My Visit To Senator Feinstein’s Office

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Senator Dianne Feinstein is on the Senate Judiciary Committee. She voted in favor of the “guest worker” amnesty bill. I called her office yesterday and the guy who answered the phone was being argumentative with me. One of the tactics the open border lobby likes to use is that we have no choice other than amnesty. They pretend that rounding up and deporting 20 million people is the only alternative, and that it’s impossible to do that.

I’m not for mass deportations either, but we do have other workable solutions such as workplace immigration enforcement. If illegals cannot find work here they will go home. They have no loyalty to this country. They will deport themselves. There is no reason why we cannot enforce our laws. Illegal aliens are not our guests; we should not go out of our way to make them feel comfortable here. All illegal aliens who commit a crime should be deported immediately. There should be a fence and a military presence on our borders at all times.

Here is Feinstein’s email form. You can also call the LA office at (310) 914-7300. Tell them you saw the video and you want her thrown out of office.

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  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I didnt see the video yet. ??? Is that painting a joke??? Anyway-’dealing’ with one option is not dealing-they put it forth as THE ONLY WAY you are to choose???That is not a choice. Under those circumstances, even if you were in favor of the ‘deal’ you shouldnt take it. How long will this insanity last?

  2. Ron Says:

    Man its great to see the slime squirm, “look at the piece of paper, it covers her position thoroughly”. I love the camera, without it, he would of never even stayed to listen to the questions. We know her position America and American citizenship does not mean shit. Treasonous old wind bag.

  3. Sonar Says:

    Impressive work WD!

    We should all follow this lead.

  4. Manina Says:

    I have not been able to go to mss Feinsteins office but I have faxed and phoned her office repetedly.

    She is in favor of this amnesty bill, her husband owns a very large corporation. So I am assuming he needs workers hmmmm.

    She is not doing to much in help for getting the troops home either. Her husband is one of the corporations that are doing work in Iraq.

    She also has workers that are illegal cleaning her beach house, and I know that for a fact.

  5. James T Says:

    Is that supposed to be Caesar Chavez in the lower right of the painting?

  6. Kira Says:

    Excellent work WD.

  7. Lkwdguy Says:

    Excellent video, very impressed!

    Diane Feinstein’s office staff is worthless just like her her; never can get a straight answer to any of our simple questions. I like how they were able to go directly to the computer file to pull up and print a public “generic” statement for anyone that may disagree with her. Typical business day for them.

  8. The Watchdog Says:

    Yeah, that’s Chavez.

  9. Mike D. Says:

    I went by Feinstein’s office on Monday Apr. 3 and recognized the door and people seen in this video. I just handed them a letter explaining why illegal immigration is bad. But I enjoyed the video — the Feinstein rep starts off a bit haughty but towards the end it seems he’s uncomfortable with these good arguments that he doesn’t know how to respond to — and maybe 1% thinks the interrogator is correct (up from 0%). So persistent effort is worthwhile.

  10. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA Good choice of music too! I am wondering. Do these lackeys go to a special school to learn how to give indeterminate answers, or do politicos dicriminate against vertebrates in their hiring policies? Somehow or another, when you talk to them, no matter what they say or how long they talk, you are left AS empty as before the exchang began, but with confusion and anger added to the mix. Talking to them is about the same a dining on styrofoam. That particular lackey was not very impressive in his ambiguity. On a more serious note, Greenies, Esp Cal and NW Greens have a SERIOUS ax to grind with Feinstein because she screwed them on the redwoods a couple of years back, Greens as a political group are migrating and have demonstrated fury and organizational ability. Plus, they fear and loathe the depletion of our resources by ANYONE -but especially a people not known for their cleanliness. Thereby with your permission, WD, I think I am going to job this film around in a number of Green sites, posting boards etc-I think it can generate some steam. Maybe alot. Greens have been abandoned by everyone so , well, if anyone else wants to, right click-copy and right click-paste this around here and there. Good luck!

  11. The Watchdog Says:

    Go for it Vincent. Anything posted on the web is fair game as far as I’m concerned.

  12. DiscoStu 13 Says:

    This whore is pretty conceited….

    Including her self in a portrait with the likes of; Abe Lincoln, Ben Franklin, Martin Luther King, etc…

    I can’t believe she would compare herself to those great Americans

  13. cercas hacen a buenos vecinos Says:

    Seeing that painting is a little like seeing an unknown socialist chisel themselves into Mount Rushmore. Its more vandalism than legacy, if you ask me.

  14. California Yanqui Says:

    The bullet proof glass to keep the constiuents at bay is a nice touch. lol.gif two tickets for Broke back mountain please…and a 40 of old english… tongue.gif

    Damn man, your a one man wreckin crew…

  15. Califnative Says:

    I know she always plays up her ‘angle’ of being a daughter of a Russian immigrant for the press. Yes, that painting really comes off a egotistical. Feinstein on the same levels of importance as Lincoln and all. Oh Pluuuzze.

  16. Acebackwards Says:

    Isn’t that great? Isn’t that just WONDERFUL? These useless Senators who, to date, have done NOTHING to stem the illegal invasion. And in fact who have done everything to ENCOURAGE it. Now tell us that theres “nothing that can be done except grant amnesty.” Thats so funny, I forgot to laugh.

    P.S. Great job, Watch Dog. Good to see you’re keeping the pressure on, keeping them on their toes. Isn’t it fun watching them squirm nowadays?

  17. Brad Says:


  18. Tea Time Says:

    Yes…Feinstein is a real nasty piece of political work.
    A former political writer for the SF Chronicle, who knows her well, says that she’s a ruthless and diabolical rich bitch…

    She’s married to Richard Blum, a greedy business con man with a dubious reputation for getting inside monopoly deals on receiving big goverment contracts.

    The two of them actually fancy themselves as clever & elite operaters…as American aristocracy…with a fundamental (if not criminal…) contemp for American working people.

    Feinstein and the rest of those arrogant clowns in the Senate have just made a complete joke of the value of our American citizenship.

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