Bills Double Legal Immigration

Dallas News

Some estimate that bills pending in the Senate could double the nearly 1 million green cards handed out yearly, granting legal permanent residence.

The U.S., which already welcomes more legal immigrants than any other country, would see major increases in green cards under both immigration proposals being debated in the Senate. The bills also would add tens of thousands of temporary visas for workers.

But others question the drive to increase legal immigration, particularly as the Senate is considering legalizing the nation’s 20 million-plus illegal immigrants and creating a guest worker program to bring in 400,000 more foreigners every year.

‘There has never been a public opinion poll that indicates [a majority of] Americans want more immigration,’ said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which opposes higher immigration. ‘Obviously, if the public were asked … they’d say no to doubling legal immigration.’

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