We’re Just Doing the Jobs You Gringos Won’t Do (Ha! Ha!)


Man, this was one great party. My friends and I ran around the 110 Freeway waving Mexican flags and yelling, “Mexico, Mexico, Mexico.” Lupe almost got run over by one of those rickety trucks with a Baja California license plate, but she’s OK. Most important, the TV cameras were there and those gringos in the U.S. Senate heard our message: “Stop picking on those of us who do jobs no one else will do!”

We just want to be Americans … which is what the Anglo media keep repeating. They keep finding the few people in the crowd with American flags and zeroing in on that, ignoring that almost everyone else has a proud Mexican flag. We don’t want to be stinking Americans, with our kids talking like valley girls and eating hamburgers. We want America to become like Mexico, which is why those amigos in Whittier and Montebello hoisted the Mexican flag on the flagpole and turned the American flag upside down.

We all know that line, about doing jobs no Americans will do, is a lie.

I’m just a humble worker, but I do suspect that many Americans would paint houses, lay tile, trim palm trees and so on, although they won’t do the jobs at the wage at which I’ll do them. As long as people keep repeating that, how you say, mantra, we will be viewed as heroes rather than freeloaders. My only problem: I’ve been here a few years and make decent-enough pay, but those amigos who keep coming across the border keep undercutting my wages.

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  1. Lara Says:

    If the mexicans want to be Americans then go to the INS office and apply for a green card, or better yet go apply in the military service and fight in a war voted by Bush and prove to US americans you want to be Americans , other then that get the hell out, this country is free for AMERICAN not illegal aliens.

    Illegal aliens can not vote, so therefore you have no rights to control our country.

  2. Jim Says:

    The myth that Mexicans take jobs Americans won’t do is dead wrong. Jobs Americans won’t do because jobs americans can without, with little inconvience. Jobs Americans won’t do because businesses greed for cheap labors to quadruple their profits, and get away with it, at the expenses of taxpayers money supporting illigal alliens social services costs.

  3. George Says:

    The real myth is that Mexicans are hard working people. Bull!!!. If they were they would stay in their own country and work to bring conditions up to a more livable standard. Instead they come here and rob us of our jobs and social services.

  4. jack johnson Says:

    this site seems completely fuckin’ racist. ignorance flows like wine in this country. this country is a country of americans. american = a country full of all kinds of races. a race that is a blend of german, irish, italian, british, chinese, japanese, mestizo, etc. there is no culture in this country but a blend of many cultures from around the world. stop mexicans from coming here illegally? build a bigger wall? make felons of all illegals in this country? help them become legal and help this country grow with more hard workers. ignorance. such a horrible word, yet this type of site and organization loves to be that.

  5. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Jack Johnson: I wish I had more time to answer to your monumental ininity above, but I have to speed off and do my job that” no American will do”- Sir, ‘all kinds of people’ includes such forbidden categories as ‘jingo’ and ‘xenophobe’ and ‘nativist’ If you are going to be open minded- be TRULY open minded. I’ll be back to finish you off in a while.

  6. Arlen Sphincter (pretend Republican name) Says:

    Lara Says: Illegal aliens can not vote, so therefore you have no rights to control our country.

    Unfortunately, thanks to our previous president “Slick Willy” and his 1993 motor voter act, anyone with a valid drivers license can register to vote.

  7. Patrick Verschuren Says:

    Lara, Mexicans were already Americans for more than 10.000 years when the white US citizens’ forefathers were still Europeans, just like me, here in the Netherlands! (A great place to be, by the way! (-:) California, and a bunch of other states were illegally stolen from Mexico in the first place, so let them enter by the million! They have got a right to it!

  8. The Watchdog Says:

    Patrick, there was a war. A treaty was signed. It’s a done deal.

  9. Jean B. Says:

    Why should the mexicans come here for jobs. We’ve sent MANY factories/jobs TO mexico…..and now they want the ones left here?
    We should deport ALL illegal immigrants back to their countries…and heavily FINE anyone who hires these illegals.
    My husband and I had to sacrifice to pay the TOTAL college costs for our one son….he helps……because we made the mistake of paying our bills and not go into debt. Because we did NOT owe much….he didn’t GET much in tuition aid. Yet they can come here and go for free. Something is DEATHLY wrong in this country. We need congressmen/women with guts who will step up to the plate….respect those of us who are here LEGALLY…and fight for US….not worry about their illegal minority rights votes. And we should DEMAND an immediate rescind of the motor voter act that the GREAT” Presidente Clineton” blessed the mexican people with. Try going to your drivers license center and telling them YOU want your drivers license without ANY questions OR legal identity. Good luck PAL. It will come to violence in this country soon if our government doesn’t do something about potential terrorists using mexico as a backdoor to killing Americans. God help us.

  10. Jenny Snyder Says:

    There is no such thing as a job that Americans won’t do. There are just Americans who won’t work for free. We have a higher standard of living than India and Mexico and we don’t dump our dead in the nearest river when they die so we expect to be paid a decent living wage when we work.

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