Frist Wants Immigration Vote This Week

Washington Post

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Sunday he wants a full Senate vote on an immigration bill this week and believes that urgent action is needed despite sharp divisions over whether proposed legislation would amount to amnesty.

‘There are 3 million people every year coming across our borders illegally. We don’t know who they are; we don’t know what their intentions are. We absolutely must address it,’ said Frist, R-Tenn. ‘I hope by Friday that we will have a bill on the floor that is comprehensive.’

We all know what “comprehensive” means. It’s the “guess-who-works-here” bill.

6 Responses to “Frist Wants Immigration Vote This Week”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    ‘Comprehensive’ to them means ‘REPREHENSIBLE’ to us- or any human being with a shred of decency and respect within him. Capitulation is an abomination and ‘’guessed worker'’ is nothing but capitulation. Or call it more accurately ANKLE GRABBING. They are not willing workers, they are willing rapers. Some people dont take rape laying down. That is us. Dont tire yet from calling 1 888 355 3588 toll free. Heres a link to a long discussion on streaming audio if you get a minute, give it a listen.

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I have noticed that fox is using the figure ‘6 million’ mexicans oooo-sorry! I meant to say ‘6 million mexicanworkers’ …anyway, weve all seen this before. By the way, maybe Mr. Herrera can answer this question; How ‘practical’ or ‘workable’ is the method of dog-tagging X-number of million people to make them legal? With such evident contempt for law, how are we supposed to pull off the actual tagging? Such a thing has never been discussed. Why I am bringing these things to the table is that because fox says 6 and the US official figure is 12 common understanding being 20 and likelihood being actually 30 000 000, there is evident a lack of understanding on how many tags well actually need-how many caseworkers to file the papers, how much time for each person, etc. My guess is that is a deliberate low balling of the figure done with the knowlege that there is such slop built into the ’system’ that an infinite number can come-not just the ones now here- but an INFINITE number. And the slop-built system is conducted in its way because the mexicanworkers are used to sloppy systems, so itll make them feel right at home. Thats nice. Su casa es mi casa, RIGHT????

  3. Fred Dawes Says:

    The fact is Fox made his deal With Bush, its for our rights and the south west will fall into the hands of the mexico city drug dealers, I think Fox is working to take us down as a nation and bush is helping.

  4. Fred Dawes Says:

    I would also like to say that at one time many people like me use to do the same jobs that mexican do now, we did the work we did the Army thing and we did pay our taxs and we were Americans who did not shit on our flag.

    now the work is done by the enemies of our nation many hate our freedoms and love bin laden; in the end like the video is telling you we the american people will be killed by this evil of mexico and its evil Oligarchies with the help of evil guys like Frist.

    in the old Army we said, “what do you do to the enemy”? of our nation?, “if you know what i mean”?

    soon the system will attack us for being Americans, watch and see what happens next, if this bill is made into law its the start of our next civil war for freedom against evil.

    aztlan the idea of hitler and bin laden.

  5. The Watchdog Says:

    Vincent, our friend Mr Herrera has trouble controlling himself. He’s on a very short leash.

  6. Fred Dawes Says:

    why is it that guys like bill Frist hate our freedoms and “duty to the social system of laws? and why is it that guys like this love the ideals of enslavement of all people? put chris simcox inside so he can tell us what our so called government is doing, vote for Chris Simcox and stop the evil doers.

    “stop the ideas of evil like Aztlan.”

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