Latino Students Threaten Violence

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While it was billed as a teach-in about the immigration reform act, it looked and sounded more like a political rally.

Nonetheless, the message is clear.

There are a lot of people who feel they’ve been branded as criminals, and they’re not going to take it quietly.

“It’s amazing that they would say they don’t know what they’re talking about,” said Tucson High School senior Marisela Rodriguez. “You go up to those kids. You don’t know these kids. Go up to them. Know what they’re saying. Know what is their problem.”

Rodriguez is among a group of speakers, addressing a ‘teach-in’ at the University of Arizona on immigration reform.

“I think a lot of people are just taking a stand without really knowing what’s happening,” said David Gonzalez, a UA senior. “That’s why I believe an event like this is really helpful.”

“These student protests are also about rights, said Dr. Julio Cammarota, a professor of Mexican-American Studies. “It’s about the right of people who have a historical political economic right to be in this land we call Aztlan.”

One of the speakers, Arnold X, is an outspoken leader of the high school student rallies.

He tells the crowd at the UA there will be a student blowout Monday, April 10, to coincide with the anniversary of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata’s death, 87 years ago.

“We ask for your support,” said X, “and those of you who are ignorant and don’t support us, do me a favor. Stay out of our way.

The glass is full. It’s just starting to spill over now, over the 514 years of oppression. Now everybody’s saying ‘ya basta’, which means that’s it. We’re not gonna take this no more.”

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  1. A.H. Says:

    This is not Aztlan and we have had enough of your racist hispano-fascism. If you want to live in Mexico, go live there. If you want to change our country into Mexico it is treason and we will fight and kill if needed.

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I am on hold with Lotts office and writing at the same time. in 5 minutes I head off to work. it is 643 THIS IS THE CRITICAL MOMENT PATRIOTS!!! Call every sob in washington THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!! i GOTTA GO>

  3. Jimmy Says:

    ya basta is damned straight, we have had enough of these mexican blowhards. It’s time to repeal the awful Immigration Act of 1965. It has ruined our country.
    ya basta. We have had enough of mexicans and their chauvenist attitude.

    Ya basta. Time for mass deportations.
    When they first arrived around here in the mid 70’s, I was fool enough to feel sorry for them. I even helped them with food and such. What a fool I was.

    Ya basta. It’s time for your sorry Aztlan ass to move south.
    And take your one party communist sympathies with you please.

    Ya basta, you leach……………………………………………

  4. Brad Says:

    I posted this over at another site and it fits here also.

    “I have felt now for some time that our supposed reps in Congress are worried about the wrong group of people rioting in the street. We all witnessed the large gatherings of Hispanics, both legal and illegal protesting immigration reform. Many in Congress are going to use the cover of civil unrest to partially justify their votes. What most fail to see or understand is that their vote for amnesty & guest worker programs could ignite a firestorm of racism and civil unrest. The American people are sick and tired of the catering to special interests. They are tired of their reps (on both sides) making decisions that go against their will. If the Senate and House reach an agreement that gives amnesty and a guest worker program to the illegals, the consequences could be dire for the republic. Not just civil unrest, but a civil war that could remove the powers that be. The American public has been complacent for so many years, that the politicos in Washington have forgotten the anger and action on which this country was founded. That same anger and resentment is alive and well. It lies just below the surface waiting to be pushed just a little bit further. Amnesty and guest worker programs could be that prod.
    Disclaimer: I am in no way advocating the use of violence or condone racism.”
    Ya basta! The American people have had enough.

  5. The Watchdog Says:

    If 4437 becomes law and a guest worker program is scrapped, there is a good chance that these illegals will riot and become violent. This is the only thing that will really wake up most Americans. If these illegals start a revolutionary movement in this country it could become civil war. Most Americans are complacent and will not do a damn thing until the illegals threaten them personally with violence. Much of it depends on how far these illegals and their advocates want to go. If there is a guest worker program I think most Americans will just shrug their shoulders. That’s what our elected officials are counting on.

  6. Ron Says:

    I hope we do not see violence in the streets of America, but if amnesty is given/guest worker bullshit I would like to believe that the citizens of this country would not sit idly by and shrug there collective shoulders. It would be an act of treason if are “leaders” grant amnesty to the illegal alien invaders. Something must be done immediately and the only action that will benefit the citizens of this country is the enforcement of are laws and deportation of all reconquistas.

    Unfortunately, the senate will pass amnesty in some form I believe, but the house of representatives is the closest elective body to the people. Hopefully, the citizens get a strong hold and we delay any liberalization legislation until November when Americans will elect pro-border enforcement republicans and boot out the Republicans In Name Only. And then put Tom Tancredo in the white house in 2008.

    John McCain, Arlen Specter, Ted Kennedy, Jorge Bush and anyone who supports amnesty for illegals is a disgrace and should be held accountable by the American people for their treasonous actions.

  7. Brad Says:

    While American complacency has been the norm in the past, one must remember that the majority of Americans are very patriotic. The mass demonstrations in the streets of America by foreign nationals carrying foreign flags has caught the attention of just about everyone. That is why I believe Congress has over stepped on the issue of immigration. The issue is national sovereignty. Something that most Americans believe in regardless of the other issues. I read today that Senators were getting more calls over immigration than they did over the port deal. Probably more than they did over SS. The reason is that border/security and immigration control go hand and hand with sovereignty. All Americans understand this.

  8. Harry L. Hughes Says:

    Violence will be the only thing that will wake up most Americans. “Boobas Americanas” is too lazy to do anything but watch TV. This will change if the rioting hordes of Mexicans show up on his street. Until that time he will passively sit there doing nothing.

  9. Contessa Says:

    Ya basta to the screaming illegals wrapped in the flag of Mexico and other third world countries on U.S. soil. Basta Ya. If you really want to be a “citizen” of this nation, then prove it. Go home. Apply for a visa. Wait in line, comply with the law. While you’re waiting, learn English, go to school, learn a skilled profession or trade. If you get a visa - Congratulations. If not, shut up and go protest in the streets of your own country. Don’t wave your flag here and don’t wave our flag either, you don’t have any idea what it really means to be a U.S. citizen and you don’t deserve it. Yes, all you dishwashers, car dryers, lawn boys, taco sellers, housekeepers, tomatoe pickers, we will no longer hire you or the companies that hire you. We will start asking you for identfication.

  10. Roger Says:

    Ive got this message for Arnold X. America will stay in his way just as he stays in America’s way, by the illigal alliens’ presences in the US and their abuse of US birthright citizenships. My message for Arnold X is to not stepping over the boundary, or there will be lots of regrets for him to remember for a long time.

    Thats’s right Arnold X, let it spill over. That spill-over will be a glass of US sewage running down your face.

    Julio Cammarota’s indoctrinations of mexican socialisms at the expenses of American tax payers money are outrageous. This wrong-headed traitor should be removed from his teaching post. He’s cancer ready to be spreading in America society. Illigal Aliens dont have any right to be here in the US. He and these law breakers lands are to the South of the border. That ’s where they should belong, and that’s where their rights are. These cowards would not dare to ask F. Fox for their rights, so they decided to sneak over the border and demanded from America. What are bunch of scumbags.

    Incidently, the recent five-days student protests in California cost taxpayers in excess of 10 millions dollars. And Bonds measures for educations passed recently in California will cover for these wastes directed against America. How sad it is.

  11. Sherri Says:

    Arnold X and Dr. Cammarotta fail to understand that the American people have had it! While we struggle to get by, millions sneak in here from all over the world and mooch off of the very services that we pay for and than are denied because we supposedly “have too much”. These people have no right to be angry about immigration reform. They act as if they have the right to be here and that this country belongs to them. The very thing they accuse America of doing–ie. “stealing their land”–what are they trying to do? They’re trying to steal it from us so they can have their own little country. If they want a Mexican-style country, they need to go back to Mexico.

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