Costa Mesa Police Chief Quits

Yippee!!! Maybe he can find a new job in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

LA Times

Costa Mesa Police Chief John Hensley announced his retirement Wednesday amid months of controversy over using city police officers to enforce federal immigration laws.

Although the immigration debate has dominated city politics and drawn national attention, some officials said personal reasons and internal dissension over his leadership style might also have been factors.

In an e-mail to police officers, Hensley wrote that he and his wife, Jody, made the decision ‘after much consideration and most importantly prayer,’ but he offered no additional insight. He said he would stay until a successor was named.

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  1. Fred Dawes Says:

    the gangs in that city who are doing business with mexico city mostly told him to get out or be killed.

    by the way all of the hispanic cops did not help in the move against the drug dealers inside that city and did not back the chief in anyway. so what is that telling you who is in control of that city?

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