One Lone BRAVE Woman

Eileen says - Right now, Minutewoman, Robin Hvidston is standing on a Los Angeles freeway overpass ALONE waving a large United States flag.

The freeway is going crazy. She claims big trucks and cars are honking for her and giving her the thumbs up.

This is so inspiring to know that a single petite woman can make such a difference. We all should take a lesson from Robin.

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  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    God Bless Her! I googled her but couldnt find her or a way to contact her. Does anyone know where this happened? Out of all the mass protests that will be covered nation wide front page and in full color-I bet she wont show up in a black and white 1″x1″ on page 7 of section D. Of all of those out today making their stand-Who has the most courage? R O B I N. !!!

  2. Ron Says:

    Robin is doing what every American should, myself included. I hope this is contagious, it would restore alot of hope nationally. Thank you Robin.

  3. Jalira Says:

    Robin is the best! She has gone leaps and bounds with her bravery. I bet a million bucks she won’t appear on any news though.

  4. The Watchdog Says:

    Look to the right of your computer screen. See the MMP Women On The Road banner? That’s Robin on the left, then Gayle, then Penny.

  5. Roger Says:

    Robin is the greatest, bravest . She is my true hero. Hats off to this woman.

  6. Salamander Says:


  7. Sherri Says:

    God bless this woman!

  8. Penny Says:

    My wonderful “sister,” Robin had such a great epiphany this morning! She went alone to a freeway overpass and waved her American flag for the morning commuter’s viewing pleasure!!!

    This afternoon, Raymond and I joined her and we did it all over again, for the evening rush hour! I cannot express the feeling of pure patriotic euphoria this simple act evoked!!! Now I’m telling you all, it is time to ramp up your activism! I know…how much more anti-illegal immigration/open borders activism can we cram into our lives?! Let me assure you, this is a truly uplifting experience!

    (1) The “audience” is vast and diverse.

    (2) The sight of beautiful ‘OLD GLORY’ waving above the slow moving traffic is a cathartic to everyone who passes under her!

    (3) It is probably one of the safest ways to demonstrate! The point is clear, without signs or songs or chanting, AND IT IS A GREAT LEAD-UP TO OUR FUTURE NEWSPAPER AD!

    (4) You perform real, aerobic exercise, while sending a message to the masses. ;?)

    (5) It is so much fun! People really respond! Truckers blow their air horns, drivers wave, give the victory sign & thumbs-up, hang out their windows and sunroofs and motorcylclists do strange things to show their enthusiasm…

    I urge any and all of you to try this! Just get on a freeway and find a good overpass where you can legally stand on the walkway! You will need a large flag to be effective. Wave at the passing traffic. Point at specific vehicles to make them respond. Give the sign of the ‘fist!’
    You know…as if to say, “American Power!!!” I did bring a sign for the traffic on the overpass that read, “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!” Even though we were in a highly Hispanic area (Mira Loma), the feedback was mostly positive.

  9. KS Huffman Says:

    Great job - great idea!

  10. Kele Says:

    Y’all are my heroes! Count me in for the next one!

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