Republican Congressman Offers Immigration Solution

I love the bathtub analogy here. This is exactly the immigration strategy that needs take place. Enforce the damn laws! Eureka! What a breakthrough! It will work, and this is why the pro-illegal advocates choose to ignore it and they always bring up how impossible it is to deport 20 million illegals. They make it sound as though we have no other choice than to grant them all amnesty. And never mind that amnesty will only increase more illegal immigration.

We don’t have to deport them because they will deport themselves if we enforce the laws that are already on the books.

Daily Breeze

If a bathtub is overflowing and water is spilling onto the floor, the first thing most rational people would do is turn off the faucet, remove the tub stopper and let the water drain. Then the cleanup would begin. If only the federal government was as rational.

Unfortunately, there are many in Congress who would mop up the floor before turning off the faucet and draining the tub. Instead of turning off the massive flow of illegal aliens in our country and demonstrating that the government can keep that flow at a very low trickle, Congress is proposing to legalize the millions of illegal aliens in the country first. This strategy has not worked in the past and it will not work for our country now.

There is only one way to stop this unfettered flow of illegal immigrants: cut off the jobs and benefits that attract them to America. The federal government must demand that businesses verify the legal status of their employees and administer heavy fines to those who violate the law and hire illegal aliens.

Next, the government must stop paying for the education and health care of those who have come here illegally. This strategy, coupled with stronger border control, is the only way to begin draining the tub.

If America turns off the faucet of jobs and benefits, the majority of illegal immigrants will go home. This strategy of attrition has proved successful for thousands of private and public employers who use attrition every day to reduce their payroll. Most people in Southern California are familiar with this pattern in private industry: employers will freeze hiring and offer incentives for early retirement and/or relocating. This approach can work for illegal immigration, which is why the cheap labor/open borders lobby refuses to discuss it.

By actually enforcing immigration law consistently, firmly, the illegal population will shrink. If the cannot find work they will go home and others likely won’t come.

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  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Rohrbacher. hm. Dont know what to think about him. He voted in favor of Cafta if I remember right. He talks a good game though.

  2. Sherri Says:

    This proves the point: We don’t need new laws, we need to enforce the laws we already have! What a concept!

  3. Lynn Brown Says:

    I have lived in Soouthern Cal and Southeastern Arizona and have felt the impact of illegal immigration on those states. I now live in rural Alabama and I am seeing the same situation happening here!

    ENFORCE THE EXISTING LAWS before any discussion on guest worker programs! It is so common sense and that’s why the politicians don’t get it. I must say however that Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama has been standing against the party line and standing up for us Alabamians!

    I have spent the last week watching the hearings and emailing senators as they spout their lies. Sessions has been the one who I see fighting these anti American senators. I believe it is very importnat to keep the presure on all these senators.

  4. Edward Becker Says:

    Well I remember when Richard Nixon rounded up all the school buses in Washington, D.C for the anit-Viet Nam marches. Arrested everyone in sight, put plastic hands cuffs on anyone they caught (that was a lot too) and then took them RFK Stadium. No game, no hot dogs, no beer. Everyone got a summons to go to court and pay a fine. Didn’t show up in court you certainly didn’t want to get arrested again. Sort of like not paying a parking ticket with big interest.

    Did it stop the protest against the war? No, not exactly but at least he made some money doing it. I mean, after all, everyone was just standing around waiting to get arrested.

    So if ICE, the INS, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Housing and Urban Development are complaining about the lack of funds…. well then… we have at least a million or so illegals just standing around waiting to get arrested. At least make some money while they are there all in one place. After all, Kennedy thinks they are all good for $2,000 each. That will work for me.

    Since all the students took the day off to protest, borrow all the school buses and get some plastic cuffs and cuff them up. Put them on an airplane and get them outta here. It will put the airline industry right back on top too. And Homeland Security can take their fingerprints while they are at it. You know, two-for-one.

  5. The Watchdog Says:

    Edward Becker for President!

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