Black Americans Pushed Aside For Cheaper Illegal Aliens

Washington Times

An Alabama employment agency that sent 70 laborers and construction workers to job sites in that state in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina says the men were sent home after just two weeks on the job by employers who told them “the Mexicans had arrived” and were willing to work for less.

Linda Swope, who operates Complete Employment Services Inc. in Mobile, Ala., told The Washington Times last week that the workers — whom she described as U.S. citizens, residents of Alabama and predominantly black — had been “urgently requested” by contractors hired to rebuild and clear devastated areas of the state, but were told to leave three job sites when the foreign workers showed up.

“We had been told that 270 jobs might be available, and we could have filled every one of them with men from this area, most of whom lost their jobs because of the hurricane,” she said. “When we told the guys they would not be needed, they actually cried … and we cried with them. This is a shame.”

3 Responses to “Black Americans Pushed Aside For Cheaper Illegal Aliens”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    This above reality is one to use when you talk to your senators today. …Have you called anyone? They are home for easter break. Lets not drop the ball now!

  2. Jim Says:

    It is recalled that F. Fox comment about African Americans not even wanting to do mexican jobs a few months ago. This story proved it could not be further from the truth .One must conclude that this remark was a pure motivation of racism. This man’s incompetence in the llligal immigration issue must’ve driven him to humiliate one race to rebuild his confedence and insecurity.

  3. christopher hughes Says:

    Its no surprie that the labors got sent away, why pay them 8 bucks an hour when you can pay the illegals 5 an hour…..people can start calling new orleans… new mexico city because i’m willing to bet, that will end up being more then 50% of the cities population in 5 years.

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