Tyson Foods [Human Smuggler] Shutting Down For Monday Protests

Tyson Foods has to shut down on Monday because so many of their employees are illegal aliens they cannot operate without them. Tyson Foods was indicted for human smuggling in 2001. In 2002 Tyson Foods faced a class action lawsuit. The Complaint contends that all such persons have been victimized by a scheme perpetrated by Tyson to depress the wages paid to its employees by knowingly hiring a workforce substantially comprised of undocumented illegal immigrants for the express purpose of depressing wages (hereafter “the Illegal Immigrant Hiring Scheme”).


KANSAS CITY (Dow Jones)–Tyson Foods (TSN) said Friday some of its meat processing plants will be closed Monday due to a combination of factors including planned immigration rallies, which will affect some of the company’s employees.

Poor current market conditions was also cited for the one-day closure.

Company spokesman Gary Mickelson in an e-mail reply said, “We at Tyson support comprehensive immigration reform and support our Team Members’ right to express themselves on this important matter. We’re telling them if they plan to take part in a rally Monday, and their plant is scheduled to operate, we hope they will not take any unauthorized time off but will instead get pre-approval from their supervisor or participate during non-work hours. We’re also encouraging them to consider expressing their views by writing or calling their US senators or representative.”

Tyson Foods Investors Page

SPRINGDALE, Ark., April 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE: TSN) today disseminated information to its team members about the company’s efforts supporting comprehensive immigration reform under consideration in the Congress (see attached). The company also wanted to share with its team members how to weigh in on the national debate regarding this important issue.

“We are disappointed that the U.S. Senate failed to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill this week,” said Ken Kimbro, senior vice president, human resources. “We hope they will do so when they return from their Easter recess, and the company will be working with the U.S. Chamber, the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition, and others to see that this is accomplished.”

If you plan to participate in an immigration reform demonstration being held during work hours, talk to your supervisor first about getting pre- approved time off, or participate during your non-working time. Please don’t jeopardize your good employment record and your income, which are important to you and your future.

We hope your participation will include activities that do not involve time away from work. It is important for you to maintain a good employment record. Some aspects of the Congressional debate over immigration reform and citizenship eligibility relate directly to proof of a good employment record.

What Tyson Foods Supports
* Our company strongly supports efforts to create a new immigration law
that is fair and supports our Core Values. We have been very active
in supporting groups for comprehensive immigration reform.

* Our company is a member of the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition
(EWIC), and supports guest worker provisions and a process for
undocumented workers already in the U.S. to be able to earn permanent
legal status.

* We are also a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and have
partnered with other national organizations to communicate with
Congress on the importance of comprehensive immigration reform. Tyson
managers have also been encouraged to share our company’s views on
this issue with their respective members of Congress.

At Tyson, we honor and value all our Team Members and believe diversity is one of our nation’s strengths.

Living Our Core Values — We strive to be a company of diverse people working together to produce food. We strive to be honorable people.

Remember, if you have any questions, please talk to your Human Resources representative. Thank you.

SOURCE Tyson Foods, Inc.

Gary Mickelson
Tyson Foods, Inc.

16 Responses to “Tyson Foods [Human Smuggler] Shutting Down For Monday Protests”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Here we go around with these peckerwoods again. Here is a preloaded link to their Korporate Kommunications Kenter. They are waiting for a love letter from YOU. Tyson is one of the major offendors on wholesale importation of illegals. I got a buddy in the part of KC where the Tyson plant is and over the last five years, that town has gone from bad to Diverse! Sorry for the joke-its a sickening subject. Yes, Tyson carpet bombed Armourdale Kansas with bushes willing workers who have chased most of the former residents out. My friend had to recalibrate his bar to accomodate raza or face going out of business. Thats the defacto law anywhere willing workers gather.For his compliance the new neighbors show their gratitude by shooting out his windows and knifing obsceneties in the paint job on his car..etc etc. Im not an expert of Tyson but Ive done my little investigations about them when they are in the news heres the link: http://www.tysonfoodsinc.com/Contact.aspx

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    OH boy! I went into the EWIC website, above, and, yeech! have a look at the ‘useful links’ section. They give ‘talking points’ how nice of them. I couldnt have thought for myself anyway. How on earth did you stumble across Cattlenetwork, anyway?

  3. Sherry Says:

    Please organize boycotts in your communities against Tyson Foods for the remainder of this month. We just can’t continue to rant and do nothing. The corporations that hire these people need to feel the pinch when the rest of America does not buy their goods. If you order a pizza, ask them if the pepperoni is Tyson Foods, if so don’t order it. We must fight back now. We must let them know that the rest of America carries some weight and we can hurt their bottom line too.

    As you know, tomorrow the immigrants are taking to the streets again, please don’t call and complain or counter protest or yell at them. The best way to counter this is to just ignore them. They are only doing it for the spotlight. If you can, take the day off tomorrow. Empty the streets of spectators as much as possible.

    As long as we bite and start yelling and complaining, then we are leaving the water running while we mop up the floor.

    Let’s turn off the water, ignore them.


  4. Brad Says:

    I was just at Lowe’s yesterday. I usually go there because I despise the big orange box. Anyway to my suprise there was an anouncement requesting customer service in a certain dept. The first anouncement was in English followed by Spanish, then followed by English again. I just stood there. Why would you need to request in Spanish that an employee to move to a certain dept? It looks to me as if they are going the same route as the other guys.

  5. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    If I were the Captain of the good ship Lowes, I would capitalize on the increasingly foul reputation of the Orange Feind and emphasize a Pro-America stance. That would bring a landslide of business their way. All they’d have to do is let it be known that ‘WE DONT DO DAY LABOR SITES HERE-YOU, YOUR WIFE AND YOUR KIDS ARE SAFE HERE’ thats all that it’d take! I remember once being at Home Despot and seeing a mojado slip out the door with a big cart filled with about $500 worth of merchandise. I’d explain how he did it but it isnt really relevent. The main thing is-HD got screwed by those whose boots they lick! it probably happens all the time over there.

  6. Jim Says:

    It is hyprocritical of Tyson in advocating a comprehensive reform of US immgrations laws. There are plenty of legal immigrants- including those 3 millions illigal aliens granted amnesty in 1986- who are willing to do the work with a decent wages. But Tyson chose to hire illgal aliens, anyway, with dirt cheap wages, out of greed to quadruple its profits.

  7. David M. Says:

    I am ’bout damn ready to just do the whole hunter/gatherer thing. Sounds crazy, but it can be done. With hunting and preparing your own meat, at least you know what is in it and who has touched it. Besides, deer is better than chicken anyday.

  8. Sherri Says:

    Everyone should boycott Tyson Foods. Send a message. I’ll tell you, if I owned a business (I wouldn’t be hiring illegals, first off), I’d tell anyone who is planning on joining a protest had better do it on their own time or else they’ll be fired.

  9. Garry Kelly Says:

    Tyson Foods Company spokesman Gary Mickelson in an e-mail reply said, “We at Tyson support comprehensive immigration reform and support our Team Members’ right to express themselves on this important matter. We’re telling them if they plan to take part in a rally Monday, and their plant is scheduled to operate, we hope they will not take any unauthorized time off but will instead get pre-approval from their supervisor or participate during non-work hours. We’re also encouraging them to consider expressing their views by writing or calling their US senators or Representative.”

    Since when are illegal aliens represented by US Senators and/or a Congressman? Only citizens are represented in Washington DC by Senators and Representatives.

  10. William Tell Says:

    The legal American Citizen should stop purchasing products from Tyson for a minimum of a month. And stop eating chicken period. Gary Mickelson of Tyson ought to be tarred and feathered and sent out of town on a rail! Illegals don’t have rights of a legal U.S. citizen. Folks we have to fight and fight to get our country back.

  11. Jalira Says:

    Boycott Tyson. I buy only organic/all natural and free range meats. Its more expensive but then you really are sure to eat it all! That way I am sure my money goes to small farm owning Americans that probably hire Americans. I try not to buy any corporate products anymore. Spread the word.

  12. Brad Says:

    You know we should start a section of perhaps this site or perhaps the WD other site and list all the businesses that employ or specifically cater to the illegal crowd. I sent Lowes the following email last night:


    I was visiting your Hesperia/Victorville store yesterday. I usually shop at your store because I do not support Home Depot’s illegal alien day labor center policy. As I was walking thru your store I heard a request over the intercom for an employee to help a customer in a certain aisle. Not at all unusual. The announcement came first in English, then in Spanish, then in English. At first I thought I heard it wrong, but a few minutes later it was repeated. My question to you is: “are you currently hiring illegal aliens?” Do some of your employees not speak enough English to know what part of the store to go to? If that is so, how can they help English only (most American)speaking customers? If your policy is to hire undocumented workers (illegal aliens), then I will take my business to the local H&E hardware.

    I found a call from the store manager on my answer machine when I got home a few minutes ago. Basically he was kind of defensive in his tone. He said that Lowe’s doesn’t employ illegal aliens, but announces in Spanish so their Spanish speaking customers know that someone has been called to help them. So basically they don’t hire them, but will cater their customer service to them. Wake up America.

  13. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Good work there Brad! Thats exactly the kind of grass roots work we all need to do. I came up with a technique the other day that I would like to post. What you do is pose as a prospective customer of -well-just about any company that does contracting; construction, tiling, pool const. or maintenence. there are thousands of companies like this. Call them and tell them that you are looking for someone to do a VERY big job and then give details. Then ask the guys credentials etc. He should be drooling at the potential for a $75,000 pool job by this point. Then shift gears and tell him that your family has been in and fought for and sweated for and died for this country for [as many centuries as is the truth] -Then you move to the clincher;tell the guy that because of this you are absolutely committed to hiring ONLY AMERICANS for the job and does he hire any people who one would naturally wonder about the legitimacy of their presence here? Tell him that you want to verify his committment to hiring Americans by stopping by a current project he’s got going. At this point he will either give you an address or be mumbling and , um, ‘britting shicks’, so to speak. Its free Its fast. and it works!

  14. Ron Says:

    Well, that’s well planned, insightful, and most definitely effective. Thanks Vincent, I will utilize this techniquie specifically and in applicably modified versions. Your preperation and thoroughness is motivating.

  15. barb henggeler Says:

    I can’t believe that tyson openly discusses this crap with the illegal immigrants and tyson gets away with this? No reprecussions for all of this.Well, as of right now I will not be purchasing anything from Tyson foods ever again. Let them go to Mexico and take all their workers with them.

  16. Patricia Says:

    I sent Tyson a message informing them that I will no longer be purchasing their products. Neither will my famiily and friends. Perhaps they should move their operations to Mexico - where their workers will then be legal. The only thing big business understands is a hit to their wallets so we need to hit them hard!

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