Riverside County Considering ICE Training

The Desert Sun

The Riverside County sheriff wants to deport all undocumented felons so they won’t slip through the criminal-justice-system cracks and end up back on the streets.

“To me, it’s important that we’re not releasing folks back into our community, regardless of where they’re from,” Riverside County Sheriff Bob Doyle said.

Nearly one of five - or 18 percent - of the county’s 3,200 inmates are undocumented. It’s uncertain how many are in the Indio jail, which has 352 beds.

The county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will consider teaming with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, to train sheriff’s deputies to identify undocumented felons in the county’s jails.

The felons would be deported back to their home country after they serve their time under the arrangement.

Typically, ICE officials interview and flag undocumented felons in the county’s jails. Once their sentence is up, ICE steps in and deports them.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

But the burgeoning undocumented population, estimated at nearly 12 million nationwide and 233,000 in Riverside County, is straining a financially strapped ICE that officials say is slow to respond to local needs. Undocumented felons often go unidentified.

2 Responses to “Riverside County Considering ICE Training”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Theres that mysterious use of the word ‘folks’ again. Is it just me or has that word been hijacked and put to nefarious purposes?

  2. royce walker Says:

    What you are planning with this illegal immigration is right up town, I am 82 years old and we have been here since l680 legally, and i just can hardly stand what is happening here.
    Please do what is right, send them back. Royce

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