Verification of Employment Authorization


‘’This legislation is a realistic approach to a difficult and complicated problem, and is consistent with the direction many states are moving, and probably the federal government, eventually. It is not a silver bullet, but should be viewed as part of a larger strategy to deal with illegal immigration that relies on partnerships between federal and state authorities, and between government agencies. This strategy acknowledges that the population of more than 10 million illegal immigrants can not be apprehended and deported one by one; nor is the federal government likely to enact a mass amnesty to legalize this population. Instead, lawmakers should rely on an array of policies to increase the day-to-day enforcement of immigration laws, diminish the draw of employment, and encourage voluntary compliance with immigration laws. Eventually, those who are here in violation of our laws will realize that they can no longer hide or gain access to the benefits intended for legal residents, and a large share will choose to return home on their own.'’

2 Responses to “Verification of Employment Authorization”

  1. Fred Dawes Says:

    if you say so, but understand you can remove 10 million without much of a fight.

  2. BorderRaven Says:

    Today we enjoy peace, but should violence break out tomorrow, some will stay, some will move away. The greater the violence and the more time it continues, the more people will migrate.

    War stops manufacturing, harvesting and distribution. The local grocery store has about one week of food. Without distribution, people will migrate in search of food.

    Homeless people migrate north in the Spring and south in the Fall. They are motivated by the changing climate.

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