When The Illegals Go Berserk

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“We have an aging white America … They are dying …We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.” Jose Angel Gutierrez, professor, University of Texas, Arlington and founder of the La Raza Unida political party

In my March 13, 2006, column I wrote about the 100,000 criminals (illegal aliens, not immigrants) who brazenly marched through the streets of Chicago without fear of being rounded up and deported. On March 17, 2006, an estimated 25,000 illegals from Ireland marched boldly in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NY without fear of any enforcement of our immigration laws. I told my friends at the time: this unchecked in-your-face, “we demand respect” display by illegals will embolden them to demand they be given a free pass and when that doesn’t happen, it will reach the point of violence.

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  1. David Says:

    That article pretty much says what I have been thinking over the past couple of weeks. There is going to be a war between us and them. Why in the name of God has the government let it come to this.

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I agree, David. And I think in the entire article, this phrase epitomises everything: “we demand respect” . Among civilized people, respect can only be earned. Stealing it or extorting it can only result in the opposite of respect, and an even less likelyhood that the disideratum will ever be given. To a people not given to much reflective thought, such common sence is out of reach. So much the pity. I agree with you that the only solution barring Divine Intervention is military. They brought it on themselves. Too bad.

  3. Don Bassler Says:

    Just exactly when did America decide that it was OK to break our laws in plain view? I mean, aren’t we talking about ILLEGAL aliens? ILLEGAL.

  4. Phenix Montgomery Says:

    Enough is enough, a co-worker who is Hispanic American said while watching the News on Immigration that it makes her furious about how S.B 4437 have threatened the Hispanic People, then the worst kind of insult, she said they are treating us just like they did the blacks during the Civil Rights days, I told her simple that Our Border should be secured; their was no point in going any further. I was born in Louisiana, and was very insulted that she would even compare the struggle that American Blacks faced in the past. Hispanics were considered Caucasian during the Civil Right struggle, they did not support our efforts, none of them were hung, burned, jailed, or hosed down, bitten by dogs, and so on, I have even heard some of them say that they built America; if they say things like that and are not challenged then they would fool themselves into believing that, just as they have with believing that America owe them something, then after 1964, and 1965, they became a minority, prior to that they were Caucasians .
    Every Black in America should be Mad as hell, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, the National Black Caucus, the NAACP, I don’t see any of them coming out denouncing the S–T. These so called black leaders have bb’s for balls, most everyday blacks are mad as hell about this illegal invasion, we as well as whites are being discriminated against, Illegal Hispanics will hire only Hispanic, These illegal aliens are out to destroy America, they prove it on a daily bases, if they demonstrated for their rights in Mexico Fox would have them killed. Jobs American want do, that’s old bull. I have a nephew who work at a place delivering picking up and cleaning portable toilets.
    I work in a hospital cleaning floors, their are people I know who were forced to get out of businesses mowing lawns, it’s time that every employer get prison time, for all who think that illegal aliens need to stay in the United States, you should be deported right along with your illegal alien slaves, start new in Mexico, I’m sure President Fox would be glad to take care of you. An for all the gutless, and spineless Americans who will not challenge this in justice put on us by the employer, and President Bush who I by the way voted for Twice; get off your dead asses and help stop this invasion. Join the nearest minute man group, or some other American Help group, it’s still more of us then them, if the politicians have their way these illegal immigrants will over take us in maybe 10 years, and by then they will be the majority, Remember Hispanic Vote for their race; and Hispanics heir (ONLY) their race. Let’s write our Governors and demand the U.S Military get involved, this is an invasion. America’s economic will not bust, if growth slows so what! We need security, not more growth.

  5. Edward Becker Says:

    I just got through reading this article by Devvy Kidd at “News with Views”. I also watched the Aztlan video here. This is scary stuff and they are putting it out there… right in our face. I live right outside Washington, D.C. and have to tell you all they we are CLUELESS here in D.C! We actually applauded Hillary Clinton, Edward Kennedy and John McCain for being so compassionate to all the “undocumented workers”. After all, these people work hard. Front page of the Washington Post… check it out. Mexican Flags at the Capitol and we still don’t get it.

    The sad thing is that not a single person has said to me “Wow, 500,000 people and no American flags”. All Mexican flags, or worse, MEXICA flags. They didn’t say “Wow, this looks like it was pretty well organized….” We won’t say anything like that until we can’t drive home because D.C is completed gridlocked by oceans of Green, Red, and White sombreros. When we miss watching Donald Trump’s “Reality” TV show then we might say “Hey, wait a minute… that was planned!”

    Well, please check this site out becasue it is right there for EVERYONE TO SEE. This is the website for the Mexicas.


    If you have any questions about their agenda just check out the lecture circuit where you can hear this hatred live on stage at a college near you. Check out how many “elected leaders” on on the speakers list. If you don’t get it now then run for congress. You will have lots of company.

    By the way, thank you so much IMMIGRATION WATCH DOG. NEWS WITH VIEWS, WAKE UP AMERICA, NUMBERS USA, MINUTEMEN and all the other concerned CITIZENS. No more lawlessness. No more green, red and white flags. Take them south where they belong - por favor.

  6. jim Says:

    I have been saying we have to stop taking in immigrants all-together for years now. When I discuss this with friends some agree and some say but the US is a melting pot, that is how you got here. Yes, true. But when do you say enough. When you sit in traffic for hours because of an overwelming population increase? When there are not enough jobs to go around? When US TAXPAYERS have to keep paying for these people to live here? When more and more new and deadly diseases pop up, that are originating overseas? When WE let terrorists enter this Great Country with the intent of doing US great harm? (OK, all those points are already happening). SEE? When there is not enough food for everyone, when there is no more open land? Land to LIVE ON or to get BURRIED IN? like Japan for instance! Yes- no more graveyards. When we have a 1 child limit, but illegals will have many more than that. When we have to live in huge apartment complexes, packed in like sardines like in futuristic movies? DON”T LAUGH! When US true Americans are the minority- if we aren’t already! When WE lose our freedom of religion because it offends IMMIGRANTS?! My input applies to legal AND illegal immigrants. We cannot continue to take people in forever. There are plenty of countries that have plenty of room for immigrants, like say,, mexico for instance. (purposely not capitalized). Australia has THE RIGHT POLICY. It is as simple as this- WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO OFFER US. You may be able to migrate there if you are a doctor, or some other professional that they can use. When is enough-enough? NOW. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  7. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    >>>”she said they are treating us just like they did the blacks “

  8. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    oops! computer above chewed up my post. my basic question was; did that girl imply that she was better than blacks? Vincente Fox, remember, believes so. HOW DARE THEY use the suffering of blacks as a badge of honor for themselves.??? If there ever was any cause that could unite blacks and whites in this country, it is this one. God help us all!

  9. Albert Garibay Says:

    Vincent Narodnik you are right I just want to say one thing more we should allways be together we are true Americans did you come from another country if you did you are a Foreigner but Legal not illegal like them Whites and Blacks do have one thing that brings them togethher.

  10. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    to Albert Garibay. Hi. in answer to your question, no. and yes. Its a long story, of course, but to get right to the heart of the matter, I was born in the US but became an immigrant in a good number of other countries, because I was young and romantic or foolish-take your pick- either way, most importantly, I was an illegal immigrant in almost all of the countries I was in, working to earn my bread and not much more and frequently under the threat and scorn of those in the nations I availed myself of. I have stayed away for so long in all ways-not geographically alone, mind you, that for me, permanently, I will always see America and Americans also as a foreigner. I see them also as a distinct ethnicity which deserves respect and all else. It is a strange side effect of long voyaging which I could never have planned for, but nonetheless, happened. I guess I need to say that I was an illegal alien in mexico also- and , well, out of all of this, when I see other illegal - hmm. wait I’ll say it differently. I myself was an illegal alien. That is an indellible part of who I am. I do not imagine that I am a special person for that or desrve acclaim etc. Because I was an illegal alien, I may say also that I AM an illegal also. Some things dont wash off in the shower. Thereby, I do not seperate myself from those people virtually rioting in the streets. I am as human as they. They as me. Npw, because of this, when I see mass demonstrations like this-or even personal demonstrations like this, immediately my mind imagines me doing the same things in any of the many countries I lived in. A ‘personal demonstration’ is something like having a mexican flag on your car, and blasting ranchera music at full tilt till late in the night etc. How would I have been treated if I had behaved like that in Paris? In Perigord? In Guanaguato? What if I and the other American expats joined forces w/ local malcontents to force the locals to give us prizes their own struggling citizens dont get? Do you see what I’m getting at? Well, I could ramble on of course, but thats the main framework of my thinking, and the reason I am so comitted to decency among strangers. No one can behave like this and expect anything OTHER than censure. Under the circumstances, we Americans are proving very civil still. We would have been killed in mexico for behaving like this, and you know what? If I had been killed for behaving like that, I certainly wouldnt begrudge my assailant. I was asking for it. As such I continue to hold out the hope that our invaders will see the errors of their ways and return to the land they so love, and leave the Americans alone. guess thats enough from me. If you like this site, please send a link of it to some friends. It is a great service to us all to be able to discuss these things openly and candidly.

  11. Contessa Says:

    Ironic that today I saw the articles, posts and photos of Montebello H.S. where the students placed the Mexican flag above our flag flown upside down. Tonite, I attended my son’s Boy Scout Court of Honor and watched as some very fine young teens posted “colors” and received badges for “Citizenship in the Nation” , “Citizenship in the Community” and “Citizen in the World”. My son was appalled by the images of disrespect for our flag. His only question for me, was “Mom, can’t they get arrested for that?” Sadly, I explained that they should but they won’t. Perhaps the teens in L.A., Dallas, Phoenix etc. should learn a little lesson in Civics from the Boy Scouts.

  12. Roger Says:

    The protests were the results of years of lack of immigrations enforcements. It finally blew up in the face of America. And this situation would undoubtedly get worse with a half million coming over the border a year. Never in my wildest dream that I would see massive protests of law-breakers waving mexico flags in the face of burning American flags, demanding full prevlleges, right here on the US soil. Honestly, I felt like I was littirally in the midlle of a civil war in mexico.

  13. David Says:

    If that damn amnesty bill passes, God help us all because they are going to into a full blown take over. They will stop at nothing until they take back “Aztlan”. Where I live, Americans are the minority. Hispanics are all over the place and I will be hones, I am starting to get real freakin’ nervous around them. They are starting to put off a very dangerous vibe. This is just the begining. Just wait, they are going to go completely off very soon.

  14. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I sent links of the above videos and reports to ‘my’ senator yesterday with instructions for him to respond and an explanation of how he thinks this kind of thing WONT happen here. No response yet. I’ll do the same a little later today and even though I expect the same deafening silence from him, I hope these letters will be pinned on his shirt come Judgement day. Maybe he will be able to explain to God his betrayal of his office. Maybe he can get an ‘earned transition’ into heaven? hehehehehe

  15. Jasmin Meji Says:

    I just wanted to post a reply for the comment made about how blacks and white will unite. Ha Ha that is funny!! Have you not forgotten how you treated them? Burned,Killed, Raped,Imprisioned…….Nowadays, you just leave them deserted after a Hurricane. You never helped Africans-Americans protest about racism in corporate,judicial,and police brutality How do you expect them to back you up now? You will problaly reply I am not racist!! You are the moment you take advantage of the privelages because of your skin color. It would be great if we all got along and respected each other. In my congregation, there is all types of ethic groups and they all get along. Every time you buy goods or services, where an illegal immigrant works, you are supporting illegal immigration. Your home, food at a restaurant, the road that was paved involved the use of illegal immigrants. By you using all these services, you willingly take advantage of illegal immigrants. If you were really true to your cause you would boycott everyone employs illegal immigration.

  16. David Says:

    I hope every government official who supports amnesty remembers one thing: There is a special place in hell for traitors.

  17. Contessa Says:

    I would rather live in an America known as a nation of laws, then a nation known for its cheap tomatoes - Joe Scarborough said that last night when talking about illegal immigration. Priceless.


  18. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Jasmin meji. a quick retort is due before I go off to bed. None of us Americans have forgotten. No. To presume we have is only a public exhibition of ones wilful ignorance of which I would like to deprive you. It is difficult to understand where you are coming from, however your lack of a firm grasp on the English language tells me all I need to know.. I’ll tell you a quick story. I once worked illegally in the town adjacent to vincente foxes potamkin ranch in Guanaguato. Above that town and through and through that town are tunnels of unbelievable size and scope. You certainly know that these were dug entirely by slave labor and with far less technological aid. You seem to be imprecating a bit, deary. What do you mean by your accusations? We do not deny that we mistreated blacks. Honest blacks do not deny that they have mistreated us. All honest people realize that they are not saints. That is a lesson you ought to learn in your ‘congregation’ As for expecting them to back us up, no-We will be fighting side by side to rid OUR nation of ingrate people who have no business being here. I suggest you get yourself a good road map and plot ou a one-way, no side trip route to mexico. Come the Day, it will be very difficult to distinguish between friend and foe.

  19. Jasmin Meji Says:

    Vicent :ha ha ha Lie to yourself. Blacks mistreat us!!! HA HA HA You are kidding right? How many Black men get executed and locked away for petty crimes? While whites don’t…….. HA HA HA HA You are too funny. I have to go….
    Stop the violence!!!!

  20. shanell Garcia Says:

    I am a Bahamian married to an America and have gone through the proper procedures to become a citizen of this country. I have been shocked by all of the nonsense that is happening here. This week really took the cake will all of the hispanic demonstrations. I hope that Bush and Congress realize that this bill is not only for Hispanics, but also for Haitians, Bahamians, Jamaicans, Chineese, Africans, Arabs, etc. There are many of them who are illegal over here and have been for years. I saw a program last night where an African male said that he gained illegal entry into the US by going through Mexico. Who knows who else is listening and planning the same thing. Since the present administration seem to love outsourcing so much, why don’t they outsource the jobs that “Americans don’t want” for example in agriculture to Mexico and ship all those illegal immigrants back there so that they can work and be with their families. This will iliminate deaths in the deserts, create medical, construction jobs, etc in Mexico. Also our taxpayers money can go to benefit American citizens. The doctors in Arizona, California and other states would now have more time to assist american citizens and get paid. The Mexican are having children like crazy over here but yet they are trying to crack down and encourage american citizens to be careful how much children they have so as not to have a burden on their own country. Why is it okay for Mexicans to have their flag raise on American schools and not other nationalities. There would be an outburst of rage if an Arab country raise their flag on an American school. What you do for one you have to do for all. Don’t let these Hispanics come to this country illegally and demand the same rights of those hard working amercian citizens who are paying taxpayers money for these politicians to protest them and not be protected and laws enforced.

  21. Mike Fusco Says:


    To The Governors And State Houses Of All Fifty States Of The Union: A Plea For Help

    After witnessing the cowardly and potentially traitorous actions of the Senate, and its capitulation and appeasement toward the organized rabble that demonstrated this past weekend, which was sufficiently impressive (shades of Leni Riefenstahl) to scare the cowardly Senate Judiciary Committee into proposing not one but three amnesties, it is a fair conclusion that America has reached meltdown. Does anyone disagree? We are witnessing the Senate together with the White House disregarding the law of the land, and complicitly and blatantly handing over free access to the United States to a rowdy cadre of Mexican border-jumpers and their future progeny whose first act in their arrival here was and continues to be to break the law with the assistance of American businesses who profit therefrom. Does this not constitute abrogation of Constitutional responsibility–even approaching treason? Does this not call for action?

    The Constitution provides for this state of affairs. It essentially states that once the government has failed to defend the people and the country, it is the obligation– not just an option– of the people to reform that government.

    Replacement doesn’t mean going to the polls in 2008 and voting. The U.S. is in the throes of an invasion. “Congress” is deep into the process of capitulation and surrender to Vicente Fox, an executive of a foreign country. We no longer have a civil society. Though we have not yet descended to violence, the potential is now very real, for the rule of law has broken down. Our representatives have just given taxpaying and law-abiding American citizens and legal immigrants the equivalent of the middle finger, and said “shut up and go away”.

    There is no difference any longer between the Democrats and the Republicans. There are huge voter bases whose position on the sovereignty of this nation , its borders, way of life and economic integrity preclude them from effective representation by either of the two parties. Congress in a bipartisan manner has just capitulated to Vicente Fox and the elites of Mexico. Frist will not make any difference. Voting senators out of office two years from now is not an option. Not in this life. We are no longer in civics class.

    Replacement means removal from office for both elected and non-elected officials–this means politicians as well as bureaucrats who were not elected to anything but have been appointed or rose through the civil service rankings who have been left over from previous Democrat and Republican administrations. Is there any one individual or group on the national scene with enough spine to begin this process? Is it possible that every citizen who has been elected to public office in this country has lost their sense of responsibility, and has had their moral compass replaced by political correctness and expediency?

    What is wrong with the leaders of the business community, the Bill Gateses, those who have vast fortunes to protect? Are they all on board with the CFR? What is wrong with our governors and our state houses, that we are so disconnected that we do not see the threat before us now? That we are finally going to lose America?

    Where are the governors of all 50 states? Why haven’t all of the 50 chief state executives convened a special session and met en masse to consider actions against the federal government and the Republic of Mexico for their clear disregard for our borders and for the will of the American people, and for their dereliction of duty in defending the nation and for the Congress’s clear complicity with a foreign government and that government’s creation and encouragement of an unending invading horde to infiltrate our southern border and our entire country with the equivalent of a Mexican Mariel boat lift.

    Why haven’t our governors jointly considered marshalling all of the states’ national guards, placing it at the border, to begin enforcing American law, and deputizing American citizens to assist in the effort, and begin deportation action against all illegals, and begin impeachment proceedings against the entire administration of George W. Bush and the Senate for their knee-jerk dismissal of the recommendations of the U.S. House of Representatives on immigration reform and failure to discharge their sworn constitutional duty. The states, banded together, can do this. The state houses, banded together, can do this. We can, working together from the state capitols and state houses, take our country back.

    The alternative to this Draconian scenario is an unacceptable anarchy with possible secession, local violence, and ultimately total civil breakdown. A foggy soup of chaos and disequilibrium which will be just what al-Qaeda ordered, to slip in and begin its final ministrations. We cannot any longer afford the luxury of another “civil rights” debacle (as though illegal aliens had any civil rights), revisiting the 60’s, or the assumption that our federal government is on top of things. It isn’t. The federal government is now clearly part of the problem and our lives and continued way of life and our economy are now in jeopardy because of decisions made by it in clear contravention of the Constitution.

    What has happened at the White House is simply inexplicable. The occupant has lost all sense of duty, tradition, responsibility, and honor. Karl Rove’s resignation is telling. How tragic and ironic is it, that our military in Iraq are fighting and dying to keep America safe from terrorism all the while Congress is handing over the country to Vicente Fox’s hordes so that it may be overrun from sea to shining sea by invading landscapers and leaf blowers who claim for themselves authorship of America’s successes and the right to debauch our country as they see fit, and to turn our beautiful vistas, landscapes, and architecture into another litter-strewn, drunken, unlicensed driver, third world mirror-image of where they came from.

    The alternative is no longer the status quo. Things will not go on as they have always been after this sellout by the White House and the U.S. Senate. There is a great risk of anarchy. The very fears of those in the Senate who, acting on fear and loyalty to corporate greed chose simpering appeasement instead of duty, will have been the germinators of the seeds of this anarchy. By this summer there may well be riots, endangered innocent lives, and destruction of private property if this matter is not handled properly now. We are running out of time.

    All the politicians and pundits eerily speak the same phrase: “There is no way we are going to round up and deport 12 million immigrants. That’s not even on the table”. Now this is a positively astounding occurrence. How is it that everyone in the media and in Washington speaks the same line? How is it? This mantra is positively Orwellian mind control. Everyone has been repeating this line! Over and over. Where did it come from? Who are the ones fearful of taking a stand? Of enforcing existing law? Our elected officials? The authors of political correctness? When the Muslim/Hispanic hordes come to take your house and your life away from you, is political correctness going to save you?

    We are required by the Constitution to take every step we can to save America from destruction. If that means we need to deport to set an example and stop the invasion once for all, as we should have done in 1986, then that is what must be done. Who has the right to take effective remedies off the table? Who?

    The Council on Foreign Relations and the New World Order have clearly stated as an objective the removal of national borders in the northern hemisphere to further assist in “the free movement of goods and peoples unimpeded throughout the continent”. When did the people of the U.S. hand over the sovereignty of the U.S. to the internationalists? When we elected the Bushes to office?

    We are being Balkanized. We now have two languages in America. When you purchase a camera at Best Buy the box contains four pounds of user guides–one set in English, the other in Spanish. Go to Home Depot. You don’t purchase “screws” anymore. You purchase “cruciformes tornillos” (as in “Go cruciformes tornillos yourself, gringo!”). You cannot even apply for many employment positions unless you speak two languages.

    Unless concerted action is taken now while we still have some semblance of political organization, there very well may be a secessionist movement , possible civil war, with citizens taking things into their own hands. If I were an illegal, I would rather be deported back to Mexico by U.S. authorities than face an unstable and irate vigilante movement down the road. Have any of the 500,000 illegal aliens who demonstrated on our streets even thought of how potentially dangerous their demands for amnesty and “citizenship” are to them and their families if these demands are granted by an acquiescent and appeasing Senate? Do the math–if there are 20 million illegal aliens, there are 350 million Americans. Do the Mexican schools not teach mathematics? Are our senators quantitatively challenged? Do our senators not realize their “feel -good” decisions hold within themselves the potential for more death and destruction down the road than any deportation proceedings, no matter how problematic the latter may initially be? Can it be that this is precisely what their intentions are–to pit illegal alien against U.S. citizen?

    If this is not the intent, it may surely prove to be the result. When you Balkanize, you risk all of this. But we still have time for a deportation process if it is instituted now by our elected state governors and state house representatives to stem the tide and send the message once for all to Vicente Fox in Mexico City that invasion by his hordes will simply not be tolerated by any of the states in the union or the bona fide citizens thereof.

    So where are the red state governors? Where are the majority speakers of our red state houses? Can somebody tell me why the silence is deafening? We are headed toward anarchy. Surely a country that has gone to the moon is smart enough to do better than Madrid, London, or Paris. It is clear no federal bureaucracy or agency can have the solution to this terrible violation of U.S. sovereignty. That is the debilitating myth we have all been living with for a very long time. Alas, only the states and the state houses and the people hold the key. It must be up to the individual states to join together , along with the U.S. House of Representatives, to begin proceedings now to preserve our institutions, purge them where they need purging, and counter the destructive capitulation that is occurring in the Senate and in the White House at an exponentially accelerating rate.

  22. Howard Says:

    You can’t blame the mexicans for wanting to better themselves. Iwould do the same thing if I was in their circumstance. America just handled this wrong for a long time and now the pied piper is playing his flute. But violence will be a stupid goal that will cause great sorrow for the mexicans and will not help their cause.

  23. shanell Garcia Says:

    Is there anyone out there who realize that this proposal does not only affect the Mexicans but all illegal immigrants no matter where they came from?

  24. The Watchdog Says:

    Of course we do Shanell. But the overwhelming majority of them are Mexican.

    All illegal immigrants have broken our laws and they should return to their country of origin.

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