Border Guardians Will Burn Mexican Flag At Consulate

DATE Sunday, April 9, 2006
TIME: 12-2pm
PLACE Mexican Consulate, 553 S. Stone Ave., Tucson, AZ

Border Guardians invites concerned American citizens to join us in protesting Mexico’s infringement upon American sovereignty by its attempts to influence legislation within the United States Congress and the legislative bodies of its states.

To combat illegal aliens’ disrespect for America’s flag by walking upon it and burning it, we will be burning and defacing the flag of Mexico at this demonstration. The Mexican flag is merely a symbol of the government of Mexico and its lawless people who invade the United States and then feel perfectly safe in taking to the streets to demand “rights” they do not have and are not entitled to as illegal aliens. Instead of peaceably petitioning for citizenship and pursuing immigration in a lawful way, they loudly and publicly demand that our Congress give them amnesty or preferential “guest worker” status because they come from Mexico.

Border Guardians demands that ICE and CBP immediately begin enforcing laws requiring the arrest and deportation of illegal aliens, whether they are found at the border or in the interior of the United States.

The Minutemen have taken the position that Mexican flag burning is inappropriate. I’m sure some will find the actions of the Border Guardians politically incorrect, but I don’t have a problem with burning the Mexican flag. In fact, I have a Mexican flag right now that I plan to burn at the appropriate time and place. Burning the flag at a Mexican Consulate is the appropriate place. Someday soon I shall burn, burn, burn!

What are your opinions on Mexican flag burning?

21 Responses to “Border Guardians Will Burn Mexican Flag At Consulate”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says: Our fearless leader

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    As to the flag burning thing-I think it is right to be of two minds on the matter, with the good mind prevailing but dominating ones thought processes. The two minds are your good mind and your bad mind. The good mind sees any such act of wanton destruction and insult as abhorrant.
    The bad mind being fully human sees things for what they are and pays back in kind and with interest. I am not so pious that I would attempt to make anyone believe that I DONT want the mexicans to be shown what for-at the same time, I would never want to degenerate to the level of them-thats why we dont like living in proximity and without borders, after all. So there you go. I wish I could say something less ambivalent.

  3. Contessa Says:

    We can’t lower ourselves to their standards. However, I would just dump the flags on the ground or leave them in trash bins right outside the Consulate. Better yet, plant American flags right outside their Consulate. Leave as many American flags there as possible.

  4. Salamander Says:

    Both my good and bad minds like the idea of burning the Mexican flag. :-)

  5. Jim Says:

    Needless to say.Mexico is a lawless country. That is a third world country riddled with corruptions and drugs. Their worthless flag means nothing to even mexicans. It is a symbol of corruptions, that’s all.

  6. Harry L. Hughes Says:

    Anyone that unlawfully enters this country should be treated like the enemy. What would happen to an American if he/she illegally entered any country? I’m sure that they would not be treated like an honored guest. Why should we reward law breakers?

  7. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I have thought of something which isnt ambivalent to speak to why it would NOT be good to burn an mexican flag-regardless of how much of a rush of vindication it might provide. The reason is purely tactical. We are under seige also by a very finely tuned and well oiled propaganda machine in the form of the news media. They are armed to the teeth with more communication equipment AND THE MEANS TO TRANSMIT IT-and a captive audience with a ready made boogey-man in their imaginations [vigilante MinuteMen, etc.] All such a mind needs to see is one or two images of Americans acting in a dishonorable manner and they will capitulate in the favor of the invaders-even while coast to coast Monday they will be doing another one of their mass tantrums. The cameras are just dying to find visual evidence to provide to mom and pop America that YOU, and ME, and every pro-America/anti-invasion Patriot is a drooling casting reject from the re-make of the movie Deliverence. I am hoping this doesnt happen for this reason-although as stated above, the other part of me wants payback with interest. Does anyone know anything about the group ‘Border Guardians’? Maybe it would be better tactically for them to wait till next week to do this, AFTER Mondays mass hysteria.

  8. Salamander Says:

    There are many good people on the other side of the immigration issue. They feel sorry for Mexicans (something not all Mexicans appreciate), and consider it an issue of race and racism–and only Whites can be racist, of course. They think conservatives blame “Brown people” for all their
    problems. (Some of them, also, like having servants.)
    However, immigration is not an isolated issue. The Republic is dying, and some people are killing it by design. The Constitution says the Constitution and treaties are the supreme law; not treaties are the supreme law, and not regulations and presidential orders.
    We have a President who believes in a “unitary” executive, the fuhrer principle. He rules by executive order and international agreements. If he lacks a power he signs an order giving himself that power. If he violates the Constitution then Congress passes a law (?) authorizing it, so long as
    someone pops over to discus things with them occasionally. Our foreign policy is run by neocons, who are wannabe neofascist glabalist empire builders. We have corrupt grasping dithering fools in Congress, and judges on the Supreme Court who think they can grow the “living Constitution” as
    they please.
    Look at all the lovely anarchists, communists, socialists, “liberals”, elitist Whites; ethnocentric Whites, Jews, Blacks, Browns… The globalists, international banks and corporations (with their subversive foundations.) See the immigrants, who want a better life; or just want whatever they
    want, have been belittled in the past, and want what they want now. Also, they are more “native”, er, surely? Observe their organizers and leaders: they want to demonize Americans, they want to overthrow the Republic in the Southwest, or the whole country would be jolly good if they could
    pull it off.
    Sometimes this lot even cooperate. They can sort it out among themselves after they win. They are agitating to identify and strengthen friends, and to confuse, weaken, and identify enemies–especially intractable ones. Divide and conquer!
    Some of these people want a war (or police action equivalent), but they want to manage the process. They want to be prepared so they can defeat those intractable ones. Sometimes it is good to give an enemy what he wants, it may be wanted by both sides but for different reasons. There is
    no reason, however, to give it how and when he wants it.
    We need to stop obeying unlawful orders. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, but resist where you can. You can ask your friends to vote the pigs out? Fine. You can harass turncoats in Congress? Fine. You can stand tall in the streets? That too is fine.
    We should have a National Burn a Mexican Flag Day. Why? Because it is a challenge, one I hope they will take up. If they choose not to bite we will lose ground in the “you are a racist” war. They call us racists anyway. So what.
    A people, and Americans are a people of Principle not race, that will not defend its own is pitiable.

  9. The Watchdog Says:

    I dig what Salamander is throwin’ down. That’s some deep shit.

  10. William E. Garland Says:

    (1)There is certainly a good argument in favor of the symbolism of burning the Mexican flag given that nation’s contempt for our borders and interference in our internal political affairs, however, the open borders media will distort this and try to paint those doing so as extremeists. (2)Better to display the United States flag, for if the media attacks this it will only alienate potential supporters of its genda. (3)With the Senate vote as close as it was, and considering that the President will be leaning on Republican legislators to support amnesty legislation, we are engaged in a close battle and should not provide the ememies of this country with anything they can exploit. It is unlikely that supporters of this country will rally in great numbers since most of us are too busy working for a living and taking care of families. (4)There are 536 people who will decide our future: Congress and the President. Our maximum effort should be directed at them, especially Congress members during the Easter recess.

  11. Jalira Says:

    Yea! Burn baby burn. I hope to be there when you burn yours, Watchdog. I will light it for ya. I am going to donate some money to Border Guardians…..

  12. Ron Says:

    I think there are some good points being made on the pro and con side of this discussion. Me personally, I have so much resentment/anger for Mexico and the reconquistas that a proper flag burning would be fine with me. The Mexican government and a segment of its citizens are Americans enemies. A flag burning is the least that should be done, but I’m excited by the symblism of it, and the fact that Americans are starting to stand up and fight the illegal alien plague that is destroying so many elements of this once sovereign land.

    I’ll by the lighter fluid!!

  13. David M. Says:

    Nothing brings a family together like a proper flag burning:) Of course, the Mexicans are going to go off, but they started this crap, not us.

  14. Roland H. Wetherby Says:

    I agree with everything you have said with exceptions. The laws are for every Nationallity to follow. 1. Enshure you have a proper visa or passport.
    2. Ensure you have a proper work permit.

    The burning of the American flag angers me very much, but the burning of the Mexeco flag is also wrong and two wrongs do not make a right.

    Thank You
    Roland Wethery

  15. John Says:

    Use the energy and drive to further the cause. Dont burn any flags. It can make us look bad. Just donate like hell of your time, money, resources and get the border protected and the corrupt employers in the USA fined and made examples of. THAT WILL BE JUST.

  16. Sherri Says:

    Since the protesters haven’t minded burning and desacrating our flag, I really don’t have a problem with burning and desacrating the Mexican flag. But I don’t think that we should stoop to their level. It would make much more of an impact to have a huge sea of American flags waving outside the Mexican consulate, and to have patriotic music playing loudly. Don’t give the liberal media anything to go off the deep end about.

  17. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I have understood that the ‘protesters’ have been given instructions to wear Red White and Blue and carry American flags. I looked at a photo of a ‘protest’ in Boise Idaho [!!!!!] and it appears that the minions are following their marching instructions. Today is Day Without a Mexican II and so far, no news of it has come across the wires. I think that nation wide they will follow instructions. Guess what though? If in two weeks the traitors in Washington pass an Amnesty, Theyll be out again in force cranking up the cucaracha music, hoisting the worm-and chicked red/white/green and screaming their threats to us with all of their might. I wish they could understand we are not fooled. I wish they could look with disgust with themselves in the knowlege if you have to trick someone into agrreing to something, the agreement can never be valid.

  18. Roger Says:

    I sure hope Congress are not fooled by the facts that the illigal aliens protests have changed from waiving mexican flags to US flags . If congress gave in and voted for the Amnesty, there will be a complete180 degree turnaround, in the face of America. Similar to the 1986 situations, the amnesty would be turned into a political weapons to these illigal aliens’ advantages to legalize the next wave of illigal immigrations. And this cycle would repeat itself again and again until there will be America no more.

  19. Patty Smith Says:

    I also think that we should not lower our high, classy standards to sink to the depths of the illegals….HOWEVER….I have fantisized about going to a dollar store and purchasing the mini Mexi flags that they have there (especially in Cali)…and burning them halfway, write on them Go Home Illegals and scatter them at will wherever illegals congregate. You know, parks, Ross, Marshall’s, Home Depot, McDonald’s, at night drop them out of your car as you speed along, etc. Leave them in public restrooms etc. etc. You are all creative and can think of some really cool things to do with the flags. Not that I’d do it, but what a great fantasy!

  20. KS Huffman Says:

    Mexico is our enemy with a smile and a phony handshake. I say that burning their flag would be appropriate after all they have tried to do to US. Now their people are blackmailing us.
    The desperate people who have been driven out of their country by their corrupt leaders, and educated in a Marxist system, are now demanding we surrender our country to their servant class demands or else!

    Antonio Banderas , on SNL, said we better “Remember the Alamo” in his Anti-american sneering remarks on illegal immigration.

    Corporations and the Chamber of Commerce are pressuring their policians with taking away huge campaign contributions if they do not surrender. They (globalist corporations)have no nationality, only a need to make their stockholders happy.

    The American middle class worker has been left out in the cold. Take a stand for your country, or whats left of it. The American Dream has now been exchanged for the American Nightmare. Thanks you BUSH!


    Burning a flag won’t make them all go home.
    But it would be entertaining to watch.
    If their country wasn’t such a shit hole, maybe they wouldn’t want to come here so bad. If you haven’t seen it yet…watch numbersusa off the main page videos section. These statistics should scare any American half to death.

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