Growing Anger Among Blacks As Latinos ‘Take Over’


NEWARK, N.J. — The men both stood in a busy hardware store parking lot, but their lives were far apart.

On one end, Oscar Bautista of El Salvador said he had been waiting more than three hours for a job. Across the lot, Art Jackson loaded potting soil into his Dodge Durango. He complained that immigrants are making it harder for Americans to keep good jobs, especially blacks.

‘’You need to take care of home first,'’ said Jackson, an African-American phone salesman from northern New Jersey.

Blacks and Latinos are often united on social and political issues. But they often differ when it comes to immigration.

Newcomers make black progress harder, said Wesley Crawford, who works at Source of Knowledge, a bookstore in Newark. ‘’It’s a misconception that they’re taking jobs we don’t want. If you give people a good job, they will work.'’

While Hispanic immigrants have protested a proposed crackdown on illegal immigration, the nation’s most prominent black leaders have all been to New Orleans to try to stop the upcoming local election. Shortly after the storm, Jesse Jackson and others complained that Latino workers seemed to have more access than blacks to rebuilding jobs.

Bruce S. Gordon, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said that African-American and Latino bonds are strong and that his ‘’spirit was there'’ at the immigration marches.

Most of the immigration protests have focused on a bill passed by the U.S. House that would make illegal immigration a felony, and all but one black voting member of Congress, Rep. Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee, was against it, according to the Congressional Black Caucus.

Still, many blacks feel threatened, said Earl Ofari Hutchinson, a black writer in Los Angeles.

‘’The civil rights leaders say we’re all united, but the average person on the street is taking great offense at this group coming in and essentially taking over,'’ he said.

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  1. rich Says:

    Congress need pass the bill without amenesty. The immigrants from Mexico and Central america don’t care about the USA. They’r here to get all the free bees like medical, education, welfare. can get into middle class jobs and try get Supervisor jobs and hire they own people and force out Afican American and Whites out of jobs

  2. Salamander Says:

    Interesting article, I think.

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Thanks for that posting Salamander. Right on the money. The Author, Alan Stang has quite a background in these areas and he posts frequently on Etherzone. He also used to have a 2-hour radio program on RBN, but has since, moved on to write another book. What I can never get is even if you print this article up and put it in the face of alot of Americans, they will just give a dumb smile and mumble some evasion. Then you say-'’LOOK DUDE, that quote from cienfuegos, do you think that is just a joke? Doesnt it bother you that the mayor of Lost Angeles is involved with this group???? dumb smile again, change subject. It gets really frustrating sometimes trying to wake people up. I dont know-The press has supressed this very obvious and potentially explosive division between blacks and mexicans ever since the Overtown riots in 79. The true racial nature of the thing was papered over because it was too unpleasant for us to contemplate–besides, we had a ‘’rainbow coalition'’ to build. ffffff Yeah right! Well, gotta go now!

  4. M. J. Adams Says:

    I think that explosive “blood in the streets” confrontations are yet to come, but come they will. All American citizens, black and white and Hispanic, should take great offense to what the foreigners are demanding of OUR government. Tell your congressmen to represent the PEOPLE and not the corporations who just want cheap labor.

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