Video of Muslim Child

This is the first post I’ve made off the subject of immigration. I thought you should see this.

    Video: Windows

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  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Does ‘devout’ mean “Brainwashed”? …just asking!

  2. John Says:

    Not every Muslim is like that. this is offensive and racist/anti-religion. It is not to be admired but despised.

    Our problems are deeper - we have become too controled by big corporate interests who care nothing for the security and future of our citizens.

    our government IS corrupt - almost like a Satan

    we must root out the treachorous within our government. they must not get back into power. we can stop that through DEMOCRACY if we can get enough of our sheepish people to wake up and see what is happening. - that is OUR job. WAKE all up to the injustice. Rally the people. (Doesnt need to eb in the streets BUT IN THE BALLOT BOX)

    VOTE the traitors OUT - give em plenty of notice to reform.

  3. Ron Says:

    John and others - Why do we still pretend that our governmental leaders and a large segment of the American people do not understand what is occurring, how could they not.

    The fact is a large and powerful segment of are government (president/senate/60% of the house) does not care, and has a globalist elitist agenda. They represnt the interests of large multinational corporations in which borders get in the way of larger profits. Well, the American people are still hoping others will do all the leg work while they enjoy their weekends. If these large invader demonstrations do not invoke the sleeping giant (American people) everyone wishes would wake up, nothing will and this country will cease to exist. Hello, international citizens!!!

  4. Josh Says:

    First of all, that’s no video, but besides that, I think it’s not as accurate to compare Americans to Palestinians as it is to compare Americans to Israelis, or Palestinians to Mexicans, even so - we’re very much different. Palestinians are probably not as racists towards Jews as vice versa, and Mexicans are probably even more racists towards Americans (though it was the opposite 150 years ago).

  5. Josh Says:

    Ok, sorry, there was a video, didn’t notice the link, but I stand by my other comments.

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