Specter Still Optimistic He Can Ruin America

NY Times

Washington (AP) — Despite the collapse of a bipartisan deal on immigration, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee expressed optimism Sunday that senators can pass a bill when they return from vacation.

‘’I think tempers will cool over a two-week period,'’ said Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa. ‘’And also, there are going to be some expressions by many people very unhappy with the Senate not passing a bill and very unhappy with the House bill'’ that would make being an illegal immigrant a felony.

‘’There’s a real risk of significant political fallout here, and members of the Senate think about that, believe it or not,'’ Specter said on ‘’Fox News Sunday.'’

However, in a sign of the difficulties that lie ahead, two key House Republicans said they disagreed with Senate provisions that — if passed — would pave the way for eventual legal status for millions of illegal immigrants in the United States.

‘’Until we begin to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws, I don’t think we ought to be talking about a more comprehensive approach,'’ said House Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, on ABC’s ‘’This Week.'’

You’re right about a political fallout Mr. Spector. The majority of American citizens, who oppose illegal immigration, WHO CAN VOTE, are mad as hell and are not going to allow you to sell them out! These politicians are fools to think that the illegal aliens marching in the streets are going to vote for them if they become citizens. These people will only vote for other Latino’s.

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  1. Salamander Says:

    You withdraw in order to draw the enemy in. You withdraw because you are losing a battle, and you can better fight at another place and time. You run, run away to escape a battle when the enemy has your number and you want to live to fight another day.
    When you give up on the entire war it should be because you should not have been fighting it in the first place, or because an honorable peace is offered and the future is something you can live with.
    Do not think I suggest we should give up the immigration battle. I am not saying, either, that we should give up the war for the future of our country. Absolutely not!
    We are not going to win this battle. We are not going to win the war.
    The other side is smarter than we are. They are organized. They have the machinery of finance; business, media and government. They control these things in many localities, nearly all states (perhaps all), and at the federal and international levels.
    Who is this reactionary Salamander? He should get involved, work within the system. Buck up, Salamander, don’t be such a radical!
    Salamander is a nobody. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, we can not all be important and famous. Some of us would not want to famous if we could.
    He wants to join any effective movement. Salamander does not think there are any. Organize the people then, Salamander! He has no people skills, friends.
    There is no system in which to work. The Soviet Union used to hold elections. The party chose several candidates for the various positions and committees; the people voted for the “lesser of two evils.” We have a two party system here. They are linked at the top, and they both offer us several party chosen candidates for each position.
    The voters still have some influence. Pressure is still effective at times. We have a draw, currently, in congress with regard to the immigration bill. Feeling the pressure from both sides, our fearless leaders got scared and ran home to think it over.
    The other side has done an excellent job putting these demonstrations together. Mass demonstrations in perhaps 100 places, almost entirely peaceful. The Mexican flag flap was a mistake, quickly fixed and mostly covered by the media. Tightly controlled, flags and t-shirts laid on, funded by many; including the likes of the Ford Foundation. We should telephone La Raza with our congratulations! Those who saw the CBS news know what I mean when I say: a masterpiece of propaganda! They said Americans want a guest worker program, forgot to add that they want troops on our border. (Time Magazine poll.)
    I greatly admire the Minutemen. They are standing up, and are taking some real heat on the front lines, but they are not going win this one for us. They brought it to a head, a good thing; but that is all.
    Things have changed very greatly, but things are still not that bad. This is still a good place to live. There are trends, people. Maybe our next election will produce a group of decent and sensible public servants, not someone like Hilary Rodham in an anti-Bush backlash? I think not. It could get a little better. Yes. Those trends, friends, move two steps forward towards a police state and globalism for every step back.
    We will get an amnesty program by another name. You can not trust congress. If they pass a peace bill, expect a war; a privacy bill, expect a new database on you. We will get border controls. They will be mostly unenforced. Perhaps even a wall, walls are useless unless there is someone overwatching them.
    Americans have political parties, coworkers, immediate family and a few friends. They are scattered in groups of ones, fours and tens. The media tells them they are the only ones who think as they do. If the majority they still think themselves in the minority. We have no organization. The crime rate notwithstanding, we are too law abiding. Imagine a tyranny which made it legal to disobey its laws!
    If there were to be violence in the Southwest, or war with Mexico, the government would use the emergency as an excuse to expand its powers. We would try to deflect the excuses, but that has not worked in the past, would it work in the future? During the Second World War many unconstitutional things were done with not a peep from the courts. Afterwards the courts jumped in and removed many of them, but by no means all. Two steps forward and one step back.
    Still, as I said, things are not that bad yet. The pessimistic Salamander can not see the future! Ah, but he can see the trends. He sees a central government and regional districts. He does not see a federal government. He sees government schools, government land, and authorities. He does not see public schools, public lands, public servants or peace officers.
    The diehards will fight. They will lose. Are you an old dog who refuses to learn new tricks? Unless you die of old age first, it depends on the timing, they are going to kill you.
    Okay, now that nutjob Salamander is really going too far! Can you see Salamander’s corpse being dragged out of his “barricaded” home? Did Salamander fail to obey the new gun ban? Did he fail to surrender quickly enough when they burst into his house? He should not have resisted.
    Foolish Salamander!
    I may be wrong about some of this. That would be nothing new. It would be nice if I was.

  2. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    WOW! Quite an impressive posting, Salamander. I wonder what on earth crawled into specter and made him the way he is. If we exempt him from devious motivations , we are left with basically psychology to explain the unexplainable. I have heard this [man] trumpet his ‘ethnic, immigrant’ roots [as they all do] He is a Rusky, so he says, a Ukrainian, maybe-and maybe also an Ashkenaz. His Religion is Globalism of course and his god is equality like all of them. What Reliogion he belongs to for photo ops, I do not know. I do know that he has some of the rudest and ill suited interns in all of Washington. Reportedly he has cancer, or lupus or some such. He is leaving this earth soon because of it. Does he desire to leave us all in hell because of his actions? Apparently so.

  3. Salamander Says:

    You know, I have given Specter some thought, and have given up trying to figure him out. He sometimes talks a good game, but he is such a mixed bag that I can only say that I do not trust him. His involvement in the Warren Commission investigation was interesting.

  4. Eddie B. Says:

    Salamander -

    I have to take issue with some of the things you have said here.

    “The other side is smarter than we are. They are organized. They have the machinery of finance; business, media and government. They control these things in many localities, nearly all states (perhaps all), and at the federal and international levels.”

    They are certainly not smarter than we are. I mean really… why would they be here then? They would have fixed the problems where they came from if they were smarter. They don’t manufacture a thing so I would say they are smarter.

    They are SLICKER than we are right now. They are using OUR SYSTEM AGAINST US right now so what that means is that we have to go back to basics and enforce laws that are already on the books and start fining companies that hire illegal aliens. Cut off the food source and the shark will move to new water.

    If anything has happened it has brought an awakening to America that our immigration is broken and now is time to fix it. The first steps here are to vote out the politicians that are pandering to these criminals, fine and jail companies and contractors that use illegal workers and fix are borders because we can’t have homeland security in our current state of affairs.

    They are organized and that is for sure. They are using students as political puppets and encouraging them to ditch classes. Excuse me, but take a roll call at school and suspend them for unexcused absences. Too rough on the little kiddies?

    They are using our politicians as political puppets. Dump them! Vote them out. If we don’t do it NOW then they will vote in politicians THAT ARE WORSE. Don’t think that it is bad now…. just wait. Once they vote in more guys like Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of LA then it will be time to leave. Check out their websites and you wil be shocked. Here is a group in Maryland that is creating havoc and threatening to STALK THE MINUTEMEN, families and children in their schools becuase they are photographing the contractors for using an illegal workforce AND NOT PAYING ANY TAXES:


    Drill down to the AIDS report on this site and you will find that AIDS and HIV are epidemic in the Latino population in Maryland. We can vote out the politicians but we can’t cure AIDS yet and it isn’t going to get any better anytime soon. This is a tax payer funded organization too. Cut off the funding please. Look at all the freebies! Why would they want to go home when they have all this to lose at no charge.

    So do we still want to give them amnesty and have our borders open to everyone because they work hard? How would you like all those smiling faces that are having so much fun at the marches terrorizing your kids in school becasue they own the halls and playgrounds. MS-13 is just getting started. If we can’t stop them at the border do you think we are going to stop them when they are armed and buried in the barrios selling drugs?

    Isn’t chain migration, a nearly bankrupt social services system and pandering politicians enough to make you mad? Well, I am really mad as h@ll and I am not going to take it anymore. Vote the bums OUT. Outsource the Whitehouse. Give Kennedy the bum’s rush. Get rid of all of them and put in the people who are smart. They should at least be able to use a calculator to figure out how much all of this is going to cost because it is going to be expensive.

    Kennedy was really funny you know… $2,000, a civics test, and finger prints. If they fail the civics test can we still take their finger prints, keep the $2,000 and THEN SHIP THEM OUT? I got it for the test: How many stars are on the flag. What do they represent? How many zeros are in a billion dollars? If only 10% of the estimated eleven million illegals have children how many would that be?

    It is enough to make you want a third political party isn’t it? You may not think it is bad enough yet but I can see this one coming a mile or more away and it is the perfect storm.

  5. Salamander Says:

    “The other side is smarter than we are.” That paragraph is directed more at certain people in our own government, and the international organizations, than at those in the Latino movement. I will be happy to be proven wrong.
    The rest of your remarks are excellent.

  6. DIRTMOVER Says:


  7. Salamander Says:

    You are with the majority on that one. Recent polls, such as the April 9th Time Magazine poll, show more than 60% approval for sending troops to the border to stop illegal immigration.

  8. Eddie B. Says:

    Salmander -

    Now I am in complete agreement with you! These people ARE smarter and slicker than our politicians and othe rgovernment organizations. It is too bad our side isn’t smarter and can speak Spansih becuase they would then understand what these radicals are really saying to the illegals. You are right on it there brother.

    My question is why aren’t the American citizens, the people who are going to be paying for all this, out in the streets? What is it going to take before WE get pissed off enough to wear our colors and go march becasue I am ready. What are we waiting for?

  9. christopher hughes Says:

    few years back we were kicking men out of the military because he “didn’t need them” (THANKS CLINTON). instead of kicking them out maybe they should have been offered to the border patrol, to i don’t know maybe gardening along the border..the sailors that clinton sent packing and the ships he retired to the coast guard for coastal patrol for illegals and to stop the drug flow..butt alas ideas make too much since so trash the whole concept.

  10. Salamander Says:

    Eddie, I don’t know, we should be on the streets right now–still too divided, I guess.
    Christopher, I am a big supporter of militarizing the border.

    I wonder when our fearless leaders will start listening to the people?

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