ACLU Tells Principle To Apologize

Washington Times

Richmond (AP) — The American Civil Liberties Union yesterday asked a Northern Virginia elementary school principal to apologize to two students for keeping them out of class because they wore T-shirts bearing the slogans ‘Latinos Forever’ and ‘100% Latinos.’

The state ACLU also wants the principal to clear the incident from the boys’ records and to assure that the Woodbridge school won’t violate students’ free-speech rights by issuing a statement indicating that such clothing will be allowed henceforth.

Occoquan Elementary School Principal Todd Erickson barred Anderson Urrutia, 8, and Joseph Soriano, 5, from classes Friday because they were wearing the T-shirts on the final day of weeklong protests by some Northern Virginia residents against proposed congressional restrictions on immigration.

6 Responses to “ACLU Tells Principle To Apologize”

  1. Fred Dawes Says:

    if the two kids would have had “whites forever and 100 % American both kids would be in some prison cell and a reeducation camp for 20 years.

  2. Ron Says:

    There are few things this day that get my attention, but when the mainstream media ignores and propetuates by not presenting this blantant anti-Americanizm in its audacity, frankly, it makes my want to go to war. American flags have been disallowed in certain high schools in America. What are those patriotic Americans in are armed forces, in foreign countrie,s fightging for when americans have 6,000 to 10,000 illegal alien invaders entering this once sovereign country daily.

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Right on the money Fred Dawes. The same is true of the phrase ‘viva la raza’ and its similar ‘viva mexico’ . I actually heard a priest say the former in church once! The older I get, the more it sticks in my craw. There is NO difference between saying ‘viva la raza’ and saying ‘White Power’ Semantically they are identical. Seriously though, if you go around with ‘viva la raza beating in your chest-how interested can you ACTUALLY be in ‘equality’. These people want supremacy. And theyll get it by way of manipulating the concept of equality in their favor. Ontologically, there can be no ‘favor’ in equality. or preference, etc. These people dont even know what they are fighting for. As for the aclu, if I get time today I’d like to post a link to a streaming audio radio interview with a former aclu attorney who knows all their tactics, methodologies etc. its very eye-opening. For anyone not aware, aclu was started by a cadre of communists who chose roger baldwin as figurehead* , Google roger baldwin and see what you see. well I gotta go * I just need to add that that is the exact pattern that happened with an orginization called ‘League of the Just’ in London, who chose Mordechai Levi [aka Karl Marx] as figurehead for…you guessed it!

  4. David M. Says:

    The ACLU needs to be shut down and all the members tried for treason. I will help build the prison.

  5. Arlen Sphincter (pretend Republican name) Says:

    Maybe the ACLU should change it’s name to the MexCLU because they sure aren’t doing anything to protect the civil liberties of AMERICANS!!!

  6. Sherri Says:

    If this organization is so concerned about protecting civil rights, where the hell are they to defend the civil rights of people who live right on the U.S./Mexico border when their property is destroyed, their livestock and pets killed, and their lives threatened by people sneaking across the border? If they’re so concerned about the rights of illegal aliens of Mexico, why don’t they move their organization down there and burden that country’s legal system with their ridiculous bullshit?
    ACLU is an acronym for: Anarchists, Communists, and Libertines United.

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