A Call for Open Borders

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Walk Out, Speak Up, Never Give In

Congratulations to all of those who have walked out in support of the Mexican Americans who are seeking the freedom to travel across the border. Bienvenidos. Never allow anyone to tell you that you are an “illegal” or an “alien”. We are all part of the human family. You are our brothers and sisters. We welcome you.

Listening to corporate media and talk shows has exposed the dark underside of the USA culture. Hate filled, xenophobic speech is filling the airways. FOX news seems to be in a state of panic. Some in the US want the Mexicans to be treated as second class citizens. Might as well paint a black dot on the forehead of every immigrant.

Our paranoid, racist policy toward Mexicans is apparent to the whole world. The Mexicans should be given at least the same rights as those coming from Cuba. Our borders should be wide open. Welcome stations should be built there to assist the travelers.

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16 Responses to “A Call for Open Borders”

  1. krewl Says:

    WHAT! YOU ARE ILLEGAL. Entering the US without permission it ILLEGAL. Do you understand ENGLISH! I guess the Canadians telling the Portugese ILLEGAL Aliens to leave are RACISTS to…. Not a whole lot of education into this topic… ILLEGAL and ALIEN as defined: ILLEGAL - Prohibited by law. ALIEN - An unnaturalized foreign resident of a country. Also called noncitizen.
    A person from another and very different family, people, or place.
    A person who is not included in a group; an outsider.

    ILLEGAL ALIEN: an illegal alien is a person who is not a citizen of the country they are in.

    Do it the right way and I have no complaints… Racist remarks like this is what fuels the topic, no one seems to understand there is a LAW in place… WOW. ILLEGAL ALIEN, from ANY country should be DEPORTED! Was my english good enough for the ILLEGAL ALIENS? Learn english when you want to live in America, I would learn Mexican if I was to try and live in the filth and dirt of Mexico, I would learn Canadianese if I was to live in the upper world hemisphere.

    ILLEGAL ALIENS. Say it. Its what it is.

  2. J Says:

    Try the word illegal, that means you are breaking the law.
    My wife’s parents waited 10 years to get to the US legally, but could have crossed the border and would have been criminals, just as all the ILLEGALS are now.
    We saw your marches and so called protests.
    We saw your people illegally drop out of school and defile the flag of the same country you steal from.
    We saw you fly a mexican flag over our upside down flag.
    If you think you are going to just come in and take over, you’d better think twice.

  3. Jim Wilson Says:

    Sure, wide open, here’s your allowance. Would you like a debit card from welfare, and free medical care that I can’t even recieve. Oh, and feel free to have as many babies as you like, the American taxpayers love paying for you. Fact: latinos will be a Majority in the Us very soon, but I suppose that is fine with you. You are a minority in your thoughts. The majority of US citizens support closed borders ( excluding CA).

    Please try to think before you write - Terrorists are entering this country! Wide open borders? Nough said, close the borders.

  4. Ron Says:

    J - What state is that specifically, it sounds like a place where being an American gives you at least as much say/rights as the citizens of another foreign invading country. Yes, I’m talking about illegal aliens from MEXICO.

  5. Ron Says:

    Jim - You couldn’t be more wrong about the legal citizens of California. Well, most have left, many have stayed and refuse to accept the invasion and fight it daily. It is a fact that illegal aliens and there supporters are now the majority, and the mainstream media supports the invasion, but there are many proud, patriotic Americans who refuse to retreat.

    What ever state your in Jim, let the plight of California be an example of what can happen when officials who actually represent a foreign country(Fabian Nunez, Antonio Villaraigos, Joe Back, etc.) are elected to American political positions. Fight the invasion from the first site of acceptance, or your fate is evident with California as a sad example.

  6. Jim Wilson Says:

    Ron, you are correct, sort of. There are lots of legal citizens of CA that support immigration, (lots of mexicans and latinos and even asians, that are legal). GOD bless the people who resist them. CA could be 1 big experiment, 1 that will blow up in the faces of polititions via riots and terrorists attacks. I am glad I am from New England- even though we have suffered from 9-11. When terrorists sneak dirty bombs or worse via the border I hope it’s close to the Bush ranch.

  7. Ron Says:

    Jim - We are in agreeance, I hope that this plague of illegal immigration is halted before you and the rest of the legal citizens of New England ever have to experience the insanity thats now consumed California.

  8. jim wilson Says:

    Ron, it’s good to hear from a true American on these issues. Thanks for the well wishes. Where-ever you are from, I hope you and your family are always safe and happy. Bandwith is very slow .

  9. Jean Brown Harrell, formerly Garcia Says:

    They need to deport all illegal alien criminals and their illegal-alien anchor babies, you know, the phony citizens. They then need to bar these criminals permanently from this country. They will try to re-enter illegally in any way that they can. That’s why they MUST be forcibly kept out by any means possible. A 20-foot wall would be nice with the military and the national guard stationed all along the border.

    I read a comment on some site where one illegal alien criminal said that if we boot him out, that he will just come right back and that there is no way that we can keep him and his fellow criminals out of the U.S., no matter what we do.

    Also, impeach Bush, Cheney, Rove, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Michael Chertoff for high treason and you just might have a chance to get these criminals out of the U.S. Also impeach for high treason, traitor Ted Kennedy and the rest of the traitors on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    I also hear frequently that we cannot deport the 20? million illegal alien criminals as there are too many and it costs too much and there are too many so we had better give them anything they want. I have a better idea: start mass deportations and it will be much cheaper than the 70 billion a year that these criminals are costing us.

    Besides, President Eisenhower ordered the mass deportation of illegal aliens and achieved the deportation of 1.3? million illegal alien mexican criminals in 3 to 4 months. So deporting 20 million illegal alien criminals can be done but it will take 6 months? and will cost some money but it will be cheaper than putting up with these criminals. After all, you don’t appease the Mafia, you get rid of them.

  10. Jean Brown Harrell, formerly Garcia Says:

    PS: ANY law that allows the illegal alien criminals to remain in the U.S. is AMNESTY, no matter what fancy name they give it.

  11. Jean Brown Harrell, formerly Garcia Says:

    PSS: Feel free to edit any of my postings any way you want, as long as the basic facts or comments are there. I used to be married to an illegal alien from Mexico. I also have seen the massive fraud and crime. I have 20+ years experience with these criminals and I have a delightful 18-year-old half-mexican daughter by Mr. Garcia.

    Also he and our daughter were NOT in those protest marches. He says he is legal and he will never join these criminals and he will carry the U.S. flag, and not the mexican flag, and his country is the U.S., not Mexico and he is American, not Mexican. He also said it is wrong for these criminals to dare to show their faces in our streets and these criminals have the nerve to fly a foreign flag on U.S. soil in our streets. He said he is minding his own business and burning his matricula consular ID card as he is American and he is going down to pay a lawyer to start the naturalization process for him so that he can become a U.S. citizen.

  12. jim wilson Says:

    Jean, I am in total agreeance with you. Those polititions should be impeached. WHEN there is another terrorists attack, I hope it is the Bush ranch or the whitehouse instead of the normal, innocent citizen victims of 9-11. Hate to say it, and GOD forgive me, and I would hate to see the whitehouse but I feel it’s the only way to get our elected officials to smarten up and do the right thing. I don’t get it. Why are politions ruinning this counrty? Don’t they think of their children and their offspring. Do they think their $$$ can protect them? I don’t think it can, from dirty or REAL nukes that can easily be brought here and assembled. It’s insane! Why cant people understand our national security is being compromised! Jim.

  13. Jean Brown Harrell, formerly Garcia Says:

    Jim, it is greed and corruption, pure and simple. They want all the profit for the criminal employers who are greedy and selfish and who commit tax fraud and any other fraud and crimes that they can get away with.

    I read a coment by a lady in southern California who said a company or companies who hire illegal alien criminals and pay them less than the minimum wage, had offered to hire her son who applied for a job with them, IF he would accept being paid less than the minimum wage, which is a GROSS violation of state and federal laws on the minimum wage.

    The politicians, except for Tom Tancredo, are all 100% greedy anc corrupt. They obey their corporate fatcats with their all-consuming greed.

    They want to eliminate anyone who earns a decent wage and turn us all into slaves so they can control us. Think of how Mexico is. That is the way it WILL be and they want to merge this country with Mexico and Canada. If you want to know what it will be like in the future when, not if, they get their way without telling the American people about all this, it will be horrible. Imagine if this place were transformed into Mexico. California, my birthplace, in my opinion, is already GONE!!!! It is becoming more and more like Mexico.

    If they pass this guestworker program or an amnesty program into law and bush signs it and they shove this down the throats of 90% of the American people who staunchly oppose amnesty, then the American people will not accept this. They will revolt against the criminals in Congress and the white house and civil war will break out. There will be some bloodshed, however the illegals will lose because there are 300 million of us against 20? million of them. They are outnumbered 15 to 1, more or less. The American people will rise up and drive the illegals out of this country, back across the border into Mexico and the illegals who refuse to leave will probably be killed. The American people will also officially declare that all those anchor babies of illegal aliens are not U.S. citizens and in fact, are illegal aliens who are criminals and who will be driven out of the U.S. or be killed. This is what I figure will happen. They also will stand shoulder to shoulder all along the border with Mexico with their guns and will forcibly prevent the illegal alien criminals from re-entering our country illegally and they will permanently bar these criminals from this country. They most likely will hang these criminal employers and plunder their assets and will go after greedy big business and hang these greedy corporate fatcats and seize their assets and buildings and destroy their buildings, etc. They will also go after the corrupt, lying politicians in Congress and President Bush and Cheney and Alberto Gonzales and Michael Chertoff and Karl Rove and they will find a high tree and start hanging these traitors. There will be a lot of criminals in Congress that they will hang. Ted Kennedy, John McCain and Specter and Lindsay Graham will be the first ones that they hang. These lying, corrupt politicians will be looking for a place to hide from the enraged American people but there will be no place that they can hide that they cannot be found by the people whom they so cruelly betrayed.

    That’s why 9/11 happened. Traitor Ted Kennedy is the one who sponsored and passed the immigration law in 1965 that started this mass and he said we would not be flooded with 1 million illegals annually. We have this mess today because of TED KENNEDY, the TRAITOR. This is a FACT. Ted Kennedy is the reason 9/11 happened and will happen again.

  14. Jean Brown Harrell, formerly Garcia Says:

    PS: Also, while the American people are standing shoulder to shoulder all along the border with Mexico with their guns to FORCIBLY prevent these illegal alien scum from re-entering, the American people will start building a wall all along the border to keep these vermin out of our country and will patrol it to keep these vermin out.

    These criminal scum say that they will just come right back if we deport them and that we cannot keep them out, no matter what we do. They also scream bloody-murder that we need their labor and them and that our economy will collapse without them. I have news for these criminals. Our economy will not collapse without them and it will do 1000% better without these criminals. We don’t need them or their labor and we don’t want them and their crime and corruption here and we did fine without them before they illegally invaded our country and WE AMERICANS did the work that these illegal aliens claim that Americans won’t do.

    I did farmwork for 20+ years, and nowadays illegal aliens illegally invading our country even refuse to do farmwork anymore. The illegal aliens doing farmwork sooner or later leave to steal our good-paying jobs. They are too good to do farmwork anymore. They used to work in the 50’s and 60’s but they have gotten lazy and sorry as heck.

    Many, many, hispanics OPPOSE illegal immigration, but you never hear about it. Any brave hispanic who dares to oppose these hispanic racist KKK organizations is called a sellout “vendido” or a traitor. These racist hate organizations are vicious and lawless.

    Check out www.latinoamericans.org and see for yourself the truth of what I say.

  15. Jean Brown Harrell, formerly Garcia Says:

    PSS: you never hear about the many many hispanics who OPPOSE illegal immigration because these hispanic racist KKK hate groups do everything in their power to silence them and any information getting out about their opposition to illegal immigration. These hispanic racist hate groups do NOT want the American public to find out HOW MANY hispanics OPPOSE illegal immigration. They are afraid of what would happen if the American public found out the truth.

  16. Jean Brown Harrell, formerly Garcia Says:

    And don’t forget to check out this website based in Phoenix Arizona: http://www.mothersagainstillegalaliens.org/

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