Texas Sheriffs Tell Congress of War at Border

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Sheriffs from counties along the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas say the daily battle with illegal immigrants continues to escalate.

Illegal immigrants trying to get across the border ‘are getting so bold as to try to run over officers, assaulting officers,’ said Sheriff Arvin West of Hudspeth County. ‘They’re definitely out gunning us, out manning us and the sophistication that they’re using is beyond our capabilities at this point.’

West, along with four other sheriffs and a representative of the Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition, came to Washington, D.C., to discuss the situation with Congress today. Rep. Michael McCaul (R.-Tex.), who represents their district, actively participated in the discussions. Following the presentation of a video clip documenting the terror along the border, McCaul said he couldn’t believe what he had seen.

‘Rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine gun fire, many bodies lying in the street — you’d think you’re looking at the streets of Baghdad and yet it’s right across from our border in Texas,’ he said. ‘This bleeds over into our country and that’s why it’s so critical to secure our border.’

5 Responses to “Texas Sheriffs Tell Congress of War at Border”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Now at work, I’ll get to my business in a minit or two, but with these stolen moments I will say that I just called McStain a son of a B…. on his answering machine. We’ll see if that gets me a NS A tail. Anyway-this is the height of battle right now - Lets not grow weak! Keep calling! I notice a drop in postings and that is because we are all fighting. Yesterday was one of the most momentous days in American legislative History. Today is also. That merited two sentences on the nightly news last night, followed by a quick cut to talk of basketball. Keep an eye tonight on how much time they metion Hagel/Martinez . bring your stopwatch

  2. Rod McWilliams Says:

    Instead of spending millions of our dollars to keep them out. We should make Mexico our 53 state.
    There are miles upon mile that we could fram, build, and live in Mexico. It’s like a 3rd world country Now! But with a little work. We can make it a great place to live.
    When that happens, There will be a rush to live there, work there, and they won’t be the only ones that will move there.

  3. Salamander Says:

    Ah, please, no State of Mexico.

  4. Roger Says:

    Mexico’s displays of military weapons in the streets are signs that the provocations for war on the part of Mexico are evidently there . Perhaps the US should send national guards there to deal with this dangerously escalating situations, and remind these bastards who they are messing with.

  5. William E. Garland Says:

    On at least one occasion a unit of the Mexican army in full uniform was apprehended in the United States under arms. This is an act of war under international law. The soldiers were in possession of FN-Fal 7.62MM assault rifles, considered machine guns under US law. The arms were seized but later returned and the soldiers permitted to leave, though they had committed an indictable offense udner US law.

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