The 3 Amigo’s Plot American Destruction


CANCUN, Mexico (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush warned at the end of a North American summit on Friday that an immigration plan being debated by the U.S. Congress must include a guest worker program for illegal immigrants.

The so-called three amigos — Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and new Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper — wrapped up their talks by vowing to work together on border security, avian flu and energy issues. But deep differences remained.

A U.S. plan that will require Canadians and Mexicans to carry a passport or passport-type document to cross the U.S. border was a cause of concern for Harper, a newly elected conservative whose appearance at this sun-soaked beach resort was one of his first forays on the international stage.

“We’re obviously concerned that if we don’t move quickly and properly on this, that this could have effects on trade and movement of people, conventions, you name it, that is not helpful to our economy or to our relationship,” Harper said.

Mexicans once had high hopes for Bush, who took office promising to make America’s southern neighbor a priority but pushing the issue to a back burner after the September 11 attacks.

In the waning months of his presidency, Fox is seeing the possibility that his long struggle for a change in U.S. immigration policy could finally bear fruit, sought to aid Bush in his political battle at home.

He said Mexico was doing its part to crack down on human smugglers along the U.S.-Mexican border and trying to halt the flow of Central American migrants coming across Mexico’s southern border.

“With all due respect to the dignity of these people, respecting their human rights, they are stopped, they remain on temporary basis in the stations. We offer them services with dignity. And then we send them back to their communities of origin,” then Fox burst out laughing bwah ha ha ha ha!

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7 Responses to “The 3 Amigo’s Plot American Destruction”

  1. David Says:

    Great. Just great. Looks like we need to build a wall on the NORTHERN border as well.

  2. Roger Says:

    Bush assured Fox that he was commited for a comprehensive immigration bill on his desk. Was that a Fox’s idea, that “comprehensive” a automatic path to US citizenships by all 12 illigal alliens?. Whatever it was, let’s hope it will not be one of those” under the table “deals ( typical of a widespread corruptions government of mexico) that lead to ” whose sale” of the US to mexico.

  3. Roger Says:

    Fuente fox said illigal immigration is a ” shared responsibilities” between the US and mexico. Why, then, does Fox oppose those 700 miles of walls to be built along the border, and called it an insult to mexico. What exactly does he have in mind?, build a widest bridge across the Grande Rio?

  4. Jim Says:

    Bush said that Mexicans take jobs Americans wont do. Well, jobs Americans wont do because jobs americans can without, with lttle inconvience. Jobs Americans wont do because businesses greed for cheap labors to quadruple thier profits, and get awy with it, at the expenses of taxpayers money supporting illigal alliens social services costs.

  5. Kevin in South Dakota Says:

    My whole stance on this issue is: 1. Illegal immigrants, the name says it all >>illegal

  6. Brad Says:

    Most working class Americans have realized that anyone can be replaced. It’s about time these criminal realized it to.

  7. George Campos Says:

    If I were plotting the destruction of America I wouldn’t waste time, money and energy on 9/11 activities. I would start an invasion and a civil war. I WONDER IF THIS ISN’T ABOUT TO HAPPEN?

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