Many Latinos Oppose Illegal Immigration

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Scenes of hundreds of thousands of Latinos marching nationwide to support immigration reform have helped promote the perception that Hispanics are united on the issue.

In reality, a sizable number of Latinos opposes the marches, strongly objects to allowing undocumented immigrants in the United States to earn citizenship, and wants the government to clamp down on illegal immigration.

Their voices, however, have been largely muffled by the massive protests, obscuring the divisions that exist among the nation’s 40 million Latinos in the midst of a monumental debate over the status of the 11 million to 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Though many Latinos have negative views of undocumented immigrants, they are often hesitant to express them openly out of fear of being ostracized, said Phoenix resident Frank Barrios, 64.

‘There are a lot of Hispanics that are upset about the undocumented just the same way as the Anglo population. That group is larger than many people would believe,’ said Barrios, vice president of the Phoenix Museum of History’s board of directors.

‘But a lot of Latinos aren’t going to brag about it because they feel they will be criticized.’

5 Responses to “Many Latinos Oppose Illegal Immigration”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Latino Americans have an obligation to stand up with the rest of America and make their voices heard! Worry more about what allowing so many illegal aliens stay here will do to this country and less about what people will think of you!

  2. Robin Says:

    YES - this is so true - many Latinos do not agree with the marches on our U.S. cities! Our patriotic Hisapnic Americans are GREAT Americans!!!

  3. Vincent Narodnik Says:

    Robin! Are you the Robin who was out waving a flag yesterday? We all heard about you and we have a new hero. YOU. I’ll repeat what I said yesterday-It takes no courage at all to take to the streets with a quarter million others and ‘demonstrate’ for anything. For a single individual to stand up against the whirlwind that surrounds us is heroism at its best. You deserve many thanks from all of us!

  4. Mario Says:

    Replace all illegals with LEGAL immigrants from India, Brazil and Other countries and end this fiasco once and for all. They’re all replaceable.

  5. Fred Dawes Says:

    Mario is right but that will never happen no money for the drug dealers.

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