Day Laborer Problem Solved Through Enforcement

NY Times

When the Village of Mamaroneck shut down its day-laborer hiring site in February, village leaders said the closure was temporary. The site would reopen April 1 if neighboring communities, or the county, agreed on an alternative hiring site and shared costs for it.

This would relieve some of the congestion at Columbus Park, where, for years now, crowds of immigrant men have gathered each morning to wait for contractors to drive up and hire them.

Deputy Mayor William J. Paonessa said his village needed help with the problem — which he deemed of regional if not national significance. The county agreed (and Mr. Paonessa’s view has since been borne out by the noisy debate in Washington over immigration and border security). Officials called emergency sessions, municipal leaders met to consider alternative hiring sites, religious leaders pitched in with ideas and fund-raisers.

Some alternative sites were proposed. The county offered its sewage treatment plant on Boston Post Road, across from the Hispanic Resource Center of Mamaroneck and Larchmont.

But now that April is here, Mayor Philip J. Trifiletti of Mamaroneck has changed his mind. He says that neither the original site nor the proposed alternative site is needed anymore. At a raucous meeting last Monday, the village board voted, 4 to 1, against the county’s proposal. The whole problem, Mr. Trifiletti insisted, has been resolved.

A strong police presence along Mamaroneck Avenue, enforcing laws already on the books — aggressively ticketing the day laborers and the contractors who hire them — has driven the day-laborer trade out of the village, Mr. Trifiletti said.

3 Responses to “Day Laborer Problem Solved Through Enforcement”

  1. Contessa Says:

    Congratulations, Mayor Trifiletti! Now if only Herndon, VA’s mayor, the mayors of Brewster, NY, Farmingville, NY and Danbury, CT would do the same!

  2. Jim Says:

    Great enforcements. The Village of Mamaroneck sets a good example for the nation. It would be a great deterrent if cities and states would follow the same model.

  3. David Says:

    That Mayor rocks!

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