USA Population Map 1790 - 2090

This is a very impressive map created with data from the US Census Bureau. The current US population is at 300 million. By the year 2090 we are estimated to have 1 billion, 84 million, 819 thousand people living here.

These are conservative estimates and of course they don’t take into account the massive increase in population due to pending immigration “reform” bills that the Senate is now considering. Some estimate that as many as 200 million foreign workers will be added to our population within 50 years if these “guest worker” bills go through as planned. Obviously, the population will swell to horrifying levels by the time we actually reach 2090 if our elected officials have their way against the wishes of the American people.

You’ll notice the map also gives a caucasion percentage. The creator of the map gives this explanation.

Why Just Caucasians?

It certainly would be nice to know the growth and decline of black and Indian populations by state. Unfortunately the data isn’t there. Most Indian populations (which were actually quite sparse as a result of 100 years of disease starting with Spanish exploration in 1492) in the west lived in territories not yet formed as states, and are thus uncounted. In the states where they are counted, they are lumped together with the black population and Asian populations. In other cases, Indians are uncounted entirely. Being that the Caucasian population is the only constant for the entire history, it is the only number that has any real meaning in the context of a historical timeline. In light of this, the ‘Other’ category really makes the most sense as a comparative tool.

Data for Hispanics, Asians, and other racial and ethnic minorities only becomes available in the 1960s. A trendline analysis since the 1960s would be interesting to see, and I hope someone puts it together. The challenge will be the ever changing methodology of the Census Bureau in calculating and categorizing the various groups.

The Hispanic Question, or Are Hispanics “White”

If you’ve seen recent data stating that America is currently about 77% white, and are wondering why this site is saying that America is actually 69% Caucasian as of 2000 (67% by 2004), well both are correct. Amazingly the Census Bureau counts all Hispanics that are not specifically black or Asian as white. I think this is a bit silly, since 99% of the time they are closer to the American Indian category (just not North American). I guess that since they aren’t really native North Americans the Census Bureau didn’t want to add them to that category. Or maybe it is all a conspiracy theory and they are trying to hide this major demographic shift from the public! Anyway, to get to the real numbers you need to look at the “Non-Hispanic White” category in the census data.

3 Responses to “USA Population Map 1790 - 2090”

  1. Erica Says:

    99% of them being closer to American Indian is a lie.

  2. Jim Says:

    All these are part of a conspiracy of the ever-increasing illigal alliens populations in their surprise attacks on America for a final take-over in the not-too far away future.

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    “Non-Hispanic White” Notice to grammarians; To frame your thought in this manner makes ‘hispanic’ normative and ‘white’ a modifier-hence aberrant. Excuse me if I havent yet read the whole article above, I have to speed off to work soon, but to my understanding of things, Americans and’hispanics’ were counted together until EL PLAN DE SAN DIEGO in 1918 I think it was. Tjhat was a genocidal war begun to rid Asslan of White people. Then ever after and for good reason our government began counting them seperately-AS ONE DOES OF HOSTILE FORIEGNERS in a properly ordered world. If any sugar-hearted humanitarian reads these words and quivers with rage unspeakable against me for stating these facts candidly in this open forum of free men, Keep in mind that you would fare far worse if you dispalyed such horrid behavior as an American in messico. My recommendation for term use: 1]American 2] [no toher category available}

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