancredo who is willing to speak out. We need to clone him!

    BTW, Sen Biden and a few others weren’t courageous enough to show up at the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting yesterday. They had their old pal Ted Kennedy call their vote for massive amnesty by proxy. I wonder what else was more important to him yesterday. His staffer, named, Eric assured me he wasn’t on “vacation”. I told Eric that unless Sen. Biden had a death in his immediate family that his absence speaks volumes of just how callous he is about the issue of illegal immigration and its negative effects on our nation. I indicated that his absence was noted and will be held against him.

  2. Albert Garibay Says:

    My Brother a True American Citizen Thank you for your help and standing up for what is right.

  3. Butterfly Says:

    Thank you for speaking up! It may already be too late.

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