Senators Warned On ‘Voting Scared’

Washington Times

A key House member yesterday warned the Senate that they must not be intimidated by rallies in 60 cities this week against immigration reform legislation pending in Congress.

Republican Rep. Peter T. King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, says that he expects “several thousand people” will protest his district offices in New York but that “you can’t allow that to intimidate you.”

“The Senate, I think, was quite frankly intimidated by having hundreds of thousands of people in the streets waving flags, but I don’t think we should pass legislation or devise legislation based on how many people you can get out into the street,” the New York Republican told “Fox News Sunday.”

3 Responses to “Senators Warned On ‘Voting Scared’”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    I dont know anything about King, but there was alot of ambiguity in what he said. If by that he means to say that they shouldnt worry about alienating aliens-even though that is a pleonasm-Fine, Well and Right. The trick word of course is ‘reform’ and even worse ‘COMPREHENNNNN-SIVE reform’ meaning amnesty. One is supposed to think only nuanced thoughts about such things, you know, like a good little open minded person. The Rapepublican party has for the past 20 year been attempting to build a voting machine out of the mexicans, where they hope they can for a century or more get automatic votes for the cost of a few flatterys here and there, etc. They are so drunken on their quest for power they actually make press releases saying the same. “we dont want to alienate hispanics” ???huh???Which we??? There are plenty of other immigrant groups around-why choose that nag? They really have bet on the wrong horse on this one.

  2. Jim Says:

    Rep. Peter T. King was absolutely correct about the indimidations tactics the illigal alliens protests are trying to apply against American public. We are the silent Americans will not let these invading illigal foreigners dictate our national policies, right here on the US soils, through their sheer numbers. This is the most powerful nation in the world, their intimidations will not work with the US congress.

  3. Roger Says:

    These protests would ve never happened had the Immigrations enforcements been carried out with seriousness. If congress was intimidated by these protests and voted for the comprehensive reform, 70 millions more will cross the border. The evidence lies in 1986 Amnesty granted to 3 millions illigal aliens. Since then, there has been an increase of 1100 % in illigal aliens populations , from 1 millions to 12 millions today, and that is an conservative estimate-there may be 20 millions now.

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