Costa Mesa Police Chief John Hensley Considers Retirement

It’s pathetic how bad things have become. After rapists, murderers, and thieves have done thier jail time, we can’t even deport them without illegal advocates crying foul. I’ve been rather involved with the happenings in Costa Mesa. Here are two related posts with videos.

Costa Mesa City Council Meeting 1-3-06

Costa Mesa City Council Meeting 3-21-06

LA Times

Costa Mesa Police Chief John Hensley said Tuesday that he had been personally torn by the city’s ongoing battle over illegal immigration and had considered retiring.

The chief said that although he was not a booster of the city’s plan to use local police to help enforce federal immigration laws, he had worked tirelessly to explain it to the city’s immigrants and businesses, and the nation’s news media.

City Hall was beset by rumors that he was resigning. But when asked about it, Hensley’s only comment was ‘It has crossed my mind.’

Hensley turned 50 on Friday, which qualifies him for retirement after 23 years of service as a public safety officer in Costa Mesa, Cypress and Manhattan Beach.

Since the City Council approved the policy in December, Hensley said, he has spent many hours explaining that the policy calls only for checking the immigration status of felony suspects after arrest, not sweeps of area businesses to apprehend illegal immigrants.

With the policy, the Orange County city of 110,000 residents, a third of them Latino, became the first city in the nation to express interest in training local police in immigration law. The plan immediately drew support and opposition from activists across Southern California.

Orange County Sheriff Michael S. Carona has proposed something similar for his deputies.

The policy prompted anger and fear among the city’s Latino residents. Despite assurances from the chief and others, they said they feared that all immigrants, legal and illegal, would be subject to police harassment and intimidation.

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