Illegal Protesters Threaten Idaho County Commissioner

Seattle PI

BOISE, Idaho — A congressional candidate and vocal critic of illegal immigration was led away by security personnel after an argument developed during an immigrant rights protest by more than 5,000 people.

Despite expecting a much smaller crowd of 500 to 1,000 demonstrators Sunday, police did not have to deal with any problems, Officer Rick Sargent said.

A counterdemonstration was mounted near the Statehouse by Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez, a Republican congressional candidate who has campaigned largely on opposition to illegal immigration, and four supporters.

Volunteer security personnel for the protesters surrounded the counterdemonstrators and led them away from the rally after some in the demonstration began yelling at Vasquez and his group.

‘They were attempting to surround us and intimidate us,’ Vasquez said afterward. “I didn’t come down here to confront anybody. I just came down here … to demand immigration laws be enforced and to send a message to (Sens.) Larry Craig and Mike Crapo that this is what they’re supporting.”

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6 Responses to “Illegal Protesters Threaten Idaho County Commissioner”

  1. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    This reminds me of a man in an even more acute state of emminent peril. His name is Geert Wilders and he is like a Dutch Tancredo. He has to live his life with a 5 man military escort and must live in the same military base the bombers of the Loch Arbee were ensconsed in while the trial went on. I frequently encourage any patriot I talk to to become acquainted with the situation in Europe-because believe it or not-they got it worse than we do. It is very useful in talking to sleeping or undecided Americans to recontextualize your discussion and get them to agree that [for example] the Netherlands is right to defend itself against manipulation and mutilation by outsiders-than you ever can getting them to agrree that the US is right to defend itself. heres a link with a quick sketch bio from Wiki., Groep Wilders link is included at bottom.

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says: heres a link from the enemy for their plan for May 1

  3. Roger Says:

    When states as fas from the southern border as Idaho has illigal immigrations problems, then the country is at the tipping point of critical mass. Those volunteer security personnel protecting the protestors were probably bought out by the pro-illigal aliens, or they were themselves illigal alliens. THE INVASION ARE HERE, AMERICA, WAKE UP.

  4. Salamander Says:

    I heard a woman on a call-in program who said she, and a few friends, went to one of the protests. She started shouting “we want you, but we want you legal!” She was immediately closely surrounded by protestor secuity. They blocked her attempts to move away, and when she said she was leaving they escorted her to her car. They then took photos and wrote down her license plate number as she drove away.
    On the other hand, I saw on television an elderly man walking through the protest with a sign that said “you are here illegally, get out!” (or words to that effect.) He seemed to be doing okay.

  5. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    “…When states as fas from the southern border as Idaho has illigal immigrations problems, then the country is at the tipping point of critical mass. …” That is very true. And in conjunction with a post of yesterday or the day before-it AINT just California anymore. Our entire ship is being overwhelmed by pirates. Yesterday in Garden City Kansas- [ ] they had a tantrum that fully 10% of the population was at. The results- well, those stats are sampled by raza - Am I NOT supposed to see a pattern here?

  6. Salamander Says:

    You are supposed to see a pattern there.
    Here is another counter-protest incident:
    “When you promote violence, you get violence.” So says the good Reverend Virginia Maria Rincon.

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